CAKE Integration

One-Click Publisher/Affiliate Payment and Reconciliation

For networks tasked with hundreds or even thousands of monthly payments to publishers and affiliates, the payment process can be daunting, cumbersome, and rife with error. Add in the complexities of dealing with global publishers or affiliates (e.g. taxation, regulatory, currency, and payment methods), and networks must increase staff to support payment processes or resort to custom-built kludge-ware to deal with the workload.

CAKE ad and affiliate network customers have a distinct advantage. They can employ Tipalti’s global mass payment automation platform, through a deep integration with CAKE’s robust analytics and reporting. Tipalti enables networks to easily register payees, manage invoicing, execute payments, payment reconciliation, and streamline payment issue resolution. In addition, built-in fraud capabilities reduce the risk of paying out to questionable vendors.

Simple Set-Up:

  1. CAKE clients and affiliates create an account through the Tipalti/CAKE Integration
  2. Tipalti provides a seamless, white-label dashboard for affiliates to manage and update their payment information
  3. You can originate payment requests from your CAKE instance and Tipalti will route the funds appropriately while providing a status of each payment made

Affiliate Signup – Simplified, Fully White Labeled Payment Clearinghouse Integration

Affiliate Payments – Full Tipalti/CAKE Integration

Payment status and details available within CAKE’s Accounting Management dashboard