Stripe Fee Calculator

If you make a lot of payments using Stripe, the complexity of fees can weigh you down. That’s why Tipalti has created an efficient Stripe Fee Calculator to save your business time and money. The tool is designed to help finance teams and companies of every size accurately calculate Stripe transaction fees.

Calculate Your Stripe Fees

Stripe Fees:

2.9% + $0.30



What is a Stripe Fee Calculator?

A Stripe fee calculator is a simple tool that helps users calculate the Stripe processing fees associated with using the platform for online transactions. The calculator takes various inputs and quickly computes how much Stripe will charge for that payment.

The Data Needed for Calculating Stripe Fees

  • Transaction Amount: You need the total amount (USD) of the Stripe payment.
  • Currency: It may ask for the currency in which the payment amount is listed. Much like PayPal and the PayPal Fee Calculator, Stripe may charge different fees for different currencies or currency conversions.
  • Location: Some Stripe fees vary depending on where a business is located and where customers are located. You may need to know the country or region for the most accurate fee calculations.
  • Payment Type: Stripe charges different fees for different types of debit cards, credit cards, international cards, or any other type of card payment. This means, that when it comes to Stripe credit card processing, business owners may need to specify the card type. Fees may also vary for an ACH payment or direct debit from a bank account.
  • Additional Services: Your local Stripe website offers additional features like recurring billing, various payment methods, and premium support. All of these functions may incur additional fees that should be taken into consideration as well.

Once a business has access to this data, team members can input what’s needed into the Stripe Fee Calculator to generate a breakdown of fees, as well as the total fees owed. These fees will typically include a percentage of the processing fee and a fixed fee per transaction.

Who is Stripe?

Stripe is a popular payment gateway that enables a company to accept online payments, offering a developer-friendly approach. The platform was founded in 2010 and has grown to become one of the leading global payment service providers. 

Stripe also offers subscription management and billing solutions and is generally geared toward businesses looking to customize, with a robust API for payouts

Companies can use it to set up and manage recurring payments, subscription plans, and invoices. This is typically useful for businesses with subscription-based models or who accept payments on a monthly basis.

How Stripe Fee Calculation Works

The Stripe Fee Calculator uses a simple formula to calculate the fee for each transaction. You just need to know the fixed fee, the transaction amount, and the percentage fee.

The formula to calculate Stripe fees is:

Fee = Fixed Fee + (Transaction Amount * Percentage Fee)

For example, if the fixed fee is $0.30 and the percentage fee is 2.9%, the fee for a $100 transaction would be:

Fee = $0.30 + ($100 * 0.029) = $3.20

This formula allows you to calculate the exact fee you will be charged for each transaction processed through Stripe.

Stripe Fee Examples
Transaction Amount Fee
$10 $0.59
$50 $1.75
$100 $3.20

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the top FAQs asked about the Stripe Fee Calculator, the fixed fee for Stripe transactions is $0.30 (as of the date of this publication).

The percentage fee for Stripe transactions is 2.9%.

Stripe fees are calculated using the formula: Fee = Fixed Fee + (Transaction Amount * Percentage Fee).

Yes, you can use the Stripe Fee Calculator for multiple transactions. Just input the total transaction amount.

One way businesses are using these fee calculators is for price comparison. Comparing Stripe pricing to other pricing from the competition (like Stripe vs. PayPal or Stripe vs. Square) necessitates an accurate perception of fees. This starts with a calculator to ensure all costs are considered