A Guide to Sage Intacct Integration for AP Automation

Consider Tipalti AP automation software as your Sage Intacct integration to optimize your software investment. Check out our “The Last Mile of Sage Intacct: Payables Transformation Strategies.”

Get more out of your Sage Intacct accounting software with robust third-party integrations designed to streamline and automate your PO management, accounts payable processes, and global payments. Simplify PO, payables, and invoice management processing for making payments. Increase accuracy and reduce costs. 

A Quick Overview of Sage Intacct

Cloud-based Sage Intacct is AICPA-endorsed as accounting software. The differentiation of Sage Intacct includes its Dimensions feature for tagging transactions to give multi-dimensional views and reports using a simple chart of accounts. Sage Intacct is good at revenue recognition, following GAAP accounting standards. 

Next, we explain Sage Intacct accounting software integrations.

Understanding Intacct Integration

The Sage Intacct Marketplace includes Sage Intacct integration partners’ software with direct Intacct integration. Sage Intacct Marketplace includes Sage Recommended Solutions and AP Automation categories, among others. Tipalti AP automation software is included in both Intacct integration categories. You can also get Tipalti software and request Demos directly from Tipalti’s website. 

Intacct Integration Options

Sage Intacct offers over 350 software vendor integrations through the Sage Intacct Marketplace. These Sage Intacct integrations include Salesforce integration for CRM (customer relationship management), eCommerce integrations, project management, sales order, and accounts receivable automation. AP automation is one subset of third-party add-on software that works with Sage Intacct integration. Third-party PO management, AP automation, and global payments software integration are our focus in this guide.

How can your business improve payables and global payments with Sage Intacct integration? 

Download our “The Last Mile of Sage Intacct: Payables Transformation Strategies” to learn how your growing business can add on global payables, finance, and purchase order automation software through Sage Intacct integration.

Robust Intacct Integrations for Different Tasks

Consider adding robust third-party Sage Intacct integrations from Tipalti for automated cloud accounting for these tasks:

  • AP automation
  • Global payables and international payments with advanced FX functionality
  • Mass payments
  • PO management in procurement
  • Employee expense management and reimbursement

AP Automation

Sage Intacct integration with Tipalti AP automation software lets your company:

  • Save 80% of the time required for end-to-end payables processes 
  • Eliminate manual processes and data entry
  • Use multi-subsidiary or multi-instance, global AP automation 
  • Automatically validate vendors in real-time 
  • Reduce errors by 60% by applying 26,000+ software rules to detect errors
  • Accelerate the monthly close by 25%

Tipalti AP automation software strengthens financial controls, reduces fraud risk, tracks transaction data for tax compliance, and makes tax and global regulatory compliance much simpler.

Tipalti AP automation begins with a self-service supplier portal for

  • Providing accurate supplier contact information
  • Collecting electronic W-9 or W-8 supplier tax forms 
  • Document repository 
  • Selecting a preferred payment method and providing required payment information
  • Tracking vendor payments for tax compliance
  • Automatically communicating payment status

Global Payables and International Payments with Upgraded FX Functionality

With Tipalti AP automation software, you can make global payments for your business in 196 countries and over 120 currencies, using a choice of country-available payment methods. 

Tipalti Multi-FX and Tipalti FX Hedging software work in combination with Tipalti AP automation software and integrate with Sage Intacct accounting software. They can be used with 30 currencies. 


Tipalti’s Multi-FX software product provides a virtual account funded in your company’s preferred currency to pay in local currencies instead of needing to set up a network of international bank branches to perform transactions through. Tipalti Multi-FX provides live exchange rate pricing to convert to the local currency for cross-border payments at a competitive cost (resulting from Tipalti’s large volume of platform transactions). Tipalti executes international payments for your business. 

FX Hedging 

Tipalti’s FX Hedging software product lets your company protect against currency fluctuation losses in payables amounts by locking in forward exchange rates. 

Mass Payments

Tipalti automation software for Mass Payments integrates with Sage Intacct accounting software. 

Tipalti Mass Payments software lets your company efficiently make mass payments to worldwide:

  • Contractors 
  • Freelancers
  • Creators
  • Streamers
  • Affiliates
  • Publishers.

Tipalti Mass Payments software includes a self-service portal and also integrates via an API connector with your company’s performance management systems for payment amount determination and making global payments. Tipalti Mass Payments automation software incorporates AI technology, screens against Do Not Pay lists, validates payees and reduces fraud and errors. 

