Top Payoneer Alternatives for Digital Payments

Payoneer is an ideal payment platform, but there are many other suitable alternatives. Read on to find out what those are and how they can meet your business needs. And if you’re looking for greater financial controls, check out our ebook: Avoiding the Risks of Financial Fraud.
  1. PayPal
  2. Square
  3. Wise (formerly Transferwise)
  4. Google Pay
  5. Tipalti
  6. Skrill
  7. Remitly

We live in a shifting economy that relies on digital transactions to keep business in action. Increasing digital penetration has been accelerated by the 2020 pandemic and lockdowns. Now, 49% of users report buying more online in the past twelve months versus previously.

The preferred payment method of global online shoppers is typically eWallets, followed by credit cards, and then debit cards. 

Payoneer is an ideal payment gateway, but there are a variety of alternatives that may suit your business better. Look for features that include:

  • Local and international transactions
  • Send/receive payments between bank accounts
  • Money transfers
  • Low conversion fees
  • Local currency
  • Working capital
  • Access to international networks and marketplaces

Feature Comparisons of the Top Payoneer Alternatives 

BrandPriceSecurityPayment MethodsIntegrationsInternational Payments
PayPal$Data tokenization and two-factor authentication.ACH, eCheck, CC, debit card, and prepaid debit card.Accounting and e-commerce.
Square$Encryption and POS verification.CC, debit card, mobile payments, digital wallet, and prepaid debit card.Accounting and e-commerce.
Wise (formerly Transferwise)
$$Two-factor authentication and dedicated fraud team.Credit card, debit card, wire transfer, or bank account ACH.Open API.
Google Pay$Encryption and passkeys for safeguarding.ContactlessOpen API and other payment gateways like Stripe.
Tipalti$$$PCI and SSAE16 SOC audit certified, AES encryption and white-listing.ACH, Global ACH, PayPal, wire transfer, prepaid debit card, check.Agnostic integration, plugins, and flat-file integration or APIs, accounting, ERP, and payments.
Skrill$$Fraud protection, two-way authentication,and data tokenization.ACH, wire transfer, CC and prepaid debit card, eWallet.Accounting 
Remitly$Money Services Business registered with the U.S. Dept of Treasury.ACH, wire transfers, and cash.Remitly App in Google Play or App Store. No integrations.

24 Alternatives to Payoneer for Digital Payments

#1) PayPal

PayPal has become a major player in the P2P and B2B financial services space since 2003. It’s clearly the leader of the pack — and for a good reason: PayPal accepts all major payment types from customers right on the spot.

A PayPal account is always free. However, a business may want to look into the $30/month plan for more robust features.

  • P2P
  • Payment gateway
  • Fully customized online checkouts
  • Not all online shops are integrated
  • Long delays in receiving some funds
  • Hard to contact customer service

#2) Square

Easily process payments securely and quickly with the Square Payments app. A business can accept all forms of payment, which include:

  • Tap, Dip, or Swipe
  • Online payments
  • Key-in
  • Invoices
  • Appointments

You can also build your own custom solution with an open API. There are no long-term contracts, extra fees, or surprises for business owners.

The standard processing fee is 2.6% + 10 cents for contactless, swiped, chip cards, and magstripe. Manual key-in payments are 3.5% + 15 cents. Invoices cost 2.9% + 30¢ or 3.5% + 15 cents if processed using a card on file.

  • Free hardware with a large selection of tools
  • Never any monthly fees
  • Detailed reporting and filters for analysis 
  • Processing fees have been rising year over year
  • Can’t easily switch accounts between locations
  • Instant deposit fee is rather high

#3) Wise

Money transfer service Wise (formerly Trasnferwise) offers consumer and business-facing banking solutions. The business platform allows you to make and receive payments, as well as easily manage cash flow. A Wise Business account also connects to QuickBooks.

Wise claims its business solution costs 19 times less than PayPal and 6 times less than traditional banks. Business customers pay $31 to set up a bank account, and there is a $4.14 fee for USD wire transfers. However, receiving non-wire payments is free. Sending money comes with a fee that starts at 0.41%, depending on the currency. See here for additional Wise pricing.

  • Connects to Stripe and Amazon to make withdrawals
  • Bulk payments are available
  • Customers can hold funds in multiple currencies
  • Not a bank, so cash deposits are unavailable
  • Some clients report poor customer service and frequent technical difficulties

4#) Google Pay

A fast and secure mobile payments app, Google Pay is a payment solution hosted by Google. All you need is a local bank account, credit card, or debit card.

