Spitfire Audio Provides Inspiring Sounds for Today’s Global Composers

  • Automated 1500+ global payouts
  • Reduced royalty payment run time from six weeks to 30 minutes
  • Saved ten weeks of payments workload per year


From seasoned composers to first-time users, music makers of all levels can find their perfect fit with Spitfire Audio. Their libraries have the highest quality recordings from the most renowned studios across the globe. Whether it’s the legendary sound of Abbey Road Studios, the exquisite intricacy of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, or the sweeping scores of the most iconic movies and television shows, Spitfire Audio has the best virtual instruments to suit any needs.

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Essential Cinematic Ingredients

The most modern musicians and producers work with Spitfire Audio to create the best forward-thinking sample libraries. With an emphasis on being world-class in everything they do, Spitfire Audio was constantly looking for new ways to innovate.

If you’re a growing business, you always have to think about the long-term benefit. You either hire more people to deal with the growing amount of transactions in whatever you’re doing, or you invest in an automation tool.

Shahid Khalid | Head of Finance, Spitfire Audio

By Musicians, For Musicians

Each time a recording is purchased in one of Spitfire Audio’s 100+ sample libraries, the musicians, composers, studios, engineers, and organisations they collaborate with receive a royalty. But as sales increased, their internal team faced growing challenges as new process hurdles emerged.

  • Eliminate Manual Processing of Payments
  • Improve Financial Reporting
  • Quickly On-Board Musicians
  • Reduce Data Errors

A World-Class Operation

The time-consuming and tedious process of managing royalty payments fell on Spitfire Audio’s finance function. Operationally, everything was manual and Excel-based—paying out musicians, scheduling, issuing statements—all information was kept in Excel, which created an influx of incorrect data. As the business grew, managing payments manually wasn’t a sustainable long-term solution.

It was very manual processing, in terms of global payments and also with reporting. We wanted to get that time down so that we could stop doing manual work and spend more time on value-adding activities.

Shahid Khalid | Head of Finance, Spitfire Audio

The Right Technology

Spitfire Audio wanted to implement a finance automation solution that would simplify operations and reduce their reliance on Excel. By partnering with Tipalti, Spitfire Audio was able to automate the process of disbursing royalties completely. With Tipalti’s advanced technology capabilities, they could focus on delivering exceptional music instead of managing complex payment logistics.

  • Automated Global Payouts
  • Improved Financial Reporting to Key Stakeholders
  • Implemented a Self-Service Portal to Easily Onboard Musicians
  • Eliminated Manual Data Entry & Reduced Payment Errors

Enhancing the Experience

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With Spitfire Audio’s manual payments workload eliminated, the finance function could fully dedicate their efforts towards supporting the entire business. With an efficient, seamless, and hassle-free payments experience, they were able to achieve their ultimate goal of providing expert support without any interruptions. Plus, the success of automating royalty payments paved the way for them to move accounts payable and procurement management over to Tipalti.

It took us four to six weeks of solid work to do all the statements and payments, whereas, now, it’s 30 minutes of solid work. We were spending a long time trying to get royalty payments done, and now we’re ahead.

Shahid Khalid | Head of Finance, Spitfire Audio

Supporting an Industry

With cutting-edge techniques on orchestration, composing for media, working with musicians, and navigating the industry, Spitfire Audio is enriching their thriving community of like-minded composers. With unwavering commitment, Spitfire Audio is dedicated to providing musicians with the tools they need to bring their most inspiring sounds to audiences everywhere.

Manage Payouts Globally