Matterport is Building the World’s Largest Digital Library of Spatial Data

  • Eliminated the need to hire one additional full-time employee to manage accounts payable
  • Accelerated the monthly close process by 40%
  • Implemented automated three-way PO matching to control spend


A groundbreaking spatial computing platform, Matterport turns buildings into data by making every space more valuable and accessible. Millions of buildings worldwide have been transformed into immersive digital twins to improve every part of the building lifecycle, from planning, construction, and operations, to documentation, appraisal, and marketing.

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Global Offices

Bridging the Physical and Digital

With a focus on digitization, Matterport takes buildings online so customers can more efficiently design, build, promote, and manage their most valuable assets from any device. From homes and offices to factories and hotels, Matterport’s market-leading platform is delivering unparalleled property insights and analysis with immersive 3D technology.

You buy a house, you rent places, you will see Matterport products. Our scanned services enable you to visualize big and small.

Julia Yeo | director, Accounting operations, matterport

Driving Results

To create digital twins, Matterport relied on hundreds of independent technicians to scan properties. As a result, they received thousands of invoices via email. To keep up with demand, the accounting team was manually entering information into their ERP, NetSuite, which would inconsistently sync to Matterport’s bank. As they scaled globally, this highly manual process was proving to be a significant hindrance towards growth.

  • Automate PO Matching
  • Manage Currency Conversions
  • Streamline Global Payouts
  • Better Integrate with ERP, NetSuite

Realizing Unforeseen Efficiencies

As Matterport’s network grew, so did the need to streamline its finance workflow. Manual work delayed payments and increased errors—straining relationships with both suppliers and internal employees. Matterport knew they needed to find a finance automation solution to support daily operations and increase efficiency.

Tipalti eliminated the manual work that was consuming all of us—that’s a huge improvement. Another big uplevel is payments. Now it’s click, fund, we’re done.

julia yao | director, accounting operations, matterport

Solutions Made for You

With Tipalti, invoices are now automatically imported and immediately turned into bills, with amounts already preapproved by Matterport’s sales operation team. Plus, supplier relationships have greatly improved with self-service onboarding that has eliminated manual data entry and increased accuracy—which their auditors love.

  • Eliminated Duplicate Accruals
  • Added the Ability to Fund Multiple Currencies
  • Deployed Thousands of Payments Monthly
  • Improved Reconciliation with ERP, NetSuite

Capture on Your Terms

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With Tipalti’s advanced automation capabilities, the accounts payable process has become much more productive and efficient, which has saved Matterport’s accounting team both time and manpower.

Before Tipalti, I often stepped in to help the accounting team at the transaction level because the volumes were too big. Now, I don’t need to—Tipalti can handle the volume from now on.

julia yao | director, accounting operations, matterport

From Offline to Online

With over 28 billion square feet of data and growing, Matterport is bringing together everything that’s needed to digitize a space and conveniently manage it all online. With an immersive, interactive experience that’s accessible anywhere, Matterport is leading the digital transformation of the built world.

Finance Automation That Puts You in Charge