When you use a debit card to make a purchase in a store or through a service, there are no additional fees. There is a 2.9% fee for credit card payments. Also, for each money transfer you initiate, there is a charge of 31 cents or 1.5% of the total transaction (whichever is greater).

  • Easy integration with Google Assistant
  • A digital wallet means no need for a physical card
  • Contactless payment with data collection
  • Not accepted everywhere
  • Data is easily hacked when the device is lost
  • Transferring funds to the bank can be a timely process

#5) Tipalti

Tipalti makes automating payables safer, faster, and more efficient. The end-to-end solution functions seamlessly in a unified cloud platform with built-in tax compliance.

The brand modernizes financial operations while providing an effective payment gateway to help your business thrive.

From virtual payment services to AP automation and digital marketplaces, Tipalti is a robust solution that delivers a white-label experience across the globe.

Tipalti pricing is broken down into two affordable packages that are designed to grow with your business: Tipalti Express and Tipalti Pro. Express is the less expensive and trimmed-down solution for teams that need straightforward payment capabilities.

The Pro version includes all of Tipalti’s best features, including options such as W-8 tax forms, international tax IDs, and multi-entity payables. The pricing for Pro and Express will vary depending on your business needs, processing requirements, and the number of users.

  • Some issues syncing certain integrations
  • Reporting tools can have a steep learning curve
  • Cannot change data once an invoice is processed

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#6) Skrill

Users can load a Skrill account via ACH transfer. It’s always free. Any type of withdrawal costs $5.50. When you send money internationally by debit card, Paysafecash, or ACH, there are no fees. However, making a transfer by credit card comes with a 2.99% fee. If you don’t use the account, you get charged too — there’s a monthly inactivity fee of $5.00.

  • Omnichannel payment processing (ACH, e-commerce, mobile)
  • Both pre-built and custom reports and dashboards
  • Access to select data, objects, and features
  • Customers are not always notified during maintenance mode
  • User support can be inundated with queries
  • Phone application can be limited in features

#7) Remitly

Remitly is an international payments company that leverages mobile technology to transfer funds across the globe. The product is fundamentally faster and cheaper than most financial tools that cater to different countries.

Remitly fees depend on transfer speed, the amount of money you’re sending, and the country of the recipient. If you select Economy, the fees are lower, and delivery is in 3-5 business days. Express has higher fees, which may also increase if you’re sending more money, and delivery typically takes a few minutes.

  • Highly-competitive transfer rates
  • Fast and safe currency conversion
  • Easy-to-use customer interface
  • There can be limits on money transfers
  • Transactions can take up to 15 minutes to complete
  • Cash pickup is not available in all countries

#8) Klarna

Klarna is a solution that has all the popular payment methods to save a business both time and money. They have zero-fraud liability and offer customers options like:

  • Financing
  • Installments
  • 30-day payments

For all payment options, Klarna charges 30 cents for each transaction plus a variable rate of either 3.29% or 5.99%. If you sign up for the Instant Shopping feature, Klarna charges $30 per month, in addition to a 30-cent transaction fee, and fees at variable rates of up to 3.29% (onsite sales) and 3.79% (offsite sales). The Klarna card has a monthly fee of $4.99.

  • Straightforward fee structure
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Split or pay later for orders
  • Limited countries covered
  • Short payment plan (6 weeks to make 4 payments)
  • More costly than other platforms

#9) PaySimple

PaySimple accepts debit cards, credit cards, and checks, and offers customers a variety of convenient payment methods. You can swipe it, set up recurring transactions, create web payment forms, send electronic invoices, and much more.

Developed for the unique needs of a service-based business, PaySimple’s pricing plan is straightforward. Credit card processing is 2.49% + 32 cents per transaction; in addition to monthly fees. ACH and check processing cost 69 cents plus 0.25%.

  • Personalized customer service experience
  • A quick and easy approval process
  • Unified dashboard for at-a-glance management
  • The company still has room to grow and kinks to work out
  • Cannot send ACH payments to vendors

#10) Bolt

The Bolt brand is on a mission to perfect the checkout experience for all online retailers. The mobile-optimized solution is coupled with a unique approach to fraud detection that makes order approval faster and more reliable.

Bolt designs custom quotes for each business, so pricing is not easy to find. They consider several factors when determining cost, like:

  • Risk of fraud
  • Sales volume
  • Type of business
  • Extremely responsive customer service team
  • Lightning-fast checkout to increase conversion rates
  • Fast cart load times for mobile customers
  • The fee per order can get expensive
  • The setup and integration can be challenging
  • The UI isn’t granular with regard to transaction history

#11) Apple Pay

An easy payment platform that works with any Apple device, Apple Pay enables a business to make secure purchases in stores, apps, and on the web. Send and receive funds right in messenger and simplify the payment process.

