PO Matching

Eliminate Overspending and Strengthen Financial Controls with Invoice Matching

Tipalti’s PO (purchase order) matching capability is a part of a holistic invoice-to-pay process to eliminate overspend and reduce friction in accounts payables:

  • Two-way and Three-way Matching
  • Fully Configurable Purchase Order Policies
  • Highly Visual Exception and Reconciliation
  • Enhance Financial Controls

Tipalti PO Matching is the most modern and intuitive solution I have seen and will help our financial operation gain even more efficiencies, while eliminating costs.

Jason Chen, Vice President of Finance & Operations, Exxact

Reduce waste and streamline your accounts payable operations with purchase order matching integrated seamlessly with your end-to-end supplier payments workflow. Tipalti’s modern user experience helps drive high process adoption, so buyers and suppliers comply with your PO policy to control company spend.

Configure Personalized PO Policies

With Tipalti, you can set up rules to determine if an invoice is PO-backed and if it should go through the matching process. Rules can be configured based on supplier or bill amount to align with your company’s policies. All invoices go through the standard OCR, advanced data extraction, and approval workflows before payment is processed. If an invoice has a purchase order, the PO bill coding data pre-populates the invoice, saving AP time.

Cut the Manual Work with Tipalti’s Matching Engine

Built for 2-way and 3-way matching, Tipalti’s engine matches headers and line levels, ensuring that currencies align, units of measure are consistent, and more. Even if an invoice is auto-matched, you can still require additional approvals before payment is processed. And because Tipalti supports multiple POs against one invoice and vice versa, you get the flexibility you need to eliminate overspending.

Set Tolerance Ranges that Work for Your Business

Rather than manually reviewing all mismatches between invoices, purchase orders, and receiving reports, you can create tolerance thresholds based on amounts or percentages, so an invoice is still considered “matched” if it falls within the threshold. You can design rules for freight, delivery, taxes, and discounts too, reducing the amount of exceptions that require further investigation and improving first-time match rates to cut costs.

Easily Manage & Reconcile Exceptions

Tipalti clearly highlights exceptions, where they occur, and steps to resolve them for a seamless experience. You can configure exception approval rules, so if an exception is within the established threshold, the buyer can approve or reject directly via email without logging in to Tipalti. If the exception exceeds the threshold, AP can dispute the bill or the PO can be updated in the ERP system. Exception reconciliation has never been easier or more intuitive, shortening cycle time from invoice receipt to payment and maximizing discount opportunities.

Frictionless Approval Cycle

Exception approvals on purchase orders are easy. Any exceptions that exceed established thresholds can be sent for immediate approval through email and approved or contested with a single click.

Sync with ERP for Automatic Updates

With pre-built integrations to ERP systems such as NetSuite, Tipalti syncs POs and GRNs. Integrations are bi-directional, so PO statuses are automatically updated in ERP too, such as the amount billed and if it’s complete or partial payment. Tipalti processes operating expenses and fixed assets the same way for matching, so there’s no change to the workflow. You get automated syncing and matching that works for your business.


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