PO Management

Tipalti PO Management automation software integrates with Sage Intacct accounting software to streamline business processes and automate the purchase order process. The PO automation software helps your company manage spend with real-time visibility to help you control costs and plan purchases. Tipalti PO Management software includes a purchase request portal to submit purchase requests, track purchases, and fulfill new vendor requests. POs are automatically generated in Sage Intacct. 

Features of the Tipalti PO Management software include:

  • Forms for data capture
  • Rule-based approval routing
  • Multi-entity support
  • Inline collaboration tools
  • 3-way PO matching
  • Audit trail and activity log
  • Slack and email approvals and reminders
  • Contract repository
  • Parallel supplier approvals workflow

Employee Expenses

Tipalti Expenses software combined with its AP automation software lets your company automate employee expense reimbursement and control spend. Through a mobile app, Tipalti Expenses lets employees automatically complete expense reports with receipts. Designated approvers can approve from anywhere, making the process quick and efficient. 

Perks of Integrating with Sage Intacct

Integrating third-party add-on applications with Sage Intacct for AP automation, Mass Payments, and other finance and PO solutions have several advantages. When you choose these Tipalti integrations, you will have a time-tested solution that over 3,000 customers have chosen and used (with 99% customer retention and 98% customer satisfaction rates), signifying an excellent customer experience. 

Tipalti has made a public commitment to continually upgrade and enhance its automation software solutions. With these add-on Tipalti purchasing and finance automation solutions, you’ll maximize your investment in Sage Intacct accounting software. 

Digitally Transform for Streamlined Paperless Processing

AI/ML-driven software combines with optical character recognition (OCR) or emailed and uploaded supplier invoices to eliminate the need for time-consuming and bottlenecked paper-based invoice processing.  

Reduce Manual Data Entry

Manual data entry isn’t required when you automate payables, invoice processing, and global payments. When seamlessly integrated with Sage Intacct accounting software, the add-on software is in sync between the applications, not requiring manual data entry. 

Automate Payables and Global Payment Processes

AP automation and mass payments software lets you onboard suppliers through a self-service suppliers portal, collect W-9 or W-8 tax forms, receive global payment method choice and information from the supplier, and communicate payment status automatically.

Achieve Substantial Time and Cost Savings

Automation software add-ons, including AP automation, employee expense reimbursement, mass payments, and PO management software, let you substantially reduce the time needed for payables, invoice processing, and PO preparation and processing. For example, with Tipalti’s end-to-end payables automation software, you can save 80% of the processing time, take early payment discounts in time to save money, reduce fraud risk and errors, and achieve easier global regulatory compliance and tax compliance. Tipalti’s automated real-time payment reconciliations for large batches of global payments can help you speed up the monthly close by 25%.

Gain Real-Time Business Intelligence Visibility

Tipalti offers real-time dashboards and Chat-GPT embedded Ask PI digital assistant to help you gain business intelligence about payables and business spend. Payables are presented by each business entity and consolidated for the entire corporation. 

How to Set Up Sage Intacct Integration 

Tipalti has an API integration with Sage Intacct accounting software. As opposed to low code, Tipalti offers pre-built connectors and a no-code drop and drag interface. 

Tipalti AP automation – Sage Intacct implementation with integration is a collaborative paid engagement that typically takes about four weeks to complete. You can add Tipalti training to the implementation service engagement. 

Tipalti finance automation software has a self-service supplier portal that feeds vendor contact information to Sage Intacct’s Vendor & Billing management area through seamless integration with Sage Intacct accounting software. 

Tipalti PO Management software will sync approved purchase orders and GRNs (goods received notes) to Vendor & Billing management in Sage Intacct accounting software. Tipalti automated invoice processing syncs Invoices to Bills in Sage Intacct Vendor & Billing. Tipalti payment processing syncs the bill and payment result with Sage Intacct Vendor & Billing. Tipalti invoice coding syncs with the Sage Intacct general ledger. 

Summing It Up 

Sage Intacct makes good cloud-based accounting software that’s endorsed by the AICPA. You can choose Sage Intacct integration with robust add-on third-party Tipalti automation software that’s been tested in the marketplace by over 3,000 customers. Scalable Tipalti automation software also integrates with all ERP systems and some other accounting software products like QuickBooks and Xero. Check out Tipalti’s customer case studies to assess the extent of its benefits provided to users. 

These Sage Intacct integrations help your business improve efficiency and achieve significant cost savings. Your company will save time on payables processes with Tipalti automation software. Financial management and the professional finance team will then have more time for strategic finance and other value-added projects. Download our eBook, “Launching Payables Automation with Sage Intacct: 5 Strategies for Scaling Organizations.”

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