Apple Pay is free for Apple users on a limited basis. To obtain current pricing for larger ventures, you must contact Apple. Small businesses report online that the platform is 36% less expensive than average payment gateway products.

  • Simple to use and set up
  • Compatible with all major banks and credit unions
  • High-level measures of security
  • Only for devices newer than iPhone 6
  • Not universally accepted
  • Transactions can glitch in the Wallet app

#12) PayOp

PayOp is an online payment platform that allows a business to accept payments from all over the world. Available in over 170 countries, the system has the ability to process hundreds of currencies. Because of this, you can optimize payment rates, lower processing costs, and get rid of connected fees.

Rates start from a 2.4% + 2-cent fixed fee. Since there are over 300 methods for online processing, your price will vary. Additional fees may apply depending on the industry, risk, and volume of the merchant. Chargeback fees start at $20 and refund fees start at 50 cents.

  • Fast withdrawals (1-2 business days for funds)
  • Top-of-the-line customer support through Skype
  • Good platform for high-risk industries
  • The risk team can be overzealous and close accounts
  • Issues with plugin integration
  • Transactions have been blocked by the payer’s bank


NETELLER allows online users to shop securely and safely anywhere in the United States. Access funds instantly with 100+ payment options and multiple currency accounts. A business can take advantage of some of the highest deposit acceptance rates on the market.

NETELLER offers a wide variety of integrations for funding your account, so the fees vary depending on the third party. The average processing cost across the board is 2.5% per transaction. Additional fees include:

  • Bank Transfer: $10
  • Mastercard: 0 – 7.5%
  • Member Wire: $12.75
  • Money Transfer: 2.99% + 50 cents
  • Skrill: 3.49%
  • Visa: 0 – 7.5%
  • Withdraw from any ATM in several countries
  • Opt-in for a Net+ prepaid or virtual card
  • Serves as a virtual wallet with top security
  • Hard to find a checkout option with online shopping
  • Can have hidden fees depending on the third-party
  • Minimum limit on transfers

#14) Hyperwallet

Hyperwallet is a global payments solution that provides a growing business with a frictionless and transparent payment experience. They are trusted by e-commerce and enterprise organizations alike and help to efficiently distribute funds within a singular payment platform.

Hyperwallet operates and provides services through local affiliates. This means the pricing is never transparent. You must contact the third-party processor to get an idea of the exact cost.

  • Easy to use for all levels of experience
  • Hyperwallet is a PayPal service
  • Full-stack payout capabilities
  • UX for the backend is somewhat outdated
  • The sales and setup process can be timely
  • Pricier than other solutions

#15) Thryv

Thryv is a simple software company that helps small businesses manage their time, get paid fast, and communicate effectively with clients. Thryv also offers unlimited, 24/7 support with your own business specialist.

The pricing scheme for Thryv is not published on their site. Similar services will run you around $10 to $20 a month for apps with straightforward and basic functionalities. Thryv offers a few flexible plans to their customers, and the basic cost of a license starts at $59 per month.

  • Super simple integration in a snap
  • Upload and update data in minutes
  • Centralizes all business hubs into a single dashboard
  • There is a learning curve
  • Software can be limiting in some areas
  • Can’t ship directly from Thryv when an invoice is fulfilled

#16) Paysera

Paysera is a cheap and safe way to perform payments and send/receive money online. You can make bank transfers quickly and easily to a variety of countries using a multi-currency account approach.

The cost will vary depending on the currency and speed of the transfer. The exchange rate will affect what you pay, but Paysera offers competitive rates, usually within a 1% margin. Additionally, any incoming payments to your account via the TARGET2 system are applied with a 3.00 EUR fee.

  • A contactless debit card linked to your account
  • Separate account for savings with a split bill feature
  • No fee to transfer money between Paysera accounts
  • The verification process can be complicated
  • The card is only issued for EEA (Europe)
  • There is a daily ATM withdrawal limit


The platform allows merchants to accept and manage credit cards and check transactions via websites, call centers, retail stores, mail orders/telephone orders (MOTO), and mobile devices.

The monthly gateway cost for is $25. The processing cost is 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.

  • Search payments using multiple options
  • High-functioning and secure system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Payments can only be accessed for a limited amount of time
  • The design layout not as inviting as other platforms
  • Transaction limit increase can be challenging

#18) Dwolla

Organize and scale the payments process by confidently facilitating transactions with the Dwolla platform. The brand has direct access to the ACH network and a seamless API for open integration.

