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Security Firms Scramble to Respond to Accounts Payable 'Reverse Fraud'

Fraud targeting accounts payable departments had been on the rise, but a new sense of urgency has taken hold in the wake of recent incidents.

8 Clues to Escaping the Bank Payables Puzzle

Has your company outgrown your bank for global payables? Uncover the eight clues that will help solve this finance mystery.

Currency Management Strategies of Successful Businesses

As growing businesses increasingly go global, the role of currency management becomes even more meaningful to the bottom line.

The Top 3 Forex Problems

As foreign exchange and currency exchange flourishes, many financial executives struggle to manage global payments effectively.

Foursquare Locates Success with Payments Automation

For Michio McGrath, Finance and Accounting Manager at Foursquare, the company’s success was anything but amazing for their lean finance team.

Zola Will Do Anything for Love (And Payments Automation)

For Shayon Donaldson, the Accounts Payable Manager at Zola, the company’s rapid growth was anything but stress-free for their overworked finance team.

Accounts Payable Poetry Hour

Tipalti’s resident Poet Laureate, Shauna Steib, is back with a piece of prose so powerful that we had to share it with the public.

Tipalti Wins 2019 SuiteApp of the Year Award

Tipalti's Global AP & Supplier Payments Automation ‘Built for NetSuite’ solution was selected as the 2019 SuiteCloud SuiteApp of the Year.

The Currency Management Trends to Watch

To see how companies are mastering FX management, we polled over 100 senior finance leaders at mid-sized companies to learn their biggest pain points.

3 Top Currency Management Secrets from the FX Files

In the webinar, “The FX Files: Secret Treasury Alternatives to Global Bank Accounts,” Ernie Humphrey is uncovering the greatest mysteries of FX.

Tipalti deepens PayPal Payouts integration to enhance customers’ B2B payments experience

This tighter integration enables Tipalti to offer a single source of control over both PayPal and traditional bank-based payments (ACH, wire transfers, echeck).

How One Company Streamlined Payables and Offloaded FX Management

How a leading B2B software company streamlined their payables and offloaded FX management by solving their biggest problem—global payments.

The Rise of Robotic Process Automation

Is the robot uprising truly upon us? And what does it mean for accounting, finance, and compliance for today’s growing businesses?

The Key to FX Mastery

As growing businesses increasingly go global, the role of currency conversion and FX management becomes even more meaningful to the bottom line.

Netflix, Amazon, and the Rise of the Digital Marketplace

It’s a powerful time to be a creator. And, in the new millennium, many media companies are on the verge of being re-defined as digital media marketplaces.

Join Us at the Elevate Finance Summit

It’s Tipalti’s second year taking the Elevate Finance Summit on the road, and we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got planned.

The Ultimate Guide to SuiteWorld 2019

This April, the industry’s #1 Cloud ERP event is returning to Las Vegas! And Tipalti is ready for it. We can’t wait for three days of networking, gaining actionable insights, and exploring the NetSuite ecosystem.

What Is a Multi-Entity Company?

While multi-entity companies enable each unique business to focus and grow with autonomy, parent companies have to contend with varied workflows, different business models, unique sets of processes, and a range of compliance and legal standards.

The Top 5 Reasons CFOs Don’t Automate

Accounts payable automation is an inevitability—there are too many innovations and time savings for it to not be a part of the finance operation. Yet, there are still some unreasonable doubts that seem to linger.

Beyond IT: A CFO’s Guide to Technology Evaluations

Software solutions are aiming to do finance jobs better—everything from billing to compliance to accounts payable. To scale the business, CFOs and senior finance leaders need to identify how critical it is to examine potential opportunities that can…

How CFOs Become CIO-Whisperers

You have a transformational Financial Operations strategy in mind that requires technical innovation and buy-in from the IT organization—particularly in finance, a reasonable business case will not be turned away.

Making the Most of Grid-Iron Finance

Recently, Robert Half released an in-depth report and salary survey for those in finance and accounting. Besides the very interesting salary data, there are three excellent takeaways from the report.

Mergers & Acquisitions: 5 Tips for Ensuring a Smooth Financial Operations Transition

There seems to always be news about mergers and acquisitions that deeply rocks our world. Here are some best practices for how CFOs and controllers can make any merger or acquisition a little smoother and financially compliant.

Qualities of the Forward-Thinking CFO or Controller

The forward-thinking finance leader has to visualize a future-proof organization. This immediately steps into the operations and technology arenas.

The Importance of Bill Pay Solutions

Bill pay isn’t the most transparent of processes, but with software automating it, that no longer has to be the case. In fact, the payables process can actually be incredibly strategic in terms of understanding cash flow and liabilities.

