Plentific is Building a New World of Property Operations

  • Automated procurement and accounts payable processes to reduce workload by 90%
  • Eliminated 108 days spent processing invoices and payments
  • Accelerated the monthly financial close by 23 days


Plentific is pioneering real-time property operations for real-world impact. Their end-to-end solution seamlessly connects owners, operators, service providers, and tenants on a single platform, making processes simpler, faster, and more efficient. By working with clients to streamline operations, unlock revenue, increase tenant satisfaction, and remain compliant, Plentific empowers clients with data-driven insights that drive action.

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Service Providers

Connect Everything

By eliminating manual tasks with automation, Plentific delivers an intuitive experience for their vast network. With real-time workflows, increased data insights, and unlocked efficiencies, Plentific provides a central hub for teams and contractors to automate their processes and enhance returns.

By using our software, you can manage your interim process with multiple different partners and move objects dynamically, which means that it’s a lot more efficient. Ultimately, if it’s more efficient, it’s a lot less cost—effective software will pay for itself.

alun davies | finance director, plentific

All-in-One Operations

As Plentific grew, the finance team wanted to be more than just back-office support. It was important for them to work as a central strategic function—going beyond the average accountancy team that only focused on paying bills. To get a unique 360-degree view of the company’s finances, the Plentific team knew they needed to centralize specific operations in order to collect key data points from all areas of the business.

  • Automate Purchase Order Management
  • Streamline Supplier Onboarding
  • Gain Control Over Corporate Card Spend
  • Seamlessly Integrate with ERP, NetSuite

Comfort, Not Chaos

With paying out 200 monthly invoices in 21 countries, the finance team was completely embroiled in manual work. They were using a manual PO process managed via email and deploying payment runs once every two weeks, which took two to three days to complete. The vast majority of the team’s time was spent managing day-to-day tasks. But, as the business expanded to four global entities with contractors worldwide, Plentific needed to implement a finance automation solution that could handle their complex workflows.

Getting Tipalti in was one of the first things I did because invoices and payments were really time-consuming. I wanted all accounting in one system. I didn’t want to have a German accounts payable software and a US accounts payable software, so I needed something that could work in every one of those jurisdictions—Tipalti handles that.

alun davies | finance director, plentific

Doing the Heavy Lifting

With Tipalti’s automated procurement and accounts payable solutions, Plentific has transformed its financial behavior. Spend management controls have been implemented where invoices over £500 are not accepted unless the PO has previously been approved—ensuring complete transparency in their financial transactions. With Tipalti, Plentific closes its month-end on the first working day of the month, while accounts payable within NetSuite is locked down three days prior. Now, Plentific can trust in their PO process and know there’s no risk from a financial perspective.

  • Automated the Entire Procure-to-Pay Process
  • Implemented a Self-Service Supplier Portal
  • Adopted Tipalti Card to Consolidate Spend
  • Enhanced Visibility with ERP, NetSuite

Exceptional Experiences All-Around

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With a centralized finance automation solution, Plentific has improved data accuracy and financial predictability. The finance team has not grown in numbers but has been upskilled exponentially. Now, they can make a difference strategically and operate as key decision-makers within the business. With the right software, Plentific’s finance team is a best-in-class function all because of the technology they have in place.

Our tech stack is quite large for a company of our size, and it makes things a lot easier. It takes that manual burden away from us so we can concentrate on more exciting things and adding value to the business rather than day-to-day tasks.

alun davies | finance director, plentific

The World of Now

Founded to make it simple to find reliable trade services and manage property repairs and maintenance, Plentific believes that property management could and should be better. With a focus on reliability and trust, Plentific is transforming the property management industry by making it easier for homeowners, property managers, and local tradespeople to connect and collaborate. With their innovative approach, Plentific is paving the way for a more efficient property management ecosystem—helping communities thrive with better, safer homes.

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