Swing Education Revolutionizes How Substitute Teachers are Hired and Paid

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  • Cut monthly close for accounts payable to 30 minutes
  • Future-proofed payment operations for growth and flexibility
  • Accelerated reconciliation with accounting software, QuickBooks Online
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Payment day takes 5 minutes.

Melanie Reeves | Director of Finance, Swing Education

For Swing Education, “every school day is a valuable learning opportunity.”

Driven by this common goal, the Swing Education team is revolutionizing the education experience—connecting high-quality substitute teachers with schools in need.

With an emphasis on a “teaching mindset,” the platform provides the resources and technology needed for top educators to access a number of flexible substitute teaching opportunities. Plus, schools are able to choose from a vast network of reliable subs to fill teacher absences without stress.

And the “teaching mindset” doesn’t stop at the sub-level. The Swing Education team is dedicated to creating a platform that improves the education experience for schools, subs, and students alike. Just like their network, they come from varied backgrounds but share a common passion for helping students learn.

For Melanie Reeves, Director of Finance at Swing Education, the “teaching mindset” was stalled until they could find a solution to their growing accounts payable problem.

Before I started, the CEO would hand sign checks to every substitute teacher each week—it just wasn’t efficient.

With a network of 3,500 substitute teachers and growing, Swing Education needed a payments solution that could scale with them and provide a better experience for their subs. As Reeves states, “Onboarding substitute teachers into a streamlined system and setting them up to get paid is critical to our retention.”

The solution? Tipalti.

A huge selling point of what we offer is fast pay. Without Tipalti, we could not efficiently pay our subs each week.

And the increased functionality of automation was a huge benefit for the team. With the implementation of Tipalti, Swing Education was able to cut the monthly close for accounts payable down to 30 minutes. In addition, Swing Education was able to grow payment volume to 15,000+ per month without adding additional resources. For Reeves, payables was no longer a problem.

Because of Tipalti, I’m no longer worried about our Accounting and Finance operations—I’m confident that our substitute teachers will get paid on time and be completely satisfied with the process.

So, what’s the future for Swing Education? According to Reeves, it’s focusing on the core philosophy of the finance team—automation and scaling. “If we didn’t have technology likeTipalti, we wouldn’t be doing this. It just wouldn’t work period.”

And for AP?

Tipalti will continue to work for us as we grow.

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