Payables Nation Roadshow—New York—Foursquare and Zola

Tipalti took its Payables Nation Roadshow to New York where we caught up with Mich McGrath, Finance & Accounting Manager at Foursquare, and Shayon Donaldson, Accounts Payable Manager at Zola.

5 Ways to Celebrate Finance and Accounting Appreciation Week

For CFOs and Controllers, these are the five fiscally-responsible ways to celebrate IOFM's Finance and Accounting Appreciation Week.

Tipalti Named to Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

Tipalti has been honored for its extraordinary journey of growth as one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies.

Building an Affiliate Program for Your E-commerce Business

While there are numerous affiliate networks that might fit your offer, e-commerce companies may also look to create an in-house program.

6 Things to Do When Starting a New Controller Job

Congratulations on your new position as controller! Here are six ideas for creating a splash in your new role.

6 Things to Look for in a Payables Automation Solution

Automated solutions with these capabilities eliminate up to 80 percent of the accounts payable workload, freeing finance staff to focus on accelerating growth, productivity, and profitability. So how can you choose one?

What’s Holding Up Your Payables Transformation Efforts?

More than one-third of the accounts payable departments surveyed by TechValidate reported difficulties in finding a scalable, smart solution that fits their needs.

6 Risks of Ignoring Your Payables’ Check Engine Light

Less than one-quarter of accounts payable departments describe their operations as being highly automated, with few manual processes. Here are the warning signs of payables problems.

Is Accounts Payable Accounts Blamable?

Accounts payable has to react to being a front-line contact with suppliers who didn’t get paid. And when they don’t, the vendor hounds the buyer. Everyone looks to accounts blamable for a reason.

Crowd, Gig, & Marketplace Platforms Need to Re-think Scalable Relationships

The future of work increasingly relies on global and freelance providers. Are marketplace platforms ready to address this major impact on their operations, compliance, and partner relationships?

The Somber Truth Around Affiliate Network Payments

Brand-safe networks and affiliate programs shouldn’t be unfairly damaged by payment processors who are also dealing with NSFW partners, but it happens.

Video: Payables Nation Roadshow Panel, Palo Alto

Tipalti hosted the first stop of the Payables Nation: Finance Transformation Tour in Palo Alto featuring Docker Controller, Dash Victor and SmartShoot Head of Finance, John Pfeister. This is the full video of the panel session.

Customer Spotlight: GawkBox

GawkBox offers a unique, advertising-driven, monetization-based streaming tool for the gaming community to build a video game audience.

Online Marketplaces and Freelance Partners Revolve Around Payments

Payments prove that there is a relationship between freelance partners and marketplaces. Otherwise, they wouldn’t participate, and there would be no supply chain or service network.

Mergers & Acquisitions Finance Strategies for Ad-Tech & Media

Merger and acquisition activity in media and ad-tech during 2018 will likely continue as larger entities expand their audience footprint. But you don't have to be involved in a multi-billion-dollar acquisition to be complex.

How Automating Purchase Order Matching Improves Early Payment Success

Automating purchase order matching and a touchless invoice workflow adds payables governance and improves the chance for early payment program success

tax compliance risk payoneer

Avoiding the Tax Compliance Risks when Remitting with Prepaid Debit Cards and Ewallets

♞ Global tax compliance risks when paying with eWallets and prepaid debit cards (e.g. Payoneer and PayPal) and protecting your network or marketplace

Customer Spotlight: Flytographer

Flytographer manages a network of professional photographers around the world to help record your most memorable and extraordinary moments.

Can Finance Be Fun?

The most exciting part of finance is finding $ that no one thought was there. You’re already paying suppliers, why not make money doing it? Early Payments!

Why Don’t Companies Utilize Supplier Portals

Just 50% “best-in-class” organizations use a supplier portal. And of the rest of the organizations, only 20% utilize supplier portals. Why?

PayPal Mass Payment Complexity

Mass Payments Beyond PayPal

Here are 9 signs that your network may be outgrowing the mass payments capabilities of PayPal Payouts for Mass Pay or other e-wallets

Online Marketplace Payments Automation

Marketplace Payments Automation

Online marketplaces must pay their digital partners – 1000s at a time – with efficiency and by mitigating risk. Do you know if you have a payments issue?

Touchless Invoice Workflow

Does anyone like dealing with invoices?

Tipalti introduces the 100% touchless invoice. By combining our supplier portal, OCR technology, machine learning, outsourced services, and AI.

Whitelabeling Payee Experience

Why a Whitelabeled Payee Experience Is Awesome and Important

Payment detail collection is a challenge to those in the digital economy (ad tech, marketplaces, ecommerce). When it's time to collect partner payment details during onboarding, you kick them over to a third-party payment processor site and break…


The Bottom Line for Payments Risk Mitigation: Automation and Education

Employee education and automation form the foundation of an effective payments risk mitigation strategy. ♞ Learn best practice strategies.