The Total Guide to Infor ERP

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Infor ERP integration including market-fit, pricing, features, and comparisons.

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What is Infor ERP?

Infor ERP is company-wide, cloud multi-tenant, industry-specific software for accounting and financial management, supply chain, and business process management in many functional areas. ERP is enterprise resource planning. Well-financed Infor has grown through acquisitions, including Lawson Software and SyteLine ERP solutions, and Birst for data analytics and business intelligence.


Cloud-based Infor ERP products include:

• Infor CloudSuite Financials (& Supply Management)

• Infor LN

• Infor M3

• Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)

• Infor Distribution SX.e

Infor enterprise software is built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. Infor also offers on-premises software. Infor enables digital transformation. 

Infor software solutions use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology for real-time business intelligence. Infor software products include customer relationship management (CRM), and human capital management (HCM), including Infor workforce management, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology. The ERP software from Infor covers supply chain, enterprise asset management (EAM), accounting & finance, and product lifecycle management (PLM). 
In 2010, Infor made a deal with Microsoft to include Microsoft technology in Infor ERP business applications.

Which Types of Businesses Use Infor?

Businesses of all sizes use Infor business software solutions, which is ideal for the largest enterprise companies and mid-sized companies. 

Although some Infor applications are designed for specific industries, Infor software is used by a wide range of industries.

Businesses in these industries and others use Infor:

  • computer software and IT services
  • aerospace & defense
  • electronics
  • industrial machinery & equipment
  • healthcare
  • automotive
  • manufacturing
  • distribution
  • retail
  • service industries
  • banks & financial services
  • food & beverage
  • hotels & resorts
  • casinos & gaming
  • fashion
  • energy, including oil & gas and utilities
  • conglomerates 

Acquired SyteLine is now an Infor ERP product named CloudSuite Industrial for manufacturers. Infor ERP VISUAL is an ERP software for order-driven manufacturing companies. Infor Factory Track is a manufacturing automation solution for the shop floor, warehouse inventory, and time tracking, used with Infor LN and Infor M3. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers like Infor ERP features for supply chain management, inventory management, and warehouse management.

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How Much Does Infor Cost?

The total cost of ownership for Infor software includes Infor pricing for SaaS subscriptions or other types of product licenses and additional costs. Besides Infor ERP pricing and cost of other Infor and third-party add-on software products, add consulting fees for implementation and use, training, and a choice of three customer support plans. Request a customized quote from Infor sales or an Infor Partner, also offering services.

How Does AP Automation Software Integration Work With Infor? 

AP automation software integrates with a flat-file or API connection. Infor ERP integration with Tipalti is via flat-file integration, which works very well for large data transfers like batch payments. Users access Tipalti features through the ERP Infor login and user interface. An AP automation add-on streamlines workflows for payables and payments, reducing fraud risks. 

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What Are The Primary Features and Advantages of Infor?

• Industry-specific versions

• Uses AI and ML technology and offers Infor Coleman AI platform

• ERP integrates with Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

• Infor EAM (enterprise asset management) works with Infor ERP

• Infor Birst works with Infor ERP

• Infor IoT works with Birst, EAM, in combination with Infor ERP

• Well capitalized, with April 2020 acquisition by Koch Industries

Industry-specific Infor CloudSuite versions include Healthcare, Distribution, Industrial, and Public Sector. 

Built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology for business intelligence is included in Infor ERP. The Infor Coleman artificial intelligence (AI) platform is a different Infor product to integrate with Infor CloudSuite. Infor Coleman extends the use of AI for data analysis, adds robotic process automation (RPA), and includes a digital assistant with voice capabilities that uses natural language processing (NLP). 

Infor CPQ, in the Customer Experience Suite, handles configure price quote activities for customer proposals. According to Infor’s website, Infor CPQ will … “automatically produce BOMs [bills of material] and instructions, then send them directly into your ERP system and generate detailed proposals to send to your customers, personalized proposals, submittals, and other sales documents from virtually any application.” Infor CPQ also works with Infor CRM for customer relationship management.

The highly-rated Infor EAM software product handles maintenance operations, controls assets, streamlines purchasing and procurement, predicts equipment failure, and enhances performance management. Infor Enterprise Asset Management performs routine maintenance, saving companies money, and reducing downtime. 

Infor acquired Birst in 2017. Birst is a networked cloud-based business intelligence  (BI) and data analytics platform that can be integrated with Infor ERP for insights to make better decisions and improve performance management. Infor offers a Birst for Snowflake version. 

Infor IoT (Internet of Things) uses sensors and sends connected device data to Birst and Infor Enterprise Asset Management. Infor IoT is integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT.

Privately-held mega-conglomerate, Koch Industries owns Infor after its April 2020 acquisition. If Koch were a public company, Koch (and its Infor company) would rank near the top, as a huge Fortune 500 company. Software provider Infor is well-capitalized and will have adequate resources to continually improve its  Infor ERP business management system and other Infor software products. Koch is an Infor customer. 

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How to Implement & Use Infor?

Infor Partner Network (IPN) or your enterprise IT department staff can help your business with software implementation of Infor ERP and other business applications. Infor offers pre-configured Infor Implementation Accelerators. The Infor Customer Center offers getting started and how to use Infor information. Infor also has user groups for system training and sharing user experience.

Which ERP Systems are Comparable to Infor?


Oracle ERP

The Infor ERP system competes with Oracle ERP in the enterprise software market for digital transformation. Both offer cloud ERP with a good user interface and on-premises software. Oracle is a high-end software solution. Both Infor and Oracle ERP offer Digital Voice Assistant software to query the database, using natural language processing, AI, and ML, to ask questions and receive answers.



Workday offers unified, comprehensive cloud ERP software that large companies use for finance, human resources, planning, and streamlining business processes in different functional areas. Workday is a top-tier ERP solution.



SAP has the highest market share in the ERP software marketplace for very large customers and also offers ERP products for smaller companies. When comparing Infor ERP vs SAP, both software providers offer comprehensive ERP systems that meet the business requirements of the largest enterprises.