Payoneer Fees Calculator

Payoneer is a financial services company that specializes in money transfers and international payments for businesses and individuals. A Payoneer account gives companies a variety of payment options in different currencies, through a local bank account.

Tipalti’s Payoneer Fees Calculator is designed to help accounting departments accurately calculate their Payoneer transaction fees so they are more aware of the exact amounts for payouts.

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What is the Payoneer Fee Calculator?

The Payoneer fee calculator is designed to calculate the amount it will cost to send or receive money through the platform. The calculator helps to determine how much Payoneer will charge per transaction.

When a business sends or receives money through Payoneer, certain transaction fees are involved. These payment fees vary depending on factors like:

  • Currency conversion fees (exchange rates)
  • Domestic or international payments
  • Type of account
  • Transaction amount
  • Payment method or payment type (debit card, credit card, ACH, bank transfer)

It should be noted that there may be additional fees outside the realm of Payoneer, like sales tax, shipping costs, conversion rates, withdrawal fees, and other charges (in local currencies) that are associated with the transaction.

Using the Payoneer Fee Calculator

Our Payoneer Fees Calculator uses the formula: 

Fee = Fixed Fee + (Transaction Amount * Percentage Fee) + Currency Conversion Fee

This enables a business to accurately calculate the transaction fees (in USD, EUR, GBP, etc.), taking into account the variables that Payoneer includes in its fee structure.

The Payoneer calculator will calculate the equation and display the fees associated with making the transaction. Whether you run an enterprise, work as a freelancer, or own a non-profit, there will always be fees associated with international transactions.

The Payoneer fee structure may evolve over time, so it’s always a good idea to check with the official website or contact them directly for the most current charges.

The Payoneer Calculator Formula

This formula is designed to give you a clear understanding of how Payoneer calculates their fees. It includes the fixed fee, the percentage of the transaction amount, and any currency conversion fees.

The formula to calculate Payoneer fees is:

Fee = Fixed Fee + (Transaction Amount * Percentage Fee) + Currency Conversion Fee

For example, if the fixed fee is $3, the percentage fee is 1%, and the currency conversion fee is $2, the fee for a $100 transaction would be:

Fee = $3 + ($100 * 0.01) + $2 = $6
 Transaction Amount Fee
 $10 $4.10
 $50 $5.50
 $100 $6

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a top FAQ for good reason. The calculator is designed to be accurate, but actual processing fees can vary based on your subscription with Payoneer.

Yes, our calculator includes an option to add currency conversion fees to the total fee calculation.

Yes, you can use the calculator to calculate fees for multiple transactions by entering each transaction separately.

Yes, the Payoneer Fees Calculator is completely free to use.

No, we also offer a PayPal fee calculator, and you can find others online for platforms like Stripe or Square.

eBay charges various fees for the listing format, category, and final sale price. Popular eBay fees include the Insertion fee (when you create a listing) and the Final Value fee (a percentage of the final sale price). 

That formula depends on the category of the item being sold and the country or region involved.

The general formula for Payoneer and eBay fees is Transaction Fee = (Percentage Fee × Transaction Amount) + Fixed Fee + eBay Fee.