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Dave Macli | CEO, Audiomack

“Running a streaming service today is difficult. The number of people that we have to pay, it’s not just labels and recording owners, we also have to worry about the publishing side with collections agencies, which makes maximizing revenues for artists very challenging. Beyond that, managing different tax liabilities across regions can be very difficult, and that was hard for us to manage before we had Tipalti.”

Why trust Tipalti with your royalty payouts?

Build A Global Network

Send royalty payments anywhere

Reduce your payables workload by 80% with automated mass payments to 196 countries in 120 currencies via 50+ payment methods, including PayPal and global ACH, all from a single platform that consolidates all of your banking relationships. Send cross-border payments to your global artists, labels, publishers, and distributors, scale your business around the world with multi-brand and multi-language capabilities, and reduce risk while saving money with advanced FX features.


Empower your artists, musicians, and creators

Provide a self-service onboarding experience that can be securely embedded into your website with built-in validation rules that reduce payment errors by 66%. Offer a choice of payment methods and currencies and deliver branded, automated payment notifications for complete visibility into payment statuses. Delivery fast, secure, cost-effective payments that will help you to attract and retain the best talent and improve the quality of your network.

Reduce Royalty Payment Risks

Protect against payment losses

AI-based fraud detection proactively flags payment risks in your network for review to help you avoid potential losses. With Global Money Transmitter Licenses (MTLs) and compliance built-in to the solution, all artist, label, publisher, and distributor records are also scanned against a range of “Do Not Pay” lists during onboarding and before each payment, ensuring the legitimacy and legality of every transaction.

Pay for Artist Performance

Connect to existing systems

Integrate Tipalti’s global payment infrastructure into your existing systems using our REST APIs, documentation, and developer hub to add frictionless performance-based payments to your artists, musicians, and creators while integrating detailed, accurate transaction and reconciliation reports with your ERP.

Modernize Your Tax Process

Keep your talent network compliant

Don’t wait until year-end to hunt down your artists for their tax forms. Digitally collect and validate W-9 and W-8 series tax forms, or VAT and local tax IDs during onboarding, and produce submission-ready 1099 and 1042-S reports to quickly eFile during tax season. Self-billing capabilities also allow you to automatically generate invoices as required by governments for tax processes and to execute payments upon approval.

Hear from Tipalti entertainment industry customers


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International IP rights management.

Nas Yaqoobi | Accountant, Splice

“For the 900+ royalty payments alone, it would take me two weeks. That’s all I would be doing at the end of a quarter close. I knew that we needed a new platform. With Tipalti, we’re able to close the books 30-40% faster every month. What once took eight weeks a year to process is now down to less than an hour.”

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