T3 Micro’s Innovation Story: Going Completely Paperless with Strategic Automation

HQ Venice, CA
Customer Since 2019

Industry Manufacturing & Wholesale

  • Eliminated the need for more finance headcount
  • Reduced manual work by 50%
  • Streamlined international payments in multiple currencies
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Tipalti makes everybody’s life easier and enables us to move away from multiple platforms.

Amanda Afeiche | VP of Finance & Administration

Love your hair, every single day. T3 Micro—part tech start-up, part beauty venture—helps people love their look by developing hair tools that deliver consistent results.

The Venice-based company has become known for advanced heat styling tech that allows anybody to be beautiful without compromising their healthy hair.

T3’s innovative spirit paves the way for a generation of hair tools that reimagines the ideal styling experience.

For Amanda Afeiche, VP of Finance & Administration at T3 Micro, the focus was on building a finance team that fostered a collaborative culture while intentionally keeping their headcount lean.

We’re always open to changing our existing processes. We’re very focused on continuous improvement and want to leverage the current technology that’s out there.

Initially, T3 Micro’s finance operations were entirely manual. Afeiche’s team was printing all invoices and delivering them in person for review. Critical payments got lost in the shuffle, which put unnecessary strain on their vendor relationships.

When T3 Micro expanded internationally, Afeiche knew they needed to find a better solution—they couldn’t keep up with added foreign currencies and hundreds of invoices that needed to be paid in different time zones.

It wasn’t a good process for us. We move very quickly as an organization, and once we went global, we couldn’t manage the added complexity.

Through her partners at NetSuite, Afeiche discovered Tipalti, and she immediately appreciated how efficiently the platform integrated with their existing ERP.

Now, everything is completed with just one click. The platform routes invoices to the correct approver and saves everyone hours on the month-end close.

Tipalti was a godsend for us. Everything’s done on your phone and email—you just click approve, and you’re done. We never miss a payment, we are never late. Payments is a seamless process for us.

Now, T3 Micro has greater visibility into which payments are due and when. Tipalti eliminated spreadsheets that people previously used to project payment deadlines. With Automation, everything is centralized so that users don’t have to toggle between international banking sites.

In our business, you might need a check or payment immediately— something always comes up. Tipalti makes this easy to handle and allows my team to be partners to the rest of the organization.

Plus, Tipalti guided the implementation process without leveraging any internal resources from T3 Micro. Users were eager to eliminate paper, and the suppliers quickly signed up to get paid on time. On the vendor side, smaller partners sometimes needed to be paid immediately. Tipalti made that possible so operations could keep pushing things forward.

T3 Micro is powered by smart, ambitious people. For Afeiche, success is a matter of developing junior people into lasting careers. Tipalti eliminated the monotony of pushing paper so people could build their skills. Automating the payables process impacted the company at every level. As Afeiche stated, “I was able to take away the mundane work from our team and give them something more meaningful.”

And once the finance team could focus on value-added tasks like financial planning and analysis, it was easier for them to help the company grow.

As finance leaders, we have a responsibility to look for new opportunities, work smarter, and lead our organization into the future.

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