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Why Partner with Tipalti for Your Clients’ Accounts Payable Needs

Client Success

Gain happy, loyal customers that have successfully eliminated most of the friction associated with Accounts Payable and supplier payment processes

Elite Partnership

Partner with a solution that's relied upon by leading, world-class organizations such as Twitter, GoPro, Eventbrite, GoDaddy, and Zumba Fitness.

Rapid, Easy Integration

Adopting Tipalti requires zero integration effort by the referral partner. Tipalti's team works directly with your client to get up and running.

Repeatable Revenue

Referral partners receive a consistent income stream through revenue sharing that grows as their clients' remittance activities grow.

Your Customers Will Love Tipalti

Reduce their supplier payment workload by 80% so they can scale their business efficiently

Tipalti is the only solution to automate all phases of the accounts payable and payments workflow in one holistic cloud platform.

  • Payee on-boarding: payees register, select their preferred payment method, and provide payment details on the payer’s website (can be hosted by Tipalti) in a white-labeled dashboard. Over 26,000 rules automatically validate payment details in every country in the world
  • Integrated, seamless invoice management workflow for suppliers to upload and submit invoices for approval and payment.
  • Global payment remittance, providing a wide range of payment methods and currencies, all over the world, is an integral part of the Tipalti system
  • Tax and regulatory compliance: payees fill out electronic W9 or W8 forms upfront. Tax forms are validated. End of year 1099/1042 ready files are automatically generated.
  • Automated, proactive communications of supplier payment status, issue resolution, and fraud detection, are all part of the Tipalti system. No need to open a support ticket to resolve issues.
  • Enterprise-grade financial controls, including real-time payment reconciliation, ERP integration, payee and tax reporting, and multi-entity accounting.
  • Certified integrations with NetSuite OneWorld and QuickBooks Online.

Tipalti is the scalable, holistic AP solution that will grow with your clients.

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“Because Tipalti encompasses the entire payment management workflow, including payment remittance and multi-method, multi-country payment coverage, the platform is able to close the loop on global supplier payments and simplify the reconciliation of multiple payment accounts.”

GUIDO HAARMANS, Senior VP Business Development

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“Our partnership with Tipalti advances our goal of improving workflow and increasing productivity for clients. Payments automation is a primary focus for Paladin because preparing, delivering, and tracking payments quickly and accurately is mission critical.”


As a Tipalti partner, you will help your customers strengthen their financial and compliance controls, which will mitigate risk, increase visibility, enable them to better manage cash flow, and accelerate financial close times through instant payment reconciliation. They’ll also strengthen their supplier relationships through a vastly improved and very efficient payment experience.

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Transform the global supplier payment operations with Tipalti’s end-to-end AP solution

  • Supplier Onboarding
  • Tax Compliance
  • Electronic Invoice Capture
  • Global Payment Remittance
  • Instant Payment Reconciliation
  • Integration with QuickBooks Online and NetSuite OneWorld

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