Global AP Automation and Payments Integration for Oracle NetSuite

Wipe out 80% of your payables workload and easily extend the ERP functionality of NetSuite with end-to-end global AP automation.

Strengthen Controls, Accelerate Visibility, and Easily Scale with Tipalti’s AP Automation for NetSuite ERP

Advanced sync logic ensures NetSuite and NetSuite OneWorld data is accurately synced with one another, including entity-specific sub-ledgers in real-time. Precise payables processes like reconciliation and general ledger reporting eliminate the time-consuming effort of exporting bank data to spreadsheets and reimporting back into your NetSuite account. All this speeds up invoice processing and accelerates financial close by more than 25%.


A powerful and straightforward purchase order management solution helps standardise document management, approval routing, provides real-time budget visibility, and streamlines contracts, cash flow, manual data entry, purchase requisitions, vendor selection, PO creation, and approval workflows.


Onboard suppliers with an intelligent, integrated, and multi-language self-service supplier portal, including payment data collection with real-time authentication, shown to reduce payment errors by 66% and streamline the payment process.

UK, European and US tax forms are digitised, collected, and validated via a KPMG-reviewed and approved tax engine, helping to maintain compliance with local tax provisions. At year-end, Tipalti generates the required tax reports and calculates any necessary withholdings for your accounts payable teams.


Supplier invoices received via email or the supplier portal are scanned to ensure data is accurate while eliminating duplicate submissions. OCR and machine learning reads and captures header and line-level data from supplier invoices, including pricing and custom fields.

Tipalti’s artificial intelligence powers approvals with the ability to set up pre-defined approval process rules that comply with business policies. 2-way and 3-way PO matching for headers and line levels, in addition to configurable tolerance matching, reduces the number of problematic invoices needing to be reviewed – as well as the need for paper invoices. Built-in messaging and file management capabilities enable AP teams and business approvers to easily communicate and collaborate, resolving issues quickly and accelerating invoice processing times.


Make fast and accurate global payments to suppliers worldwide in minutes, not hours. Process payouts to 196 countries in 120 local currencies and multiple payment methods’ BACs, SEPA, Global ACH, US ACH, wire transfers, PayPal, paper checks, cards, and prepaid debit cards’ from a single dashboard.

Tipalti’s built-in FX solution saves time and money on currency conversions with live and transparent exchange rates. Proactive supplier payment status and payment issue email notifications, payment approval workflows, and checking against “Do Not Pay” blocklists before any payments are processed ensures peace of mind.


Tipalti provides Enterprise Grade Security, Compliance, and Financial Controls.

Strengthen financial controls and enhance internal processes with multi-user and role signatory privileges, invoice approval, and payment approval workflows. Tipalti’s risk management module proactively identifies and blocks suspected fraudsters, with all payees being run against OFAC and Do Not Pay Blocklists before any payments are processed.

Multi-factor authentication, role-based security measures, audit logs, IP restrictions, and secure data transmission of personally identifiable information via HTTPS and AES encryption help reinforce SOC 2 and GDPR regulatory compliance.


A diagram of the tipalti platform.

How Tipalti Integrates with NetSuite

Tipalti extends NetSuite’s existing ERP capabilities by providing fully manageable and automated execution of global payables. Take control of supplier management, PO management, invoice management, payment scheduling, global remittance, card spend, and supplier correspondence, with real-time multi-entity reconciliation of payment details with invoices and billing. 

Advanced sync logic ensures data is accurately synced, eliminating manual reconciliation in NetSuite and accelerating financial close by over 25%. Tipalti syncs suppliers, POs, GRNs, bills, payments, and vendor credits at the GL level.

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