Complaints Handling Process

How to raise a complaint?

Complainants have different routes to raise complaints to Tipalti Europe Ltd. (Tipalti EU) about one of the firm’s services:

  1. Complaints inbox – complainants can send their complaints directly to the complaints inbox:
  2. Tipalti Hub – customers can raise complaints and queries via the dedicated contact section in Tipalti’s platform.

How do we deal with your complaint?

  1. Upon receiving your complaint, a member of our team, will send you a written acknowledgement of receipt. The acknowledgement email has to reassure that the complaint has been forwarded to the relevant team in Tipalti EU for further investigation of the complaint’s matter.
  2. Our final responses to your complaint will be sent to you by the end of 15 business days after the day on which the complaint was received.
  3. In exceptional circumstances, which are beyond Tipalti EU’s control, a final response can be sent by the end of additional 15 business days. The responding time frame can be extended with additional 5 business days if required. A final response must be sent by the end of total of 35 business days after the day on which the complaint was received.

If you are unhappy with our response (only applicable to eligible complainants)

If you are a micro-enterprise or a small business (as defined by the FCA), and you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, you can contact the  Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) either by mail, an online form or by telephone. Further details and how to contact FOS can be found on the FOS website:

You have 30 days to file your complaint with the FOS from the day you received the final response from us.