Scribd Is Changing How the World Reads Through Digital Transformation

  • Eliminated the need to hire 2 full-time employees to manage accounts payable
  • Accelerated the financial close process by 60%
  • Improved spend management with procurement automation


Scribd is the world’s leading digital library. They offer easy access to millions of eBooks, audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, documents, and even sheet music in one subscription. Scribd’s global team strives to change how the world reads by challenging the status quo with big ideas, having a bias toward action, and investing in the future by delivering results now.

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Pieces of Content



The Power of the Word

Scribd’s mission is to inspire the world through stories and knowledge by building the largest, most accessible library that connects storytellers with their audience. In order for them to deliver today and build for tomorrow, their goal was to adopt as much technology as possible.

Within finance and accounting, our goal is to have as much automation as we can. It’s not that we don’t want to have a big team—it’s that we want the team members to be doing more meaningful, fulfilling tasks.

Barb Tang | assistant controller, scribd

Supporting Growth

Scribd’s finance and accounting team was lean and was handling a large volume of invoices from around the world while juggling critical reporting requests from the executive team. As their partners, publishers, and suppliers grew, so did the number of manual payments. To keep up with rapid scaling and expand operations worldwide, Scribd needed to find a way to implement more operational efficiencies.

  • Automate PO Matching Process
  • Streamline Supplier Onboarding & Data Collection
  • Support Multiple Entities & Currencies
  • Seamlessly Integrate with ERP, NetSuite OneWorld

Embracing Plot Twists

Scribd’s accounts payable process was ripe for error. The finance team had to manually input tax documents, sometimes with the aid of a tax expert, as well as key in hundreds of data entries, including banking details, invoice dates, invoice numbers, and GL codes. To eliminate manual barriers, Scribd’s finance team turned to Tipalti to automate as many processes as possible.

In some companies, despite all of the technologies that are in place, accounts payable is still a struggle. With Tipalti, accounts payable is seamless despite our high volumes. It only requires one person, and that person is not working on manual data entry—she’s problem-solving, she’s handling relationships—and all of the typical accounts payable tasks are done by Tipalti.

barb tang | assistant controller, scribd

Automate, Streamline, Validate

With Tipalti, Scribd fully automated the complex approval process for purchase orders and invoices. By implementing a robust accounts payable and procurement solution, Scribd was able to improve cost controls and increase financial transparency dramatically. Now, with a connected procure-to-pay process, Scribd was able to improve overall spend visibility and controls—all in a single, unified platform.

  • Streamlined PO Management
  • Eliminated Data Entry Errors
  • Accelerated Multi-Currency Payouts Globally
  • Implemented Real-Time Reconciliation in NetSuite OneWorld

Prioritizing the Customer

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With Tipalti handling all the repetitive, manual tasks, Scribd’s finance team works better together as problem solvers and strategists. Despite the heavy volumes of invoices from across the globe, their accounts payable and procurement processes are seamless, which allows their team time to enhance relationships with budget stakeholders, provide better customer service, and produce critical financial reports to the C-Suite.

I am able to focus on bringing meaning into our internal reporting, and my accounts payable person is happier that more of her time is spent on managing relationships and not on keying in numbers.

barb tang | assistant controller, scribd

A Home for Stories

Scribd was the first company to launch an open publishing platform—allowing anyone to quickly and easily share ideas with the world. Now, their impressive growth is helping foster a community where knowledge and information are easily accessible and shareable. Today, Scribd is revolutionizing the way people discover, consume, and engage with content—all in support of curious minds.

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