The Top Alternatives to Concur

On this page, we’ll break down several alternatives to Concur and offer a comparison of Concur vs. Tipalti. We’ve also paired it with a comprehensive guide to accounts payable.

Other Alternatives and Competitors to Concur


The Itemize platform uses AI to transform business receipts, invoices, and other financial documents into intelligent and valuable data. The brand delivers innovative automation with compliance solutions and is recognized by Gartner as a top provider in the field.

The Itemize engine automates expense management, enhances AP workflows, and improves compliance. Leading-edge AI and machine learning drive better processing efficiency for a range of leading clients, including accounting software, credit cards, and corporates.

Top Features

  • Data extraction and verification with accurate API, capturing and matching rich data from receipts for accounting needs and ERP.
  • Intelligent AP for corporates. Capture and aggregate data from payable documents, evaluate risk, and verify content.
  • Data capture and reconciliation with smart ways to reconcile content, capture documents, and verify invoice data.

Serviceable Market

Itemize works best for SMBs, independent contractors, sales teams, and sole proprietors. 


  • Significantly lower error rates help to increase data quality and improve efficiency. 
  • Better adherence to compliance requirements which reduces fraud and improves auditing. 
  • AI-powered solutions that process hundreds of files, liberating teams from low-value tasks.


  • The company offers a Pro subscription for $9.99/month and a 14-day free trial.


Yokoy is a business spend management platform that combines invoice processing, expense management, and the handling of corporate cards into a single, intuitive dashboard. Never rely on siloed solutions again when Yokoy simplifies the process with streamlined AI and machine learning.

It’s the only expense management tool that allows you to map company-specific process flows without needing a team of developers to code. Yokoy provides data-driven insights and contributes to a higher rate of employee satisfaction.

Top Features

  • AI that recognizes active fraud prevention with audit protocols to ensure compliance.
  • Detailed spend reporting with auto-reconciliation of card transactions.
  • Lump-sum calculations for trips based on internal guidelines.

Serviceable Market

The system works best for medium to enterprise-sized companies looking to build unique and fully flexible process flows for spend management.


  • It takes only 3 seconds to generate an expense report and manual review is only required for outliers.
  • Automates the entire expense process, including VAT reporting and travel expense reporting.
  • Have invoice management in one place to capture, review, approve, and book into an ERP system.


Call for a custom quote.


Webexpenses is a leading global provider of cloud-based spend and travel management. The system boasts an expense management tool, app, and invoice processing solution to save your business money and time. The platform also automates compliance, expense reports, error checks, invoices, and much more.

The Webexpenses solution offers over 100 software upgrades every year, with unlimited submissions per month, and custom configuration. The software is available in 70+ countries and helps a business reduce errors, automate manual processes, and integrate with your existing ERP.

Top Features

  • Google Vision-powered OCR technology with drag-and-drop real-time reporting.
  • Webexpenses Payments feature automates employee reimbursement with secure payments.
  • Webexpenses Invoice Processing tool automates supplier invoice process, from a PO, through capture and approval.

Serviceable Market

The system best serves clients from all industries in over 70 countries worldwide, from small companies to multi-national enterprises.


  • Integrated payments services free up the AP team from manual expense reimbursement.
  • Eliminate 90% of manual AP workflows with efficient invoice processing software.
  • Committed customer service with continual platform upgrades.


There are custom pricing packages that are available as stand-alone or in bundles for invoice processing, expense management, payments, travel, and auditing.

Emburse Certify Expense

Emburse Certify Expense is an intuitive expense management, business travel, and accounts payable platform that helps to streamline manual tasks, while gaining visibility and control over your business. Serving over 4,500 customers, the platform helps companies discover better ways to manage spend.

The Embusre Certify Expense solution automatically creates reports for employees, streamlines approvals, and makes reporting effortless. Boasting superior customer service, the solution frees up your finance team to focus on more valuables and strategic work.

Top Features

  • Intuitive expense management and travel booking to help you speed up reimbursements and control spend.
  • Empower staff to book travel from any device, with features that ensure policy compliance.
  • Streamline everything from requisitions to POs and vendor lists in one single, user-friendly dashboard.

Serviceable Market

Emburse works best with organizations from 50 to 50k who want best-in-class travel and expense management.


  • Award-winning customer support with a simple user experience.
  • Submissions are instant and time spent approving the expense has been considerably reduced.
  • Build expense reports on the go with instant receipt capture from any device.


There are three tiers of pricing:

  • Small Business – $8/month with a per-user fee structure.
  • Professional  – (25-200 employees) Monthly service fee
  • Enterprise – (200+ employees) Annual fixed price


Tipalti allows companies to easily process invoices, payments, bank wires, ACH, credit cards, and much more. It’s an end-to-end mass payment and automation platform that helps organizations scale. With Tipalti, a business can reduce up to 80% of the manual workload.

The software functions seamlessly in a cloud-based atmosphere offering digital marketplaces, virtual payment services, international transactions, and a brandable supplier portal. Tipalti prioritizes efficiency, enables supreme cash flow management, and delivers a white-label experience across the globe.

Top Features

  • Features that offer a broad range of global payment methods and currencies, improve payment accuracy and timeliness, give early payment discounts, and provide proactive supplier visibility
  • Built-in optical character recognition (OCR) with automated invoice processing through AI-driven approval and line-item workflows.
  • Eliminate compliance and financial risk with audit trails and role-based views.

