The Top Alternatives to Coupa in 2024

On this page, we’ll break down several alternatives available from some Coupa competitors, and offer a comparison of Coupa vs.Tipalti. We’ve also paired it with a comprehensive guide to accounts payable.

Learn about alternatives to Coupa software available from some Coupa competitors in our 2024 comprehensive guide. We also explain in depth how Tipalti stacks up against Coupa.

Coupa Alternatives and Competitors

This section highlights several competitors of Coupa, with more emphasis on Tipalti vs. Coupa following this section. Some of these competitors are simply Coupa procurement alternatives, whereas Tipalti offers PO management, AP automation, and global payments software that helps your company achieve its spend control goals from procurement through to payment. 

Varis (formerly BuyerQuest)

G2 rating:

Varis, one of the leading Coupa alternatives, has earned a remarkable five-star rating on a popular website.

Varis is an end-to-end P2P solution for organizations looking to digitize their procurement process. The next-generation system brings eCommerce shopping experiences to enterprises.

The Varis (formerly BuyerQuest) platform allows end-users to make better, more informed decisions while enabling tighter trading relationships with suppliers. You can reduce procurement process friction, drive contract compliance, and collaborate directly with suppliers.

Top Features

  • Simplified purchasing experience with an intuitive interface.
  • Increase supplier engagement with invoice creation and e-invoicing options.
  • Actionable reporting with a 360° view of an organization’s spend.

Serviceable Market

The B2B procurement tool is made for franchises, co-ops, GPOs, and other organizations with decentralized spending, looking to simplify purchasing.


  • An intuitive dashboard that keeps all your actions visible with instant email alerts.  
  • Simple to search for buyers as everything is loaded within the same shopper experience.
  • Excellent support staff that’s available when any issue arises.


Pricing is custom. You can schedule a free demo.


G2 rating:

The coupa alternatives paymode x and paymode - x logos are shown.

Bottomline is a market-leading digital banking and payments platform designed to engage intelligently with customers and deepen profitable relationships. The system provides invoice, payment, and document automation solutions in 92 countries.

The Bottomline platform is at the forefront of making complex business payments smart, simple, and secure. They offer plans designed to help your organization grow with added value for years and decades to come.

Top Features

  • Automate the entire AP lifecycle and financial messaging flows.
  • Streamline invoice receipt, accelerate approvals, and make electronic payments from a single dashboard.
  • Consolidate payments and banking departmentally with a comprehensive and streamlined solution.

Serviceable Market

SMBs looking to engage intelligently with customers and grow profitable relationships.


  • Streamline payment processes for efficiency, security, and visibility.
  • Gain insight into data, improve bill review process, increase efficiency, enable better decision making, enhance vendor relationships, and deliver improved program results.
  • User monitoring and behavioral analysis combine to reduce risk and detect fraud.


Call for a custom quote.


G2 rating:

Tradeshift pay review - Tradeshift pay review - Coupa alternatives.

Tradeshift is a market leader in electronic invoicing and accounts payable automation. The company is an innovator in supplier financing and B2B marketplaces. The cloud-based platform helps companies go paperless and touchless for the entire order-to-pay cycle.

The Tradeshift platform specializes in supply chain payment and marketplaces, helping suppliers and buyers digitize all trade transactions. You can automate AP workflows and scale without limit.

Top Features

  • The entire order-to-pay cycle is automated with digital invoice capture.
  • Tradeshift Engage brings sellers free access to supplier collaboration and analytics.
  • Tradeshift Cash means sellers get paid earlier and more predictably with access to “always-on” cash flow.

Serviceable Market

Best for global enterprise companies addressing multi-region compliance issues.

There’s a special emphasis on transportation, logistics, retail, manufacturing, tech, pharma, and CPG.


  • Authenticate and confirm invoices faster with concise data analysis.
  • Incredible functionality with multiple customizations and choices.
  • Easy to use tool with a collaborative interface that enables simple invoice submission.


Quote-based pricing.


