SugarCRM Eliminates Paper and Manual Work from Worldwide Purchasing & Payments

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  • Eliminated the need to hire additional headcount
  • Seamlessly integrated with ERP, NetSuite, for PO Matching
  • Upleveled vendor management with quick payment processes
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The implementation with Tipalti was seamless. Once we knew what we wanted,  they did everything exactly the way we needed, working hand in hand with us.

Sondra Brandt | International Accountant

Companies can rejoice when they enlist SugarCRM, an award-winning CRM with fans in 120 countries. SugarCRM gives marketing, sales, and service teams a clear picture of each customer’s journey without getting all the headaches and hassles that come with traditional CRMs.

Recently promoted to SugarCRM’s international accountants, Sondra Brandt handled all the company’s worldwide AP. She and the finance team would receive an invoice, hold it, print it out, attach it to a check copy, and then file it in a filing cabinet. 

When I first started, I had to learn international AP quickly because we were short-staffed. You had to have paper trails, hard copies.

The finance team’s manual workflow was strenuous. They processed paper-based invoices, onboarded new vendors, obtained tax compliance documentation, received invoices manually, and keyed all documents into NetSuite. Brandt and her team were in heavy need of a more straightforward process. 

SugarCRM turned to Tipalti for its AP workflow. After implementing the solution, SugarCRM eliminated most of its paper trail and moved its process to digital workflows.

When I started there, we had an AP staff of two and a half people. And I have taken that down to a part-time person. That’s how much time we saved.

With 98% of SugarCRM’s invoices PO-based, they integrated Tipati with NetSuite. SugarCRM housed all pending and approved POs in NetSuite. When invoices are received in Tipalti, they are matched to POs automatically for an extra measure of control on spending.

The implementation with Tipalti was seamless. Once we knew what we wanted, they did everything exactly the way we needed, working hand in hand with us.

With PO matching and ERP reconciliation of payments handled automatically, SugarCRM eliminated time spent on AP processing. Additionally, Brandt and her team successfully stopped their paper trail workload.

When I had more staff members, everything was processed by hand. Going into the digital world has enabled us to do away with paper.

Now that Sugar CRM has eliminated its AP manual workload, Brandt and her team have more time to research additional solutions to simplify their various workflows. 

I’m able to look at other ways to streamline different avenues in our company. Now I can research expense management improvements for our teams and credit card processes. These solutions will benefit the company in a long-term capacity. It’s been a win-win situation—not only for the company but for myself, too.

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