Serviceable Market

Any business looking to make the AP process faster, safer, and more efficient through automation and a mass payable solution.


  • Early payment referral fees give AP revenue sharing opportunities and allow companies to manage cash flow better without impacting working capital.
  • Global, performance-based platform for marketplaces, networks, and communities.
  • End-to-end, invoice-based supplier payments are designed for growing companies.


Two separate plans:

Tipalti Express and Tipalti Pro.

  • Tipalti Express has straightforward payment capabilities for smaller companies.
  • Tipalti Pro is for medium and enterprise companies offering features like tax forms, multi-entity payables, and international tax IDs.

Pricing is always custom and varies based on a variety of factors like business needs, processing requirements, and volume of users.

Expanding your enterprise is impossible without the right tools.

No amount of hard work in the world can handle a fast-scaling company that’s short-staffed. If you find growth getting away with you, it’s time to consider technology. Tipalti eliminates 80% of your payables workload with supplier management, invoice automation, and global payments. Try it for free today.

Concur vs Tipalti

What does Tipalti do?

Tipalti is a provider of global payables and purchase order management software that supports all phases of the AP and payment management workflow in one cloud platform. 

Tipalti Product Capabilities Overview

Tipalti addresses everything from PO management, supplier onboarding and vetting to tax and regulatory compliance, invoice processing, 2&3-way PO matching, intelligent approval workflows, and payments to suppliers in various payment methods to 196 countries and 120 currencies, supplier payment status communications, payment reconciliation, and reporting. 

Tipalti also offers advanced global AP capabilities, such as early payments, multi-entity AP, Multi-FX, and FX-hedging. Tipalti integrates with all major ERPs and accounting systems, syncing with subsidiary GL ensuring payables information is up to date and accelerating financial close by more than 25%.

What does Concur do?

Concur provides travel, expense, and invoice management solutions. Their invoice management application automates the invoice management process from invoice capture to payment by allowing invoices to be captured via email, paper, or electronically and leveraging the optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract information from each invoice.

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Features of Tipalti vs. Concur

Although Concur and Tipalti both help companies automate their accounts payable processes, each platform is designed with different features and solutions for finance teams. Here’s a look at some of the differences between Tipalti and Concur.

TipaltiSAP Concur
*Limited access 
Global Payment Coverage
Paying to 196 countries in 120 currencies
Limited global payment methods
Global Payment Coverage
Paying to 196 countries in 120 currencies
Limited global payment methods
Automated Invoice Processing
OCR (Header and line-level scan and capture), machine learning, managed services
Comparable capability
PO Management
Integrated procurement and payable solution, helping streamline company purchases, improve spend controls, and reduce AP processing time
PO creation, no Slack integration to accelerate approvals
Supplier Onboarding and Vetting
Effortlessly onboard vendors with a client-branded portal, preferred payment method, currency, and payment thresholds. 26K+ rules validate payments, screen against OFAC/SDN lists
Vendor data is uploaded manually or via API; no self-serve onboarding capability; their supplier portal was retired in Oct 2020.
Multi-Entity Payables Reconciliation
Manage multiple entities in a single instance with a consolidated view, instant reconciliation across entities and payables workflows
No Multi-Entity
Tax Compliance
KPMG approved tax engine, collect W8 & W9 tax forms, collect and validate IRS and VAT tax ID, 1099 & 1042 prep reports and withholding. Validates against 3,000+ rules
No tax compliance
FX Solutions
Currency conversions without the complications – save time and money on currency conversions. Also, advanced FX solutions – intercompany bank transfers, FX hedging, payee FX
No FX solutions
Early Payments/Rebates
Payees can get paid earlier than their due date without any change to the AP process or impacting your working capital
Only rebates via card, no other payment methods
ERP Integraptions
Fee splitting allows payers to incent payees to adopt safer, more efficient payment methods
Native API integrations with major ERPs (NetSuite, Intacct, and QuickBooks Online). Integration with all other ERPs via pre-built connectors using no-code, drag-and-drop interface

Knowing Which Solution is Best for Your Business

Selecting the AP Automation solution that fits your business’ needs is an important choice, especially for growing teams that need a solution that can scale with their business. Your business may also need specific features such as international payment capabilities, Multi-FX Multi-Entity, or tax and regulatory compliance. Evaluate these feature differences to help guide your decision.

When to Choose Tipalti?

You are running a hyper-growth business, whether you are scaling domestically or expanding internationally. 

You want to automate your entire workflow and accelerate financial close.

You want to strengthen compliance and controls and reduce Tax fraud and audit risk.

When to Choose Concur?

You are a domestic and slower growth business, and you are OK with managing some workflows manually.

You do not have a large number of vendors.

You do not run any operations outside of the US.

“Tipalti streamlined international payments and compliance. As we continue to acquire companies, we can maximize these investments without compromising scalability or needing new approaches or technology.”

Phil Newell | Director of Finance IT, GoDaddy

“Vendors can easily set up their preferred payment method and have all their documents in one place. Tipalti documents the approvals through an easy workflow and completely consolidates reconciliations.”

Nancy Spencer | VP of Finance, Aceable

“Tipalti has allowed us to make quick and significant process improvements and has enabled us to improve our payment timing. Tipalti also elevated our financial reporting process, and we’ve shaved two days off of our month-end close process.”

Andrew Cole | Senior Accounting Manager, Uptake

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