TrustRadius rating:

A correspondent source pay platform logo for Selectica, offering alternatives to Coupa.

G2 rating:

A logo with the words 'Corentic Source to Pay', offering Coupa alternatives.

Corcentric helps thousands of companies enhance cash flow with a spend and revenue management platform supporting P2P and order-to-cash cycles. They offer an unmatched combination of software, payments, and advisory services. Users have the advantage of one platform to manage both P2P and accounts payable systems.

The modular SaaS source-to-pay software includes supplier management, contract lifecycle management, analytics, procurement, sourcing, and more. They truly transform how companies purchase and get paid in the modern financial landscape.

Top Features

  • Automate and accelerate AR and AP processes with astute contract management.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies and gain better control and visibility into 100% of your spend.
  • Eliminate credit risk with guaranteed payment and DSO reduction.

Serviceable Market

Best for mid-market and Fortune 1000 companies looking for business spend and revenue management software.


  • Manage 100% of invoices electronically, reducing processing costs by up to 80%.
  • Improved quote-to-cash that liberates cash flow and working capital.
  • Real-time and immediate AR and order-to-cash cycle efficiency.


For custom quotes, contact the sales team and speak to an expert with deep experience in your industry.


TrustRadius rating:

A logo featuring the word "tippi" with a star incorporated.

G2 rating:

A tippalti screen.

Tipalti is an AP automation platform, integrating with your ERP or accounting software,  that eliminates 80% of the workload spent on managing global supplier payment operations. The holistic cloud system offers virtual payment services, supplier onboarding, tax compliance, invoice processing, and more.

The platform prioritizes efficiency and helps companies deliver a global white-label experience. Businesses looking to scale finance and operations trust Tipalti to provide a complete and global B2B payables automation solution.

Top Features

  • Built-in OCR with automated invoice processing. 
  • Payment methods, entities, currencies, subsidiaries, and geographies are combined and reconciled in real-time.   
  • Eliminate financial and compliance risks with W-9/W-8 tax compliance, audit trails, approval workflows, and role-based views.

Serviceable Market

Companies with high volume and complex AP operations across various business verticals from software to eCommerce, manufacturing, online services, tech, gaming, gig economy, and marketplaces.


  • Global, performance-based platform for marketplaces, networks, and communities.
  • Reduce your payment error rates against 26,000 rules.
  • End-to-end, invoice-based supplier payments designed for growing companies.


Pricing is custom and varies based on business needs, processing requirements, and the volume of users.

Tipalti Express and Tipalti Pro are the two plans offered.

  • Tipalti Express has straightforward payment capabilities for small business owners.
  • Tipalti Pro is for medium and enterprise companies with multi-entity payables and international tax IDs.

Coupa vs Tipalti

What does Tipalti do?

Tipalti is a PO management, AP automation, and global payments software provider. Tipalti supports all phases of the payables management workflow in one cloud platform. It’s a top Coupa alternative worth considering.

Tipalti Product Capabilities Overview

Tipalti addresses everything from PO management, supplier onboarding, and vetting to tax and regulatory compliance, invoice processing, 2&3-way PO matching, intelligent approval workflows, and payments to suppliers. Tipalti supports various payment methods in 196 countries and in 120 currencies, supplier payment status communications, real-time payment reconciliation, and reporting.

Tipalti also offers advanced global AP capabilities, such as early payments, multi-entity AP, Multi-FX, and FX-hedging. Tipalti integrates with all major ERPs and accounting systems, syncing with subsidiary GL, ensuring payables information is up to date, and accelerating financial close by more than 25%.

What does Coupa do?

TrustRadius ratings:

An eye-catching logo featuring the word "coupa" accompanied by a standout star element.

G2 rating:

A screen shot of an alternative to Coupa.

Coupa is a business spend management and procurement software platform. Their solutions include suites of applications covering different areas of spend, procurement, expense management, sourcing, and inventory management. Coupa also has AP automation capabilities, including supplier payments and invoice management.

