Top Alternatives to Bill (formerly

On this page, we’ll break down several alternatives to and offer a comparison of vs. Tipalti. We’ve also paired it with a comprehensive guide to accounts payable.

Other Alternatives and Competitors to BILL (Formerly


Plooto is a powerful accounts payable and receivable platform that helps a business gain total control and visibility into cash flow management. It supports 120,000+ vendors and suppliers, and 6000+ businesses, with enhanced financial controls that keep operating costs low. Plooto facilitates faster AR and AP cycles, reduces errors, and lowers costs per transaction.

Top Features

  • Automatic reconciliation with integrations that keeps your books consistent.
  • Two-way sync eliminates data entry and manual inefficiencies. 
  • Custom approval tiers to review payments before any funds are transferred.

Serviceable Market

Small to medium businesses that want to facilitate AR/AP workflows and keep operating costs low.


  • Real-time payment tracking so you never worry about where your money is.
  • Simplifies payment workflows to reduce touchpoints for every transaction.


  • $25 per month and $0.50 per domestic transaction after 10 free payments. 
  • $9.99 per international transaction.
  • $1.99 per check payment.
  • $3 CRA payments (in Canada).


Spendesk is an all-in-one spend management platform for modern accounting teams. Easily verify your business and load funds to your Spendesk wallet from any existing bank account. A one-click feature can export all payments and receipts to your preferred integration. Additionally, employees can request funds, submit receipts, and pay securely with the Spendesk app.

Top Features

  • Track spending in real-time to stay in control of budget.
  • Empower teams with budgets and pay with virtual cards, expense reimbursements, and digital invoices.
  • Smart subscription management visible in one central dashboard.

Serviceable Market

For fast growing start-ups to mid-sized businesses with complex spending needs and payment controls.


  • A 7-in-1 solution with processes and payment methods that go hand-in-hand
  • Built-in processes help to control all payments, from approval to accounting, in one central tool.


  • Flexible pricing for companies of all sizes. 
  • You need to call for a custom quote or to book a free demo.


DocuWare provides cloud document management and workflow automation that enables a company to digitize and secure business documents, then optimize processes. It also boasts self-learning intelligent indexing to match invoices with related P.O.’s. DocuWare is a great solution to support your mobile workforce and securely archive critical forms. 

Top Features

  • Reclaim early payment discounts to build a stronger position for negotiating prices.
  • Automate workflow and exception handling with approvals based on amounts and custom data.
  • Support self-service to empower employees, from basic searching to portal integration.

Serviceable Market

  • Business of any size that wants to free up time to focus on work that drives productivity and profit. 
  • Strong enterprise feature set with impressive document importing and forms handling capabilities.  


  • Scalable subscription and licensing model ideal for staying on top of contracts.
  • Used in over 70 countries, easily automate document-centric processes with just a few clicks.


  • Quote-based with a free demo and 30-day trial. 
  • DocuWare Cloud is $300/month for a small business with up to four users and 20GB of storage.

Plate IQ  

Plate IQ is a foodservice industry platform that turns invoices into predictive insights, with every document searchable and secure in a digital filing cabinet. The system speeds up invoice data capture through OCR (optical character recognition) and allows managers to capture important business documents on their phones. 

Top Features

  • Schedule payments with checks, ACH, and Plate IQ virtual cards (up to 1% cashback).
  • Machine learning and workflow process to automatically detect/flag duplicate invoices.
  • Sync corporate cards for real-time visibility on your spend.

Serviceable Market

Small to midsize companies in the foodservice industry that want a single platform to handle the entire process, from invoice digitization to bill pay, including mobile capabilities.


  • Enable a remote accounting team to scan invoices and receipts without manual data entry.
  • Data is quickly imported into the cost management cloud dashboard with smart bill pay insights.


  • Quote-based and you need to call. 
  • Plate IQ integrates with Square and on their site, it’s listed as “Plate IQ Daily Sales costs $20 per month.”


Tipalti modernizes financial operations while providing a payment gateway to help your business grow. The end-to-end solution functions seamlessly in a unified cloud platform with built-in tax compliance. From virtual payment services to AP automation and digital marketplaces, it’s a robust solution that delivers a white-label experience across the globe. 

Top Features

  • A 360-degree view of the AP process with an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Self-service supplier onboarding and tax compliance validation. 
  • Effective global mass payments and fraudulent payment risk reduction.

Serviceable Market

Small, medium, or enterprise companies looking to make the AP process faster, safer, and more efficient through automation.


  • Speed up financial close with instant payment reconciliation down to the transaction level, then synchronize data with an ERP.
  • Reduces payment error rates by scrubbing data against 26,000 rules.


  • Tipalti Express and Tipalti Pro. 
  • The Express version offers straightforward payment capabilities, while Tipalti Pro has features like tax forms, multi-entity payables, and international tax IDs. 
  • The pricing for each package will vary depending on needs, processing requirements, and the number of users.

How do you effectively integrate top tech tools with skilled staff?

A hybrid solution, of course. AP automation frees up skilled workers to focus on business growth, while technology handles the manual processes. Leverage smart software like Tipalti for everything from invoice management to PO matching and reconciliation. Sign up for a free demo today!

Selecting a Competitor

This is where teams employ a hybrid approach to AP automation by leveraging software technology in addition to manual accounts payable operations. vs Tipalti

What does Tipalti do?

Tipalti is a provider of global payables and procurement automation software that supports all phases of the AP and payment management workflow in one cloud platform. 

