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MCN (Multi-Channel Network) management platform integration streamlines the entire creator payments workflow.

Enable seamless payments to content creators across countries, currencies, and payment methods while offering a more creator-friendly payments experience.


Seamless Creator Payments

Paladin creator revenue data is used to make mass payments from Tipalti. Final payment approval and execution occur within Tipalti’s Payer Dashboard, where every transaction is logged and detailed. Tipalti returns payment results (unpaid, pending, paid, and failed transactions) to Paladin’s dashboards in real-time so that details are fully viewable and immediately reconciled. This integrated payment history provides complete insight to identify payment issues at a glance.


Global Payment Coverage

Creator payments with Tipalti deliver extensive global coverage in over 196 countries and 120 local currencies. From PayPal to local bank transfers (Global ACH) to wire transfers, we’ve got your global payment needs covered. If your network is looking to scale and expand into a growing global ecosystem, no other payment platform comes close to Tipalti’s reach and reliability.


Built-in Tax Form Submission

Collecting W-9 and W-8 series tax forms from creator partners shouldn’t be an end-of-year rush. Tipalti’s creator portal digitally collects this data while validating tax identification numbers (TIN), Social Security numbers, and Employer Identification numbers. Tipalti also generates tax reports (including withholding data), which can be used to produce 1099 and 1042-S forms for your partners.


White-Labeled Creator Onboarding and Self-Service Portal

Automate creator onboarding and management. An embeddable iFrame, or stand-alone web portal, is fully branded to create a white-labeled experience for your creators. Here, creators can provide accurate contact, payment, and tax form information. All payment information provided is then verified using Tipalti’s 26,000+ global payment rule database to eliminate payment errors. In exchange, partners gain the freedom to choose their most optimal payment method, period, and currency. In addition, they can access on-demand payment status and full payment history.


Branded, Automated Communications

Creator payment status notifications are completely automated using branded, white-labeled email templates. If there’s a problem with a payment, these emails proactively prescribe corrections for the creator to take action—whether it be to update their banking details or get further assistance, communication is high touch without the manual cost.


Out-of-the-Box Compliance

Tipalti Detect screens all partners for past suspicious account activity and automatically blocks payment until further review by an account administrator, protecting you from fraudulent partner payouts.

Tipalti’s integration into Paladin’s unique MCN management platform dramatically improves the workflow and increases productivity for multichannel networks. Everything from preparing, delivering, and tracking payments quickly and accurately to mission-critical endeavors, is simplified while employing best practices for creator payments.

Nicholas Smith | Head of MCN Operations at AwesomenessTV

Our creators are our number one priority. Paying them accurately and on time is crucial, which is why our team used to spend several days preparing monthly payments. Now, with Paladin and Tipalti’s integrated payments system, we can pay tens of thousands of partners with just a few clicks and deliver a much better creator experience.