An illustration of a cat with a yellow eye on a dark background, featuring avidXchange alternatives.
Trustradius top rated 2020

Recognized as
TrustRadius’s #1 Accounts Payables Solution:

1st Place – Best Feature Set

1st Place – Usability

1st Place – Customer Support

End-to-End AP Automation: Tipalti vs Coupa

Tipalti offers end-to-end accounts payable automation, beginning with self-service supplier onboarding and tax compliance through an online supplier portal that’s white labeled so your brand takes center stage with suppliers. 

At the end of the AP automation cycle, Tipalti’s global payments capabilities kick in to pay approved invoices. You’ll have a choice of multiple payment methods to 196 countries, in 120 available currencies. Tipalti makes cross-border payments with advanced foreign exchange (FX) features like hedging. With Tipalti Detect, Tipalti also offers AI-based fraud detection to help prevent your company from paying bad actors. All payables data is synced in real-time with your ERP or accounting software, including automated payment reconciliation. This makes reporting easy with Tipalti. 

Tipalti is an all-in-one provider and regulated holder of a Money Transmitter License. Therefore, Tipalti software users don’t need to obtain and implement other partnerships outside Tipalti to facilitate payments, as they would with Coupa. That’s a significant advantage of Tipalti.

Invoice Management: Tipalti vs Coupa

Tipalti enables a automated invoice processing workflow with machine learning (ML) powered OCR technology that captures the header and line-level details. 2-way and 3-way PO matching allows automated syncing of POs and GRNs from your ERP (or from Tipalti’s PO management solution) to Tipalti in order to complete the PO match flow, helping eliminate overspending and strengthen financial controls. Tipalti’s PO management functionality helps your company achieve greater spend under compliance at a much lower cost than Coupa. 

Coupa’s software focuses on procurement and e-invoicing using XML, PO flip or manual entry by suppliers in its portal. Coupa also does 2-way or 3-way invoice matching. Coupa’s machine learning-based solution for emailed invoices isn’t a strong solution for the following reasons.  

Coupa’s Invoice Smash OCR option for emailed invoices:

  • Costs extra money
  • Has limits to what it can read
  • Takes a long time to learn & self-correct

Tipalti does not make suppliers change their behaviors by requiring them to submit their invoices via a portal. Invoice submission via the portal is one way to submit invoices with Tipalti but suppliers can continue to submit invoices via email. The success of Coupa relies on e-invoicing adoption rates, which are dependent on the bargaining power of the payer. For example, Walmart has the power to enforce manual invoice entry, whereas smaller companies can expect to receive more emailed PDF invoices.

Supplier Onboarding & Support: Tipalti vs Coupa

With Tipalti AP automation, your business gets all-in-one supplier onboarding and management. Tipalti’s payer-branded portal for self-service supplier onboarding includes guided digital tax forms for tax compliance and the collection of a supplier’s preferred payment method information. Tipalti validates supplier payment data automatically using 26 thousand global banking rules. 

Coupa also provides a self-service supplier onboarding solution. But it doesn’t offer a payer-branded supplier portal. Unlike Tipalti, Coupa does not validate supplier data automatically either. 

Coupa’s focus is on spend management functionality, including PO management and a supplier network providing supplier matches for purchasing. Coupa also offers AI-driven spend analytics via Coupa Community Insight.

Future Strategic Direction & Roadmap: Tipalti vs Coupa 

Tipalti’s Finance Operations vision and its ability to execute on its roadmap means that customers will continue to enjoy new and enhanced product features that meet their current and future needs. Tipalti has over 300 product experts that work across different solution areas. Every year, Tipalti releases over 170 product features and improvements. Tipalti’s world-class global operations team (with over 200+ members) will get your business up and running on Tipalti quickly, train, advise, respond to and support your organization. 

Tipalti has a tried and tested methodology to ensure fast speed to market with minimal disruption so your business can realize the value of our platform sooner. We’ve established that expertise from our experience serving thousands of highly-satisfied customers. Our customers are vital to our success, as evidenced by our industry-leading 98% Customer Satisfaction score and 99% retention ratings.  

