Aragon Advertising Implements Tipalti & Everflow to Strengthen & Automate Marketing Partnerships

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  • Reduced workload across a team of 20, eliminating 20 days a month previously spent on payables operations
  • Integrated Everflow + Tipalti to automate performance marketing and global payouts in a unified workflow
  • Eliminated the need to hire additional headcount
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These publishers know Tipalti is our payments platform. We’re happy that we have great brands like Tipalti and Everflow associated with our product.

Jake Sheppard | Chief Product Officer

If there is any company that knows about strategy, it’s Aragon Advertising. Based in New York, Aragon aims to offer a simple, cost-efficient way to generate quality leads.

As the number one pay-per-call network for the past four years, Aragon aims to turn web users into callers. Jake Sheppard, Aragon’s Chief Product Officer, describes Aragon as an “incubator” with employees conceiving different lines of business when they spot opportunities.

We‘re continuing to find new ways to spread our digital footprint to get access to more consumers in more places and provide diversified traffic for our advertisers.

Previously, Aragon used their bank to transfer payments to payees, but the bank couldn’t send wires to all locations.

I worked with vendors from Pakistan, and I couldn’t pay them because our bank can’t transfer money there, and they didn’t use PayPal. That drove us to automate payments so we wouldn’t continue to run into those same challenges.

As the pandemic swept across the globe, the excessive amount of time spent on global payment operations was conspicuous. Payments were processed weekly, biweekly, monthly, and bimonthly—the manual work was colossal. “We were working so much, and yet payments were slipping through the cracks—or we were overpaying.”

Aragon had been using Everflow, a partner marketing platform, to drive lead generation performance from every type of partnership: Affiliate, Influencer, In-App, and referral.

When the agency released its programmatic mobile network, Aragon Premium, the company wanted to expand its financial operations. 

COVID drove our integration with Tipalti—the lockdown forced us to pay attention to how we handle our internal accounting and financing. Being a product guy, I wondered, ‘How can we automate payments? How do we eliminate repetitive tasks, so we’re prone to less human error?’ 

Aragon implemented Tipalti to modernize its financial operations. By syncing with Everflow, the user experience benefitted both Aragon and its publishers. Aragon automatically pays vendors when they reach their threshold, and the team doesn’t need to follow up with vendors since Tipalti performs supplier management and self-service payment method choices and communications. Vendors worldwide can rest easy knowing that their payments are coming.

“We’ve given all our people an additional 20% of their time back across the board. This is equal to the productivity of 4 additional people we did not have to hire to handle our global payables,” Sheppard explains.

It adds up to 20 days a month saved in overall work across the team of 20. 

Even in a trying year, Aragon’s resilience and success are apparent. One reason for their continuous success? By enlisting the right technology that eases the team’s workflow. Now that Aragon has reduced time spent on payables, the team can focus on more impactful work.

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