Future Proof Your Finance Function at Illuminate

The last year has resulted in businesses needing to demonstrate their resilience like never before. 

Rising interest rates, increasing costs, and a challenging funding environment require finance leaders to step up and demonstrate leadership by pivoting from a growth-at-all-costs strategy to one based on sustainable growth.

CFOs need to balance cutting costs while increasing revenues and identifying expansion opportunities, such as creating new services or expanding into international markets.

At this year’s virtual Illuminate conference, taking place on September 21, attendees can learn first-hand from experts how growing companies are reshaping their finance function, maximizing efficiencies, and driving insights to support strategic goals with finance automation technology and innovation. 

The Convergence of Automation and Innovation

The convergence of automation and innovation is a major driver to enabling finance teams to step up to the challenges of today to be more strategic and support their organizations in meeting their goals.

In his keynote, Tipalti CEO Chen Amit will share his insights on how the impact of automation and machine learning are streamlining core finance processes to generate real-time data that frees up the finance function to move up the value chain of their companies and demonstrate that to leadership by providing their input from data analysis. 

Demonstrate Best Practices with a Centralized Finance Automation Solution

A centralized finance automation solution, with a single login for all processes, will give businesses a significant advantage in navigating today’s unpredictable economy. 

These solutions are superior to adopting a variety of tools to fulfill workflows as they break down silos and remove the need to download and upload data to different systems.

In his Tipalti Solution Overview, Tipalti CPO Roby Baruch will be joined by a panel of product leaders who will showcase how Tipalti empowers greater automation, visibility, and control with its unified system incorporating AP automation, global payments, PO management, expenses, and global remittance. 

Metrics for Efficiency and Growth

The post-growth at all costs era requires CFOs to roll out a new suite of metrics demonstrating efficiency and sustainable growth. 

Balancing these two priorities is no easy feat, but new technologies such as AI can help reduce costs and streamline processes. Join us for a panel discussing how setting quantitative and qualitative KPIs, measuring team performance, and aligning metrics can maximize and sustain efficiency for company-wide growth and success.

New Technology Brings New Opportunities

As the great technology entrepreneur and VC Marc Andreessen famously said, “Software is eating the world.” 

Technology is reshaping finance through fintech innovation, cybersecurity, data analytics, and increased adoption of new technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Agility In the Digital Economy

An increasing amount of business and consumer transactions take place in the digital economy on smart devices, tablets, and laptops. This trend accelerated during the pandemic and has allowed finance departments to generate higher-quality real-time data because most spend now takes place digitally rather than via cash.

This has benefited finance leaders, who can now use automation tools to categorize and analyze transactional data rather than having to laboriously manually allocate cash spend. 

Attending the Evolving Role of Finance in a Digital Economy session will give you a deep understanding of how automation technologies and analytics in the digital economy are reshaping financial processes, decision-making, and strategic planning.

The Leadership Skills of Tomorrow

Be inspired by Herald Chen, President and CFO of AppLovin, who will share his illustrious career journey and key learnings in a session hosted by Tipalti’s CFO, Sarah Spoja.

Herald has undertaken a number of roles, incorporating investments and executive leadership, with a focus on leadership skills and the intersection of finance and technology.

This is a must-attend session for those looking to advance their careers by understanding the skill sets needed in future finance leaders, the impact of technology on finance, and the importance of a work-life balance in an “always on” world. 

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September 21, 2023, 9:00 AM PST

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