Private equity firm Thoma Bravo is buying Coupa in the first half of 2023, taking the company private. As described in this Forbes article, the question is whether the Coupa acquisition will be a precursor to cost-cutting. Cost-cutting might result in a diminished user experience and customer value. Will thought leaders & executives impacting the company’s future strategic direction depart the company post-acquisition? 

Features of Tipalti vs. Coupa

Although Coupa and Tipalti both help companies automate their accounts payable processes, each platform incorporates different features and solutions for finance teams. Here’s a look at some of the differences between Tipalti and Coupa.

*Limited functionality 
Global Payments
Paying to 196 countries in 120 currencies with six different payment methods and 26k rules to reduce payment errors. Money Transmitter License
Coupa Pay with comparable payment capability but no MTL and no payment validation rules
PO Management
Integrated PO and payables solution, helping streamline company purchases, improve spend controls, and reduce AP processing time. Integrated with Slack to accelerate approvals
PO creation, no Slack integration to accelerate approvals
Automated Invoice Processing & PO-Matching
OCR (Header and line level scan and capture), Machine Learning, Managed services; 2&3-way PO-Matching
Comparable capability
Supplier Onboarding and Vetting
Effortlessly onboard vendors with a client-branded portal, preferred payment method, currency, and payment thresholds. 26K+ rules validate payments, screen against OFAC/SDN lists
Onboarding through Coupa network but no 26k payment validation rules
Multi-Entity Payable Reconciliation
Manage multiple entities in a single instance with a consolidated view; instant reconciliation across entities and payables workflows
Can have multiple entities but cannot configure entity-level branding and tax workflow.
Tax Compliance
KPMG approved tax engine; collect W8 & W9 tax forms, collect and validate IRS and VAT tax ID, 1099 & 1042 prep reports and withholding. Validates against 3,000+ rules
Collect tax forms but no tax validation rules
FX Solutions
Currency conversions without the complications – save time and money on currency conversions. Also, advanced FX solutions – intercompany bank transfers, FX hedging, payee FX
No FX solutions
Early Payments/Rebates
Payees can get paid earlier than their due date without any change to the AP process or impacting your working capital
Supply chain finance & Accelerate product
ERP Integraptions
Native API integrations with major ERPs (NetSuite, Intacct, and QuickBooks Online & Xero). Integration with all other ERPs via pre-built connectors using no-code, drag-and-drop interface

Knowing Which Solution is Best for Your Business

Selecting an AP Automation solution that fits your business’ needs is an important choice, especially for growing teams needing a solution that can scale with their business. Your business may also need specific features such as international payment capabilities, Multi-FX, Multi-Entity, or tax and regulatory compliance. Evaluate these feature differences to help make your decision.

When to Choose Tipalti?

You are running a hyper-growth business, whether you are scaling domestically or expanding internationally

You want to automate your entire workflow and accelerate financial close

You want to strengthen compliance and controls and reduce Tax fraud and audit risk

When to Choose Coupa?

You are a large enterprise with a sizable tech budget

Your organization has the bandwidth to support the time and resource-intensive implementation

You are looking for a procurement solution, and you are ok with managing some AP workflows manually

Tipalti Customer Testimonials

“Tipalti streamlined international payments and compliance. As we continue to acquire companies, we can maximize these investments without compromising scalability or needing new approaches or technology.”

Phil Newell | Director of Finance IT, GoDaddy

“Vendors can easily set up their preferred payment method and have all their documents in one place. Tipalti documents the approvals through an easy workflow and completely consolidates reconciliations.”

Nancy Spencer | VP of Finance, Aceable

“Tipalti has allowed us to make quick and significant process improvements and has enabled us to improve our payment timing. Tipalti also elevated our financial reporting process, and we’ve shaved two days off of our month-end close process.”

Andrew Cole | Senior Accounting Manager, Uptake

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