The Best AP Automation Solutions for Sage Intacct

Integrate Sage Intacct with Tipalti AP automation software for payables, mass payments, employee expenses, and procurement.

AP automation software provides businesses with very significant cost savings. It adds needed functionality and financial controls. Which AP automation solutions are Sage Intacct customers choosing in 2024? Learn about some top-rated Intacct ERP integrations for streamlining AP processes and paying invoices.

AP Automation for Sage Intacct

With an integrated AP automation app, Sage Intacct ERP accounting software users:

  • Reduce supplier onboarding and accounts payable invoice processing to payments time by 80%
  • Streamline AP workflows, including electronic purchase order and receiving report matching 
  • Gain efficiency with RPA (robotic process automation)
  • Limit the need for additional hiring
  • Cut business costs with best spend management software features

When you automate accounts payable with AP automation for Intacct, your business will improve internal controls and reduce fraud risk and payment errors.

What is the Sage Intacct ERP Accounting System?

Sage Intacct is an accounting system targeting fast-growing companies that can scale up their accounting software as their revenue grows. The product is designed for small businesses (with up to 500 employees) and medium-sized business users. Some Sage Intacct users are single-entity businesses. Other Sage Intacct users are multi-entity businesses requiring consolidations of financial statements. Sage Intacct competitors include QuickBooks Online and NetSuite.

The AICPA, which is the professional trade organization for licensed CPAs, recommends using Sage Intacct as your ERP accounting system. Sage Intacct is AICPA’s only preferred financial management solution. 

Going beyond Sage Intacct, the AICPA believes that CPAs and business financial executives should use AI (artificial intelligence) to improve their accounting efficiency, including the application of AI to AP automation.

Why Should Financial Management Choose an AP Automation Solution? 

With any standard manual accounts payable ERP system software module, your finance team may experience:

• Many frustrations
• Longer accounts payable process cycles
• Manual payment processes that aren’t personalized to customer needs
• Paper invoices, purchase orders, and receiving reports
• Manual data entry inaccuracies
• Inadequate real-time vendor and invoicing verification leading to potential fraud
• Missing supplier W-9 tax forms
• Approver delays

How does an 80% reduction in accounts payable workload translate to cost savings in processing an accounts payable invoice?

According to a CFO Magazine article, Accounts Payable Cost is the “total cost of processing accounts payable per invoice.” In February 2018, the top-ranked 25% of organizations surveyed by APQC (American Productivity & Quality Center) had an AP invoice processing cost of $2.07 or less. This benchmark metric was $5.83 for median performers and $10.00 or more for the bottom performers. The CFO article cautions that Accounts Payable Cost varies depending on the industry and other factors. AP automation software reduces invoice processing costs. 

Sage AP automation with third-party add-on software overcomes accounting and financial management frustrations. With a Sage Intacct-integrated AP automation solution, your business can maximize investment in Sage Intacct accounting software. Some of the best AP automation solutions for Sage Intacct follow. 

Top AP Automation Solutions for Sage Intacct

Top AP automation solutions for Sage Intacct include:

  • Tipalti
  • Beanworks
  • Corpay
  • AvidXchange
  • Craftable
  • Bellwether
  • DocLink



Tipalti provides AP automation software, targeting mid-market companies, smaller companies with exceptional growth potential, and enterprise companies. Tipalti is scalable for business growth. Other Tipalti finance automation products are its advanced FX solutions, Tipalti Multi-FX and Tipalti FX Hedging, global partner payments automation, employee Expenses automation, and PO management for procurement automation software.


  • Self-service supplier onboarding with supplier tax form collection and payment information
  • Supplier validation and invoice receipt and payment status communication
  • Invoice data capture through OCR scanning, email or upload
  • Automated invoice processing, including 2 or 3-way matching, error detection, OFAC blacklists screening, and guided approvals 
  • Global payments by licensed money transmitter, with a choice of up to 6 available payment methods, and automated global regulatory compliance
  • Automatic payment reconciliation for large batches

Self-Service Supplier Onboarding with Payment Method Choices

Tipalti starts the purchase-to-pay cycle with self-service supplier onboarding through a portal. Tipalti offers real-time supplier tax verification using a KPMG system that verifies the taxpayer identification number (TIN). 

