Expense Management and Reimbursement

Take Control of Employee Spend

Easily manage all employee spend in a single platform to help you scale rapidly and reduce risk. With the desktop and mobile interface, employees can create and submit expense reports, while managers can review and approve expenses quickly, easily, and on the go.


Manage All Spend with One System

Spend Control and Visibility

One single system to track all spend

Eliminate the complexity of having disparate standalone finance applications. Consolidate all spend – Expenses, EFT, ACH, Global ACH, Wire Transfer, PayPal – in one place and gain real-time visibility into your transactions. Tipalti Expenses integrates directly with the Tipalti finance automation platform, which has proven to reduce finance workloads by 80%.

Global Reimbursements

Quickly and easily reimburse employees

Say goodbye to manually tracking and reimbursing expenses which are time-consuming and error-prone. With Tipalti’s robust global payment infrastructure, finance teams can efficiently reimburse employees no matter where they are in the world. Send fast, secure, and reliable payments to 196 countries in over 120 currencies, all from a single unified platform.

Automatic Reconciliation

Don’t lose sleep trying to close the company’s books

Streamline financial operations with a unified system that automatically categorises expenses and integrates with your ERP. Benefit from Tipalti’s tax support feature, which effortlessly populates tax codes, computes tax amounts based on employee-submitted expense categories and syncs all tax-related information to the ERP. Additionally, with corporate card integrations, finance teams can automatically reconcile card transactions, reducing their workload and accelerating monthly close by 25%.


Confidently reduce compliance risk

Set spending limits within specific categories over defined time periods, ensuring meticulous budget control. Enjoy the flexibility of creating multiple tailored expense policies per subsidiary, adapting seamlessly to your business needs. Our system promptly notifies employees and approvers in case of expense policy breaches, providing clear details on the rule violated. This ensures quick resolution and reinforces compliance seamlessly.


An expense management solution that employees love

Create and submit expenses with an intuitive mobile and web interface for seamless approval by managers and finance teams. Streamline the management of card transactions and out-of-pocket expenses in a single platform with Mastercard and Visa integrations. Gain a consolidated view of employee spend and receive timely notifications on new card transactions requiring review and actions.

See what industry leaders are saying about Tipalti

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Min Hui Chow | Regional Administration Manager, ACAMS

“With Tipalti Expenses, our expense management process from submission to reimbursement, is streamlined and automated.”

Automate Employee Expenses & Reimbursements

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  • One system for all spend, including expenses
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Real-time spend control and visibility
  • Faster employee reimbursement