Tipalti Product Capabilities Overview

Tipalti addresses everything from PO management, supplier onboarding and vetting to tax and regulatory compliance, invoice processing, 2&3-way PO matching, intelligent approval workflows, and payments to suppliers in various payment methods to 196 countries and 120 currencies, supplier payment status communications, payment reconciliation, and reporting. 

Tipalti also offers advanced global AP capabilities, such as early payments, multi-entity AP, Multi-FX, and FX-hedging. Tipalti integrates with all major ERPs and accounting systems, syncing with subsidiary GL ensuring payables information is up to date and accelerating financial close by more than 25%.

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Trustradius top rated 2020

Recognized as
TrustRadius’s #1 Accounts Payables Solution:

1st Place – Best Feature Set

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1st Place – Customer Support

What does do? is a provider of cloud-based financial software for small businesses. Customers use the platform to manage financial workflows and process payments.’s financial software platform creates connections between businesses and their suppliers and clients. It helps manage cash inflows and outflows. 

Features of Tipalti vs.

Although and Tipalti both help companies automate their accounts payable processes, each platform is designed with different features and solutions for finance teams. Here’s a look at some of the differences between Tipalti and

Tipalti vs.—End to End AP Solution Competitive Analysis
*Limited Access 
Payment Methods
Global ACH (eCheck), US ACH, Wire, PayPal, Check, and prepaid debit card
ACH, Wire, Check, Vendor Direct (virtual card), credit or debit card
Global Payment Coverage
Paying to 196 countries in 120 currencies
International wire only available for US companies to 137 countries
Automated Invoice Processing
OCR (Header and line level scan and capture), machine learning, managed services
Header level only OCR and basic managed services
Bill Approval
No charge for bill approvers approve bills via email with no login required
No invoices approvers pay a fee of $45/m, login required, cannot approve via email
2 and 3 way PO matching
2 and 3 way PO matching NetSuite only
Supplier Onboarding and Vetting
Effortlessly onboard vendors with a client-branded portal, preferred payment method, currency, and payment thresholds. 26K+ rules validate payments, screen against OFAC/SDN lists
Limited customization, no tax and payment validation rules
Custom Fields
Support for custom fields
No support for custom fields
Multi-Entity Payables Reconciliation
Manage multiple entities in a single instance with a consolidated view, instant reconciliation across entities and payables workflows
Multi-instance, no tax, branding integration sync
Tax Compliance
KPMG approved tax engine, collect W8 & W9 tax forms, collect and validate IRS and VAT tax ID, 1099 & 1042 prep reports and withholding. Validates against 3,000+ rules
Tax is managed via a separate app, no W8 collection, withholdings, validation
Payee Fee Splitting
Fee splitting allows payers to incent payees to adopt safer, more efficient payment methods
No fee splitting option

Knowing Which Solution is Best for Your Business

Selecting the AP Automation solution that fits your business’ needs is an important choice, especially for growing teams that need a solution that can scale with their business. Your business may also need specific features such as international payment capabilities, Multi-FX Multi-Entity, or tax and regulatory compliance. Evaluate these feature differences to help guide your decision.

When to Choose Tipalti?

You are running a hyper-growth business, whether you are scaling domestically or expanding internationally. 

You want to automate your entire workflow and accelerate financial close.

You want to strengthen compliance and controls and reduce Tax fraud and audit risk.

When to Choose

You are a domestic, small and slower growth business, and you are OK with managing some workflows manually.

You do not run any operations outside of the US.

You are processing smaller supplier payments and your suppliers do not demand prompt payments.

4 Signs You’ve Outgrown for Accounts Payable

For many small businesses, offers an adequate means to pay their supplier bills and maintain some lightweight bookkeeping. This is important because many smaller businesses don’t have the headcount to spend on a fully staffed accounts payable operation.

But what if your business is growing? Shouldn’t your accounts payable process grow with you? Here are the four most important signs that your business is outgrowing

Struggling to Pay Global Suppliers can pay internationally via wire transfers, but some growing businesses need to manage and remit payments to more countries across more payment methods. Tipalti makes payments to 196 countries and in 120 local currencies for worldwide coverage.

Overwhelmed by Volume of Payments

Imagine making over 100 payments at a time with Difficult, to say the least. You employed AP automation to make paying suppliers easier, but growing businesses need to scale more efficiently. It’s time for a solution that’s built to pay thousands.

Demanding Deeper Financial Controls has a limited accounts payable workflow. Access permissions are not granular. Growing organizations need more levels of control and auditability when more people are part of the payment lifecycle. Tipalti brings enterprise-level financial controls to ensure security and flexibility.

Increasing Number of Reconciliation Headaches

When it comes to clean payment reconciliation, you don’t want to chance it. Data sync issues with banks and gaps in knowledge affect your ability to close your books. Tipalti knows the true payment status becaus

“In our old system,, it was difficult to create all of our payments. We work with a lot of international partners & suppliers, and we need to pay these people in different markets. If we can’t pay them effectively, it limits our reach. We used to spend three hours a week making payments. Now, it’s down to minutes, which has allowed us to reduce our payables workload by 95%”

Leslie Pesante | Head of Finance, SkillShare

“Having all our payments processed on time has alleviated the manual work for my team. Now, they can grow in their career and build longer relationships with the company. When a company is scaling, you need smart systems in place. We don’t want our team to get stuck in a role they can’t grow out of.” 

Courtney Santry | Controller, SenseI

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