Is Concur Down? Troubleshooting and Alternative Solutions

Does your business want to switch to better automation software than Concur?

If SAP Concur is down, as its current status, or you’re experiencing certain other Concur issues, we explain how to check the Concur status in detail and identify other issues to troubleshoot with SAP Concur not working to your satisfaction. If it’s time for a software change from SAP Concur, consider Tipalti automation software as a Concur alternative. 

What is Concur? 

SAP Concur is the product line for automated business travel management, employee expenses, and accounts payable invoice processing used for expense control and company spend management. 

Potential Issues Affecting Concur

Some potential issues affecting Concur include:

  • SAP Concur mobile app issues, including:
  • Components of Concur down at specified data centers
  • Customer service has long wait times and their knowledge level may be low
  • Occasional lag in the Concur Travel portal/search engine
  • Difficulty or confusion in using the Concur user interface

Troubleshooting Tips if Concur is Down

You can track outages and downtime notifications for SAP Concur using an in-house online tool like SAP Concur Open. SAP Concur Open shows real-time service status of Normal, Disruption, or Degradation, with tabs by region or for Concur Cloud for Public Sector data center, by date, and by SAP Concur product type, per the following list. 

SAP Concur service status is monitored in SAP Concur Open for:

  • Expense
  • Travel
  • Concur Invoice
  • Request
  • Imaging
  • Analysis/Intelligence
  • Mobile 
  • Japan – e-Bunsho for Expense
  • Japan – eBunsho for Invoice
  • Japan – Japan Public Transportation (JPT)
  • Compleat (TMC Services)

Or to check SAP down status, use the 3rd-party StatusGator online tool. StatusGator includes warnings, Concur down status indicators, problem response time duration, and specific details for each type of SAP Concur status issue.

Besides contacting SAP Concur’s customer service team about your problems with disruptions to uptime, you can consult the online Concur Community which consists of other Concur users and their reported problems and possible solutions. Concur Community lets you submit questions for which other users and the Community Manager will submit their ideas as possible answers.

Are you ready for a productive alternative to SAP Concur automation software?

Compare Tipalti automation software with SAP Concur to find out the differences. 

Consider Tipalti as an Alternative Solution

Tipalti automation software is an SAP Concur alternative that your business should strongly consider if you’re experiencing frustrations with Concur downtime or other issues that affect your company’s productivity. You’ll find that Tipalti has a modern cloud-based user interface that’s easy to use, excellent customer service, and extra functionality that Concur doesn’t provide for the procurement and payables intake to pay cycle. 

Tipalti has a 98% customer retention rate and a 98% customer satisfaction rate. Tipalti has over 3,000 customers. Many of these business customers have financial managers who are Tipalti brand champions and have provided customer testimonials for Tipalti case studies. 

Tipalti serves companies of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprise companies, excelling at serving customers who are medium-sized businesses. Tipalti provides scalability for business growth.

10 Tipalti software benefits for customers include:

  1. Significant time reduction (80% of end-to-end payables process time)
  2. Reduced hires 
  3. Cost savings 
  4. Fraud risk reduction
  5. Payment errors reduction (66%)
  6. Improved financial and global regulatory controls
  7. Faster accounting close (25% speedier) with automated payments reconciliation
  8. Extra time to spend on strategic finance projects rather than routine tasks
  9. Ability of the payee to choose a country-available preferred payment method in 196 countries and 120 currencies
  10. Excellent and responsive customer support team

With integrated ERP or accounting software products that provide multi-entity capabilities and the right-level Tipalti SaaS plan for your multi-entity needs, you can gain multi-entity visibility of payables, supplier invoices payments, and cash flow with Tipalti. Use AI-driven, real-time business intelligence with Tipalti Pi and effectively control your business spend. 


The following frequently asked questions and answers relate to Tipalti’s procurement, AP, and finance automation software as an SAP Concur alternative. 

What is Tipalti? 

Tipalti is a SaaS company providing cloud-based procurement, AP, corporate card, expense management, and finance automation software integrating with your ERP or accounting software. With Tipalti software, you can perform automated procurement, accounts payable, invoice processing, employee expense reimbursements, and global payments processes, and manage business spend. 

What’s the difference between Tipalti and Concur?

When comparing Tipalti vs Concur, the main differences between Tipalti and SAP Concur are:

  1. Tipalti automation software includes a self-service supplier onboarding portal but SAP Concur doesn’t 
  2. Tipalti offers automated global regulatory compliance, validates suppliers to reduce payment fraud risk, and simplifies 1099 tax compliance, whereas Concur doesn’t provide tax compliance features
  3. Tipalti offers PO approval and global payment approvals with Slack, in addition to other guided approval methods
  4. Tipalti offers a choice of more payment methods than SAP Concur
    1. SAP Concur doesn’t include global ACH, wire transfer, PayPal, or prepaid debit cards, as Tipalti does
    2. Payees (rather than the payer in Concur), can choose their preferred payment method with Tipalti (Tipalti offers solutions to encourage the selection of cost-effective payment methods.)
  5. Tipalti, a licensed money transmitter, provides global payments to 196 countries in 120 currencies through the Tipalti software platform; SAP Concur works with partners to provide country and currency reach
  6. For global FX (foreign exchange) solutions, Tipalti’s software handles currency conversions, and its optional Multi-FX and payables FX Hedging software products provide advanced FX functions; Concur doesn’t provide FX solutions
  7. Tipalti provides native API integration with many accounting and ERP systems, whereas Concur needs third-party connectors

Tipalti is a top alternative solution to SAP Concur, although Concur has other competitors with Concur alternative solutions

What does Tipalti offer? 

Tipalti offers different automation software products for procurement, AP (accounts payable), Mass Payments, employee Expenses (for expense management automation, expense reports, employee expense approval and reimbursement payments), advanced foreign currency products (Multi-FX and FX Hedging), and a virtual and physical credit card with rewards to track employee spending, the Tipalti Card

How much does Tipalti cost? 

Tipalti begins its pricing with a basic monthly SaaS platform fee and lets your business add advanced features as needed. Pricing depends on the products and options selected and the number of users. Contact Tipalti Sales to request a custom quote. 


This article highlights some SAP Concur outage or Concur down issues and suggests considering Tipalti finance automation software as an alternative. Consider Tipalti as a solution with AP automation and employee Expenses spend management software if you’ve been experiencing frustrating issues with SAP Concur, including “Sorry, Concur is currently unavailable.”  Explore more about Tipalti automation software.

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