Vendors choose how they want you to pay them through Tipalti AP automation for Sage Intacct. Their payment automation choices include US ACH (a type of EFT), PayPal, paper checks, global ACH, wire transfers, or prepaid debit cards in the preferred currency with cross-border remittance. This supplier onboarding process shifts some of your organization’s accounts payable process time to vendors and increases information accuracy. 

Invoice Processing Automation

Tipalti automates the entire AP process, including invoice data capture, PO matching, and routing for approval workflows. The Tipalti Expenses product adds employee expense management. The Tipalti automation platform provides automatic near real-time payment reconciliation and AP reporting that:

  • Gives more visibility for cash management sooner
  • Improves financial statement accuracy
  • Helps you close the books earlier monthly basis and at year-end
  • Gives the finance and accounting team more time for financial planning & analysis (FP&A), strategy,  and decision support

Supplier Management, including Automatic Payment Status

Tipalti excels at supplier management. That’s important to your supply chain. In the Supplier Hub, vendors have complete visibility of invoices, payment statuses, and any problems that could delay payment. 

Financial Controls

Tipalti for Sage Intacct automation offers an audit trail. Automatic processes improve internal controls, help you avoid fraud, and save your company money. 


Tipalti uses a SaaS subscription-based pricing model that grows with your business needs.

To upgrade from the basic platform, a business can add advanced functionality and users when needed.



Beanworks (Quadient AP by Beanworks) is a cloud-based, end-to-end accounts payable automation software product that integrates with Sage Intacct. 


  • Use multiple languages and currencies for invoice coding
  • Match imported payments with invoices in multiple formats
  • Import any accounts payable list
  • Process paperless invoices with matching and approvals and make payments
  • Review dashboards for visibility

Beanworks captures invoice data via electronic receipt or scanning. It matches invoices with purchase orders and receiving reports. Approvers can approve invoices from the mobile app or online. Beanworks is used to pay approved vendor invoices. Beanworks gives real-time dashboards visibility into accounts payable and spending. 


Beanworks pricing uses customized quotes for each product. 

Does your company optimize Sage Intacct accounts payable?

Use add-on AP automation software with self-service supplier onboarding, AI-driven automated paperless supplier invoice processing, global payments in in 196 countries and 120 currencies, real-time payment reconciliation, and simple tax compliance reporting.



Corpay’s automation solutions have Sage Intacct integration. Corpay software products include AP Automation, Cross-Border, and Small Business Bill Pay.


  • Vendor portal
  • Automated invoice data capture
  • Invoice processing, 2 or 3-way matching, and error detection with payment rules, and guided approvals
  • 3 payment methods 
  • Views of remittances for payment reconciliation

Corpay AP Automation eliminates manual processes, captures invoice data with AI/ML, performs 3-way or 2-way matching, and pays invoices after approval. Corpay AP Automation includes a vendor portal. Corpay applies payment rules to reduce errors and other payment security features to reduce fraud risk. Then Corpay shows remittances in the portal for easy payment reconciliation.

Corpay’s payment methods include:

  • Check
  • ACH
  • Virtual card

Corpay’s Cross-Border solution adds functionality for global supplier payments, including FX currency features that reduce foreign exchange currency exposure risks. Global payments are available to over 200 countries in 145 currencies.  


Corpay One pricing covers accounts payable automation, expense management, and corporate cards, including a free 30-day trial. SaaS subscription plans include:

  • Plus $69/month
  • Pro (for mid-sized businesses) $129/month
  • Premium $129/month for larger organizations
  • Custom pricing for companies or organizations with more than 169 documents/month



AvidXchange is a middle market accounts payable automation solution integrating with Sage Intacct. 


  • Supplier portal
  • Paperless automated invoice processing, including invoice data capture, 3-way matching, approvals, and payments
  • Choice of available payment method by licensed money transmitter
  • 60% improvement in payment processing costs
  • Available from any device 

AvidXchange provides a supplier portal and performs paperless invoice processing from invoice receipt and invoice capture to PO matching and receiver matching, approval, and payment. It eliminates manual data processing and streamlines workflows.


