Outset Global Optimizes Global Equity Market Trading

  • End-to-End Automated Accounts Payable
  • Integrates with QuickBooks ERP
  • 50% Reduction in AP Closing Time


Outset Global is a buy-side trading solutions firm that delivers best-in-class execution services to investment managers across global equity markets. The global investment management industry trusts Outset Global to trade across equity markets worldwide with efficiency, consistency and discretion.

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Frontline Traders

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A Pure Play Trading Solution

As exclusively agency traders, Outset Global’s team members don’t ever take positions in the market, so they always deliver impartial opinions and service. Clients also receive real-time access to data and information, as well as the reassurance that compliance teams are consistently involved and informed.

We are an independent, pure play trading solution that has removed all conflicts for the benefit of end clients.

Cristina Escalante | Global COO, Outset global

A Need for Scalability

Outset Global was growing steadily, but its AP infrastructure hindered scalability. A cost analysis found that the company’s existing manual processes weren’t sustainable and that an entirely new automated solution was critical to continued growth.

  • Streamline AP
  • Integrate with ERP
  • Enhance Efficiency of Backend Processes
  • Reduce AP Closing Times

Ultimate Growth Stymied

As at any small firm, Outset Global team members wear multiple hats, and there isn’t a dedicated AP team. Myriad disjointed manual processes across the AP and accounting functions were creating a bottleneck for Outset Global’s growth.

You’re at a point where you can no longer grow without having to hire a ton of people or a team with the processes in place.

Cristina Escalante | Global COO, Outset Global

Automate, Streamline, Integrate

In addition to the accuracy that an automated solution brings, the ability to streamline AP processes into accounting and other backend systems adds real value. In fact, considering that streamlining is virtually automatic, Outset Global’s AP staff didn’t have to change much in its other systems because of the functions that Tipalti offers.

  • Automated AP Processes
  • Streamlined AP into QuickBooks
  • Integrated with ERP
  • Closing Time Cut in Half

AP Scalability Achieved

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Granular data is now automated and integrated into QuickBooks and the company’s ERP system—with no staff time necessary—so Outset Global can conduct the type of robust analytics it needs to achieve scalability.

Just do it. Don’t wait to implement this solution until you have to and then you’re firefighting. If you do a simple cost analysis, it’s a no-brainer.

Cristina Escalante | Global COO, outset global

It’s Full Steam Ahead Now

With Tipalti’s automated solution to streamline AP and integrate processes with accounting, Outset Global’s lean team can now focus fully on the company’s growth.

Move from Manual to Modern Efficiency