For each payment sent through Dwolla, you’ll be charged a fee of .5% of the transaction amount. The minimum fee is .01 cents, and the maximum is $5. API access starts at $500/month with pricing plans for both Base and Scale.

  • Attentive and knowledgeable customer support
  • Real-time analytics right on the dashboard
  • 3rd-party integrations with bonuses
  • API can be confusing and over-designed
  • Poor Java support
  • Inability to support checks as a form of payment

#19) BlueSnap

BlueSnap is an all-in-one payment platform designed to accelerate commerce for B2C and B2B businesses. With this system, you get everything you need to easily process payments, which includes a payment gateway solution, a merchant account, and advanced features to boot. It’s a simple all-in-one dashboard.

Pricing for BlueSnap includes 2.9%+ 30 cents per successful transaction. There are no setup or account maintenance fees, although cross-border fees may apply depending on where you send/receive the payment.

  • Integrations to over 100 platforms and shopping carts
  • System has a built-in fraud stack
  • Robust reporting features with deep analytics
  • Not all integrations are seamless
  • Transaction reporting can have a steep learning curve
  • Required minimum balance for refunds

#20) WorldFirst

WorldFirst is an international payment solution for businesses. They offer two kinds of accounts, Business and World. A Business account is geared toward importers who make payments to international suppliers, while a World account is suited for e-commerce companies.

The WorldFirst pricing structure is as follows:

  • Account opening fees: £0
  • Annual subscription fees: £0
  • Incoming payment fee: £0
  • Holding fee on deposits: 0%
  • FX transaction fees: Up to 0.75%*
  • Payment fee: £1.50 – £15 (depends on payment type)
  • E-commerce businesses can collect payments in multiple currencies in one account
  • Same-day payments are available for USD, EUR, and GBP

#21) Stripe

Stripe is a financial technology company that designs payment processing APIs for e-commerce. Its solutions accept over 135 payment methods and currencies. By integrating Stripe’s API, businesses can start taking payments directly on their website or app.

Stripe’s integrated solution includes a 2.9% + 30-cent fee, +0.5% for manually entered cards, +1.5% for international cards, or +1% if currency conversion is required. Businesses can also opt for a customized solution with different pricing, depending on their needs. Here’s more on Stripe pricing.

  • Supports one-time and recurring payments
  • No monthly fees
  • Includes an Instant Payouts feature (for an additional fee)
  • Some clients report excessive surcharge fees
  • Does not support high-risk industries
  • You might need to hire a software developer to integrate their solution

#22) Adyen

Adyen is a financial technology platform that offers a suite of products enabling businesses to accept payments online and in person. Additional solutions include connecting online and offline payment channels and embedded payments.

Adyen has a 10-cent transaction processing fee in addition to a separate fee that depends on the payment method. There are no setup or monthly fees. The pricing can also vary depending on your type of transaction and country. Here’s more on Adyen pricing.

  • No closure, integration, setup, or monthly fees
  • You can gather payment data from different sales channels
  • Flexibility when it comes to integration
  • Some clients report difficulties in integrating credit card payments
  • Might not be the ideal solution for smaller businesses

#23) 2Checkout

2Checkout’s payment processing solution allows businesses to take online and mobile payments in more than 200 countries. It also supports 100 currencies and nearly 30 languages. Verifone acquired 2Checkout in 2020.

2Checkout has 3 plans: 2Sell, 2Subscribe, and 2Monetize. 2Sell costs 3.5% + 35 cents per transaction, 2Subscribe, has a fee of 4.5% + 45 cents per successful transaction, and 2Monetize has a fee of %6 + 60 cents per transaction. Custom 2Checkout pricing models are also available.

  • Integrates with Shopify, Wix, and more than 120 other carts
  • Supports subscriptions
  • PCI Level 1 certification for advanced cybersecurity
  • Trustpilot reviews indicate the support team is slow
  • Does not support in-store payment processing
  • Some clients report that the cart design isn’t modern

#24) Zen

Zen is a financial technology company that offers an online payment gateway and banking products such as a multi-currency account. It also has a partnership with Mastercard, which allows Zen customers to get a physical or digital card and receive instant payments.

Zen offers two account types. One is a payment gateway with a banking account (25€ per month), and the other is a business banking account (from 10€ to 500€ per month). Additional transaction fees also apply. Here’s more on the Zen pricing plans.

  • Comes with a plugin for easy integration
  • Instant payouts are available
  • Supports 20 payment methods

13 Alternatives to Payoneer Mastercard

In addition to sending/receiving local and international funds, Payoneer can function as a debit and/or credit card. It’s a physical prepaid Mastercard that’s associated with any currency balance in a Payoneer account. The card can be used at an ATM, in stores, online, and anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

When it comes to issuing a prepaid card, there are several intelligent alternatives to the Payoneer platform.

