Private Equity & Venture Capital Alliance

Provide your portfolio companies with one highly efficient, holistic global payables solution.

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Why Partner With Tipalti?

Tipalti’s Private Equity & Venture Capital Alliance practice is designed to help firms scale the businesses in their portfolios. Working together, we will build a foundation for success by optimizing efficiency within your portcos’ business workflows.

Benefits for Your Firm

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Scale and automate finance operations without adding operating expense
  • Competitive foreign exchange and money transfer rates  
  • Save time with pre-negotiated contracts for your portfolio companies

Drive Technology Value Creation

  • Enhance your advisory services with an end-to-end payables solution
  • Built to integrate with any tech stack
  • Implement in 2-weeks, providing your team quick time-to-value; minimizing distractions for your team, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives

Built to Scale

  • Decide which areas you want to use and add functionality as your portcos grow
  • Future-proof your investments with payables technology that adapts to your business’s needs

Benefits for Your Portfolio Companies

Stay Compliant and Reduce Risk

  • Enterprise-grade financial controls with role-based security, audit logs, and built-in compliance with a KPMG approved tax engine

Increase Visibility and Control

  • Fraud/compliance/tax assistance to reduce risk as your business grows in complexity
  • Reconcile with your ERP to receive information faster, allowing for more informed decision making 
  • Fit well with your preferred technology stack

Deliver Best-in-Class Supplier and Partner Experiences

  • Attract and retain a stronger partner ecosystem and deliver a scalable payouts process
  • Pay thousands of partners around the globe in minutes
  • Give your partners options with the choice of 50 payment methods across 196 countries and 120 currencies

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