Streamlining the Experience

Clickio is a Google Certified Publishing Partner with a mission to simplify and streamline digital advertising for businesses of all sizes. Supporting 300+ publishers worldwide, Clickio provides innovative solutions to help them reach

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Accuracy and Efficiency as a Top Priority

Clickio knew it had to focus on payment accuracy and efficiency to provide hundreds of global publishers with the best experiences possible. However, it didn’t have the resources to complete them manually, leading to a partnership with Tipalti early on in their journey in 2016. Together, Clickio was able to accurately sync Tipalti with its internal billing system and integrate with its accounting software, Xero, with minimal hassle and overhead.

Supporting Growth

To serve its growing network of global publishers, Clickio took advantage of more and more of Tipalti’s feature set. Clickio incorporated Tipalti’s Multi-Entity and Multi-FX to support global payouts and international subsidiaries and self-serve capabilities to allow publishers to manage their own payments and details.

  • Global Payments
  • Currency Management
  • Multi-Entity
  • Supplier Management

With Tipalti’s Integrated Solution

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Since Clickio has a relatively small finance team, having a streamlined and automated solution frees up time to allow them to focus on more value-adding tasks. Additionally, Clickio is able to keep publisher satisfaction to a maximum since the finance team can better prioritize communication.

We knew we’d be working with hundreds of international publishers, and our small financial team would not be able to issue all those payments manually. Publishers provide their payment details, and Tipalti automatically validates the information. It’s very cost-efficient and saves a lot of time.

Alexander Azarov | Founder and CEO, Clickio

Adaptable and Scalable

Clickio supports publishers all around the globe, so it and its integrated solutions need to be able to scale in an ever-changing landscape. With multiple international and changing subsidiaries, such as a recent transition from US to EU operations, Clickio can rest assured its payment solutions will adapt alongside them.

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