#1) NetSpend

When managing finances, NetSpend gives a business many options. They provide Visa and Mastercard prepaid debit cards with fast and guaranteed approval. There is no credit check necessary.

The NetSpend card must be purchased for a small fee that ranges between $2.95 and $4.95. The average cost of the reload fee is $3.95. Here’s more on NetSpend fees.

#2) American Express Serve

American Express Serve offers multiple options for a reloadable prepaid debit card. It’s built to suit a variety of needs for different users. The system provides online access and a mobile app to facilitate transactions.

The price of the card is always free. If a user deposits $500 or more a month, Amex will waive the $1/month fee.

#3) Bento for Business

Bento offers an employee expense management solution for small and medium businesses. The prepaid debit card can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, with built-in controls to set limit categories, card usage, and your daily budget.
Pricing for Bento is free for up to 2 cards. Additional Bento for Business prices include:

  • Starter (up to 10 cards) — $29/month
  • Team (up to 25 cards) — $69/month
  • Professional (up to 100 cards) — $149/month
  • Enterprise (over 100 cards) — custom pricing

#4) Walmart MoneyCard

The Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid debit Mastercard or Visa that can be used in-store or online to pay for things like:

  • Rent
  • Online bills
  • Products

If you deposit $500 or more a month, the account is free. Otherwise, users pay a monthly service fee of $5.94. It also costs $1 to open an account.

#5) Green Dot

Green Dot is a trustworthy and reliable prepaid debit card service provider that enables people to obtain a card without a credit check. It’s one of the richest cards for mobile and online purchases, with 2% cashback and no limits.

The cost of a Green Dot card is free. If you load $1,000 or more every month, they will waive the monthly fee of $7.95. There is also a $5.95 cash reload fee, and a $3.00 fee per ATM withdrawal.

#6) PayPal PrePaid

PayPal PrePaid is a simple prepaid debit card that’s linked to your PayPal account. It enables a business to stock up, shop, and eat anywhere at any time without the need to carry cash.

The average cost of the prepaid PayPal Mastercard is $4.95/month. Other costs are associated with using the card, including ATM and bank fees. Additionally, a fee of up to $3.95 will apply when loading cash to your balance at supported stores.

#7) Bluebird

Bluebird is a convenient, prepaid debit card that gives the user complete control without having to spend much.

The pricing for Bluebird is cheap. There is no monthly charge or activation fee. You only need to purchase the card itself, which can cost up to $5 in retail locations.

#8) MasterCard Prepaid and Digital Banking

Mastercard offers its customers a variety of prepaid and digital banking cards. You can obtain a prepaid card without a credit check or bank account. It’s also possible to get a Venmo or PayPal card and link them to your account. Fees range depending on the type of Mastercard you choose.

#9) AccountNow

AccountNow is a prepaid Mastercard available for those seeking a more secure alternative to cash. They can be used for any in-store or online purchase of goods and services. You can also use these cards at an ATM for an additional fee.

The cost of AccountNow depends on the type of card you choose. Monthly fees and reloads will vary.

#10) ACE Elite

ACE Elite prepaid Visa cards are a convenient and secure way to manage finances. Money can be added through transfers and direct deposits. Other features include:

  • Transaction alerts
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Card-to-card money transfer
  • Referral earning

The average cost of using an ACE Elite Visa card is $15/month. Pin purchase transactions cost $1.50, and ATM withdrawals are $2.50 each.

#11) Revolut

The Revolut card is available as part of 4 plans: Free, Grow ($39.99/month), Scale ($149.99/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing). You can exchange and hold funds in 28 currencies. Transfers between Revolut customers are instant.

#12) Apple Card

Apple’s titanium credit card comes with zero fees and allows customers to earn real cash when they shop using their Apple card. Designed without numbers, the card relies on biometric data (Face ID and Touch ID) to protect users from fraud. The card also integrates with the Wallet app, where you can see an overview of your transaction history.

#13) ZEN Mastercard

The Zen Mastercard is a good solution for business owners who already use its online payment gateway. It can connect to Apple Pay and Google Pay, and it rewards you with a cashback of up to 15% when you shop with Zen partners. Zen also won’t charge you any fees.

Digital transactions make the world go round. When it comes to automating the AP process and making mass payments, there are hundreds of brands to choose from. This is just a short list to get your wheels turning. If you’re looking to gain greater financial control in the process, read more in our ebook: Avoiding the Risks of Financial Fraud.

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