Aceable Implements Automation as a Single Source of Truth for its Financial Operations

HQ Austin, TX

Customer Since 2020

Industry Education

  • Improved back-office processes and eliminated the need for additional headcount
  • Streamlined integration with ERP, NetSuite
  • Consolidated all finances into one centralized system
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Tipalti documents the approvals through an easy workflow and completely consolidates reconciliations.

Nancy Spencer | VP of Finance

In 2014, Aceable broke into the driver’s education scene as an online and mobile-first platform. Built by teachers and NASA engineers, the Austin-based team is dedicated to helping people with life’s certification challenges—thirteen million students and counting. Today, Aceable offers over 1,000 hours of course content in 36 states, whether that means getting your driver’s license or starting a new career.

For Nancy Spencer, VP of Finance at Aceable, her team was responsible for all accounting and financial operations at their fast-growing company.

Our AP operation was all manual processing. It was brutal—emails back and forth and trying to record routine documentation. We were scrambling to find information for 1099s. We needed a more customized solution.

The finance team had various balance sheet reconciliations for every account synced back to their ERP software, NetSuite, but these processes were separate for each legal entity.

We didn’t have any flexibility in voiding checks after 90 days. The reconciliation, the void, and the reissue of those checks were burdensome.

Eventually, Aceable integrated with a larger company that had multiple fragmented reporting entities. Spencer and her team attempted to layer these fragmented systems into a tool that wasn’t compatible, causing a series of agonizing, delayed processes.

There were so many errors. Our close process wasn’t tight and clean, which is how I like to run operations. I had to create multiple vendors in NetSuite for every single entity. It was a nightmare to maintain.

On a mission to automate and scale without hiring more staff, Aceable needed to upgrade its technology tools for the next growth phase. Their solution? Tipalti.

With Tipalti, Aceable utilized the solution’s advanced OCR technology that automatically captured invoice data. Now with invoices already populated, Aceable could allocate data and eliminate the need to supplement finance headcount. With the reduction of manual operations, Aceable uplifted its team into more compelling, complex roles. 

We can easily add in new legal entities. We scale with the process. The company has access to complete, accurate, and transparent financial data that is dependable, timely, and a source of truth for our financial operations. 

With Tipalti and NetSuite successfully synced, all Aceable’s finances are consolidated into one centralized platform. Spencer’s team can toggle between legal entities and successfully transfer vendors from checks to ACH, diminishing their expenses.

Vendors can easily set up their preferred payment method and have all their documents in one place. Tipalti documents the approvals through an easy workflow and completely consolidates reconciliations. 

Since Spencer and her team have automated accounts payable, they intend to eliminate all manual processes, install guard rails that futureproof financial operations, and accelerate Aceable’s growth.

My philosophy is to be a trusted advisor to all of our internal business partners. We’re never reactive—we’re proactive so we can be ahead of the game. 

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