Akixi Enhances Supplier Relationships with Automated AP Integrated into Xero

  • Faster invoice approvals and easier tracking within the finance team.
  • Reduced errors and inaccuracies in financial reporting, making the organization less prone to fraud.
  • Smoother onboarding for suppliers, creating a better payee experience.


Akixi works with leading service providers to offer cloud-based, real-time call reporting and business insights software to small and medium-sized telecommunication companies across the world.


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Modernizing the Finance Function

The typical Akixi-powered business generates more revenue from customer inquiries while also keeping those customers happier for longer. In parallel with its insight and engagement solutions, Akixi employs best-in-class technology that offers frictionless go-to-market programs.

It’s a small company, and it has been run very tightly in the past. When I joined the company last year, part of my role was to modernise the finance function by introducing processes and controls to make it more automated and run more smoothly.


Tedious and Risky Manual Processes

Akixi’s finance team was struggling with timeconsuming and error-prone manual work, and there was a growing need to improve internal processes. Moreover, AP processes were not integrated with the company’s accounting platform, Xero.

  • Automate to Minimise Additional Headcount
  • Integrate with Xero
  • Improve Supplier Onboarding Experience

Wearing Too Many Hats

As a growing business, Akixi’s key problem was not being able to segregate duties, creating a situation where one person was creating, approving, and issuing all payments.

As the most senior person in the finance team, I was signing off payments, and I was having to go into the bank and actually make payments myself. It was taking me over an hour every week.

elena cardnell | vp of finance, akixi

Seamless Integration and Automation

Tipalti’s end-to-end AP automation solution created a significant reduction in manual workload for Akixi’s finance team, as well as a noticeable decrease in time spent on supplier payments.

  • Automated Processes, Minimising Headcount
  • More Efficient Processing of Supplier Payments
  • Seamless Integration with Xero
  • Improved Onboarding Experience for Suppliers

Better Supplier Relationships

A diagram showing the wiring of a circuit, with temperature measurements included.

With Tipalti’s AP solution, suppliers now have greater visibility, as they can log into the portal to check the progress of their payments, enhancing their relationship with Akixi.

We have fewer of our suppliers saying, ‘Oh, where’s our payment?’ They can now log into the portal, view their invoices, and check the status, all in the platform.

elena cardnell | vp of finance, akixi

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