The School of Life is Helping the World Learn, Heal, and Grow

  • 50% reduction in accounts payable workload
  • Eliminated the need for an additional full-time finance headcount
  • Streamlined integration with ERP, NetSuite


The School of Life is on a mission to bring calm, self-understanding, better relationships, deeper friendships, greater effectiveness at work, and more fulfillment into the lives of their clients. Deriving ideas from psychology, psychotherapy, philosophy, art, and culture, The School of Life is here to teach people how life can be lived and what can make it truly worthwhile.

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London, England

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A Distinctive Vision

Through the latest articles, books, events, therapeutic retreats, and more, the highly experienced team at The School of Life is helping people cultivate their journey of well-being by providing the resources they need to build life-long skill sets.

A belief of our company is that it’s not about working harder but about working more efficiently. We want to continuously improve and look at where we can be more cost-effective.

anthony Pham | finance manager, the school of life

Increasing Performance

To equip individuals and workforces with essential tools for success, The School of Life was growing quickly and adding new freelancers and suppliers to their business each month. With a heavily manual workload, the finance team wanted to streamline key accounts payable processes to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Automate Supplier Onboarding
  • Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry
  • Optimize Currency Management
  • Integrate with ERP, NetSuite

A More Resilient Mindset

Since freelancers and suppliers were the backbone of their business, The School of Life knew how important it was to pay them on time and in their correct currency. However, with outdated accounts payable workflows in place, the finance team was at risk of making costly errors each time they had to input invoice data manually

It takes one second to make an error, but it takes a long time to fix it, and that’s why we needed to automate as much as possible—Tipalti was a no-brainer.

anthony pham | finance manager, the school of life

Bringing Harmony to the Workforce

After comparing Tipalti to other available solutions, The School of Life knew it was the right technology for them. By eliminating manual errors and reducing payment inquiries from suppliers, Tipalti’s robust automation solution ticked the most important boxes for the finance team. With Tipalti, all invoices are scanned, and the information is uploaded automatically, which has vastly improved the speed of their payments operation.

  • Provided a User-Friendly Portal to Suppliers
  • Significantly Reduced Data Errors
  • Decreased International Bank Fee Costs
  • Implemented Real-Time Data Syncing in ERP, NetSuite

Tools for understanding

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Now, the finance team can make payments faster— freeing up their time to explore new strategic initiatives that will help the business grow. An added benefit is the low international bank fees. The team was prepared for an increase in costs with an automated solution but have instead saved a significant amount of money.

As The School of Life continues to scale and add new departments, freelancers, suppliers, and sources of revenue, the finance team can remain lean while still supporting all other teams across the company.

Change is good. I was the person who was resistant to change, but automation is key. I get to look at other processes because I have time now—it’s a snowball effect. We’re definitely saving time in other areas of the business thanks to Tipalti.

anthony pham | finance manager, the school of life

Your Path to Mental Well-Being

By delivering programs of education that empower individuals and workforces alike to understand their minds and master their emotions, The School of Life is helping people grow into the best versions of themselves. Through confidence, creativity, and resilience, they’re sharing their transformative ideas globally to create lasting change.

Move from Manual to Modern Efficiency