AvidXchange provides customized pricing with SaaS subscription billing.



Craftable, serving the hospitality industry, integrates with Sage Intacct. Hospitality includes bars and nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels. 


  • Specializes in hospitality industry best practices
  • Paperless accounts payable automation system for unlimited users
  • Automated invoice processing, general ledger coding
  • Approvals
  • One-click electronic bill payments, with choice of 4 payment methods

Craftable offers different software solutions for ordering and eProcurement, inventory control, sales & business intelligence, and accounting. The Books by Craftable software solution includes real-time AP automation functionality to eliminate manual accounts payable processing and general ledger coding. Craftable enables invoice approvals. Craftable Books includes one-click electronic bill payments and vendor management. 

Craftable payment methods include:

  • ACH
  • eCheck
  • Paper check
  • Virtual credit card


Craftable pricing is for unlimited users. The Craftable monthly price is determined by the number of locations. Craftable prices Bevager, Foodager, and Analytics products separately. 



Bellwether Software provides Purchasing Software with an AP Interface module that integrates with Sage Intacct.


  • Paperless accounts payable and purchasing software
  • Enter invoices, match invoices to POs and create an approval process
  • Status reports for payables, approved invoices, GL coding, and unmatched receipts
  • Multiple plans with a variety of feature levels

The Bellwether Purchasing software is paperless. With the Purchasing software, you can enter invoices, match invoices to POs, and set up an approval process. Bellwether will save you processing time. 

The AP Interface module is used to generate status reports, including:

  • Approved Invoice Report (invoices ready for payment)
  • Accounts Payable Distribution Account report (prints general ledger account coding for invoices in a date range)
  • Unmatched Receipts Report (Material received but not yet invoiced within a specified number of days)


Bellwether provides custom pricing for its Essential, Professional, and Enterprise SaaS plans and also offers a customized plan with a quoted cost upon the request from a business. 


DocLink (Altech), with a Sage Intacct integration, is a document management solution that works to eliminate manual processes in accounts payable through automation of payables workflows. DocLink offers a choice of deployment methods, including on-premise, hybrid, and cloud. For on-premise and cloud deployments as types of ERP systems or accounting software, companies install DocLink on their own servers. 


  • Choice of deployment methods
  • Business file capture through multiple methods and document retrieval
  • User role permissions
  • Invoice processing, including approvals 
  • Available from multiple devices

DocLink captures business files, then processes, and retrieves them. DocLink document capture methods include email, fax, scan, barcode, and OCR (optical character recognition). 

With DocLink, you won’t lose documents. You can provide self-service document retrieval using a desktop or mobile device to employees. Your business sets different permission levels for employees to access and view role-necessary documents. 

As part of the accounts payable process, designated approvers use DocLink client, email, or a mobile device for AP invoice approvals. 


For each deployment method customers choose, DocLink provides a choice of a perpetual license or an annual subscription. 

Which AP Automation Integration Suits Your Business Needs?

To choose the best AP automation integration for your business, have your business teams make a list of desired functionality. include features that are necessary and more features that are desirable. Then list all third-party apps, current software, and legacy systems relating to payables to see what business process software needs enhancing through add-on integration or replacing. 

  • ows
  • Customer satisfaction and customer support ratings
  • Software vendor plans for continuing software feature updates 
  • Scalability for growth
  • Enterprise-grade security

A robust third-party Sage AP automation add-on app is available directly from Tipalti or through the Sage Intacct Marketplace. Tipalti accounts payable automation software lets you avoid the 

When evaluating and selecting the right AP automation software, consider:

  • The highest priority needs for your business
  • Built-in best practices for streamlined business process workflfunctionality gaps and inefficiencies that a standard ERP system presents to your finance teams. 

It’s seamlessly integrated cloud based software, allowing you to work remotely or from your office anytime using Sage Intacct. The Tipalti add-in app uses an Intacct API connection between Sage Intacct and Tipalti.

Tipalti’s invoice processing and payment cost calculator shows that choosing Tipalti for Sage Intacct accounts payable automation could pay for itself. For a demo and more information about Tipalti’s automation software products, get started

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