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  • PrinterLogic is a global leader in serverless printer infrastructure. They offer a centrally managed direct IP printing environment, allowing IT professionals to eliminate print servers.
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Tipalti saves me time. Instead of entering bills, I’m focusing on finding strategic solutions for other challenges that we’re facing.

Jocelyn Olsen | Senior Staff Accountant, PrinterLogic

PrinterLogic started small, with a single office in St. George, Utah—soon the company started growing, opening its first subsidiary in Germany. But this new growth presented a unique problem: PrinterLogic’s current bill processing and payment solution couldn’t handle their new, multi-subsidiary operation.

For PrinterLogic, NetSuite and Tipalti was the perfect solution. The finance team researched multiple accounts payable platforms but found that Tipalti’s global payables solution was the key to streamlining their broken payments process.

Tipalti checked all of their financial boxes—the solution could efficiently manage multi-subsidiary companies and international payments, make bill pay quick and easy, and seamlessly integrate with NetSuite.

The savings, both time and money, have been the most significant benefit of using Tipalti. PrinterLogic estimates that the efficiency of the Tipalti platform has allowed them to avoid hiring additional headcount, saving them tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Tipalti gives PrinterLogic a streamlined way to manage multi-subsidiaries and pay bills internationally.

When PrinterLogic opened its first subsidiary in Germany, their bill payment solution couldn’t handle the company’s new international needs. When bills needed to be paid, they were directly managed by the CFO, who was one of two people with access to their Deutsche Bank account. Managing payments, in addition to other, more critical responsibilities, quickly became a drain on the CFOs time—it took two to three hours just to pay bills for their German subsidiary alone.

With Tipalti, payments are now managed by the accounting team, who estimates that the platform has saved the CFO ten hours of paying international bills each month.

Without Tipalti, we wouldn’t be able to manage our AP in London or Germany. With global payments automation, we’re able to grow internationally.

For the accounting team, Tipalti makes their jobs easier.

How PrinterLogic transformed their payables with NetSuite

It saves me time—that’s the biggest benefit. I’m the only one who handles accounts payable at PrinterLogic. We’re growing every month, so it’s very convenient for me to not have to worry about our bills. I enter them, I know that they get synced to NetSuite, and I don’t have to think about anything else. Tipalti was able to save me 15 to 20 hours a month.

Additionally, for Olsen, a critical benefit was that Tipalti syncs instantly to NetSuite as soon as a bill is entered or paid. “I’m the type of person that wants to get everything done before I leave for the day. Tipalti helps me achieve this.”

Tipalti makes bill paying fast and simple—the platform’s touchless invoice data capture, processing, and PO matching streamlines invoice management so it’s faster, more accurate, and provides visibility to buyers and suppliers 24/7.

For PrinterLogic, a recent busy month showed just how much time Tipalti could save them. “In February we had four audits,” Olsen states, “We were in the middle of budgeting season and wrapping up year-end. With Tipalti, I didn’t have to worry about entering bills or making payments—with the platform implemented, the process was already in place.”

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