Accelerate Your Future at the Ultimate Finance User Conference, Illuminate

Since the pandemic, the world has seen a common theme: acceleration.

We have accelerated our work life into a remote landscape and witnessed a radical technological evolution. Now small companies are rapidly growing into large entities. These companies accelerate and Illuminate.

On September 13-15, Tipalti is hosting its second Illuminate event at the Pearl in San Francisco, Charlotte Street Hotel in London, and online. This hybrid event will explore the future of financial technology, how to accelerate the finance function, and some good clean fun.

This maverick hybrid conference is a launching pad for business and finance leaders to become experts in their fields. Here, you will connect with technology partners, watch celebrity and finance leadership keynote speakers, and network with Tipalti finance peers and customers.

Accelerating During a Historic Recession

Accelerating the finance function means more than implementing technology; acceleration requires high-level strategies, modernized workflows, and collaborations. Companies enlist a world-class tech stack to expedite their finance function and help consolidate endless workflow complexities.

The power of digital transformation starts with innovation. Through conscious planning, today’s companies are continuing to grow and scale, regardless of the economic climate. The right strategies consider business needs, such as automating manual tasks, providing self-user portals for clients, detecting fraud, and the list goes on…

On top of innovative strategies, CFOs and business leaders harness the power of resilience. Companies grew thick skin to survive the pandemic, and their training prepared them for the surfacing and inevitable recession. Finance leaders choose innovative technologies to transform their finance function and ensure resilience. They forecast for the future and use these unprecedented times as an opportunity to evolve their business.

Meet the Experts Catching Financial Curveballs

Tipalti will have the honor of introducing keynote speaker Billy Beane, the executive president of baseball operations for the Oakland A’s. Sure, Brad Pitt portrayed Beane in the Oscar-nominated film Moneyball, but that achievement is just the tip of the iceberg. Beane pushes the Moneyball philosophy for finance juggernauts, proving that innovative philosophies help companies leverage data and analytics while illuminating the finance function.

Along with Billy Beane, Tipalti’s CEO, Chen Amit, will commence the event with inspirational stories to motivate your commitment to the finance function and show how to accelerate operations across departments.

CFO Leadership’s President, Jack McCullough, Principal Analyses and Founder Constellation Research, R “Ray” Wang, and Adam Parness of Adam Parness Music Consulting will take the stage to break down the wonders of modernized finance tech workflows.

And don’t forget to save your seat for discussions on all things finance. Industry experts will provide road maps on optimizing and scaling finance operations, accelerating workflow processes, and gaining actionable insights for measurable results.

Illuminate’s Special Features

Tipalti’s Illuminate will include special breakout sessions, workshops, and legendary keynote speakers. Plus! Attendees can attend special events, including an open golf tournament in San Francisco, a virtual gala at the close of the day, morning yoga sessions, and regional in-person conferences in London and San Francisco.

There is something for everyone at Illuminate!

Acceleration Starts with Connections

People improve financial performance and effectiveness, which is why connecting and networking with peers is so important. Tipalti is thrilled to host a bevy of finance folks. So, if you’re just starting out—or are a seasoned CFO—we’re excited to meet you.

Register Here to Attend Tipalti’s Illuminate

September 13-15, 2022 | The Pearl, SF | Charlotte Street Hotel, London | Online

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