Thematic Empowers YouTube Creators with Streamlined Global Payments for Artists

  • Eliminated the need for three team members to manage and remit global payments
  • Implemented a centralized artist dashboard with Tipalti’s API integration
  • Standardized onboarding, royalty payments, and communications with a self-service portal for artists


Born from a simple premise, Thematic brings creatives together to achieve their full potential through a fair, safe, and collaborative exchange. Thematic prioritizes its passionate content creators by treating them as stakeholders in its growing business, building a thriving and connected community.

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Free Music Licences

Soundtrack Your Aesthetic

Through its proprietary algorithm, Thematic is developing and defining the YouTube creator ecosystem by curating music to meet the various needs of its content creators, while matching music artists to creators with like-minded audiences.

We were working across many different YouTube channels…[when Thematic co-founder] Michelle got hit by a very public lawsuit. She didn’t want any other creator to have to go through that pain…[Thematic] has found a solution where it’s a win-win for both the music artist and the creator.

Audrey Marshall | Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Thematic

More Vibes = More Upkeep

As more YouTube creators discovered the perfect video music with Thematic, the platform needed to provide a larger catalog of options. In order to continue providing the best possible community experience, Thematic could no longer manually manage artist royalty and licensing payments.

  • Streamline Payments to Artists
  • Eliminate Manual Communications
  • Standardize Collection of Tax and Banking Data
  • Increase Payment Method Options

Artist Success Increased Complexity

For Thematic, manual processes kept the team in constant contact with artists. Each artist had their own communication chain, and chasing down individual tax forms and payment details became increasingly tedious.

We hit a friction point—paying each of these artists individually on a monthly basis, or once they reach a certain earnings amount, was a complicated process to manage.

Audrey Marshall | Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Thematic

The Right Technology

In search of an automated solution to simplify its finance operations, Thematic partnered with Tipalti to implement a self-service portal to onboard artists and execute royalty payments. As Thematic scaled and made enhancements to its platform, it integrated with Tipalti’s API solution to create a seamless payments experience.

  • Executed Fast and Reliable Global Payments
  • Automated Artist Communications
  • Streamlined Tax and Banking Data Collection During Onboarding
  • Provided Local, Preferred Payment Methods and Limited Fees

Efficient Payments on Their Terms

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With Tipalti, Thematic has eased the friction of paying artists on its platform. Plus, the elimination of manual work has allowed the Thematic team to gain back time to focus on strategic, mission-critical goals.

Our artists love [Thematic’s payment process] so much more because they’re getting paid faster in their preferred method of choice. They have more options and more flexibility based on when and how they want to get paid—we’re making them happy.

Audrey Marshall | Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Thematic

Thematic Makes it Happen

Now, content creators have a lifetime right to use music without the worry of copyright infringement, while artists can expand their reach and audience—both have put their trust in Thematic to grow their brand and find success.

Transform the Way Your Finance Team Works