Some people use affiliate payments as a way to profit; however, it is really a tool that can help business growth. Users can write content and then link it to your products so their readers are directly sent to your webpage. The increased traffic can mean new customers and a larger profit margin. There are two types of affiliate programs that are normally used for this:


Only bloggers or others who have high traffic websites should use the Pay-Per-Click. It requires their reader to click on links to bring him to your page, and, every time this occurs, the writer receives a few cents. No sales have to be made; you are simply paying for the traffic that hopefully leads to new customers. As a company, you can refuse to pay the writer if you believe they are clicking the link themselves or through automated techniques that don’t offer you new customers.


More money can be made by those willing to partake in pay-per-action. There are a few methods you can use to do this.  The two most popular are through leads and sales. Leads require the writer to gather information from their readers so that you can contact them about your products. Sales uses tactics similar to pay-per-click; however, the customer is tracked while on your site. If a purchase is made, your affiliate receives a higher compensation.

Because affiliate programs can be successful ways to gain and track customers, many merchants use them. Affiliate payments, though, are rather low and can be annoying to deal with each month. Instead, try mass payment options that can help take care of these payments for you. It allows you to complete easy marketing, without the stress of constant small payments.