Revolut vs Transferwise

Revolut vs TransferWise: Understanding Money Transfer Options

TransferWise and Revolut have a close rivalry, as they capitalize on offering cheaper than usual transfer services, regardless of what currency you use.

Accounting Automation

Accounting Automation

Having an automated accounting system is now considered a must-have for larger companies that deal with thousands of transactions a day, but it’s a relatively well-kept secret when it comes to smaller and medium-sized businesses.

Accounts Payable Outsourcing

Should You Outsource Your Accounts Payable Department?

Outsource your accounts payable department. Companies that prioritize accounts payable use automated systems and research-proven best practices to deliver satisfactory and timely payments every single time.


What is Self-Billing?

Self-billing is a financial agreement between a customer and a supplier. In most cases, it involves the customer preparing the invoice and sending it, along with the payment, to the supplier.

AP Audit

Understanding Your Accounts Payable Audit

Properly conducted audits are critical for the performance of your accounting department and the health of your company as a whole. Using the right AP procedures ensures the finance department is accurate, transparent, and highly efficient.

AP Process

Is The Accounts Payable Process Slowing You Down?

E-procurement software is being adopted by more and more forward-thinking businesses every year. But it’s vital that you keep a few best practices in mind when considering automating your procurement process.

Procure-to-Pay: Here’s What You Need To Know

E-procurement software is being adopted by more and more forward-thinking businesses every year. But it’s vital that you keep a few best practices in mind when considering automating your procurement process.

Payoneer vs. Hyperwallet vs. Tipalti: Scaling Mass Payments in the Digital Economy

When shopping for a mass payment processor, businesses often compare Payoneer, Hyperwallet and Tipalti. Let’s take a closer look at the features of these platforms and how they meet the needs of companies in the digital economy and their capacity to…

Payment Rails: Banking Rails for Global Commerce

In the simplest possible terms, a payment rail is any form of digital infrastructure that transfers money from one individual or business to another. The fintech community refers to payment rails as being on “the far side” of a payment……

guide to NetSuite Modules

The Ultimate Guide to NetSuite Modules

NetSuite ERP and NetSuite CRM are very useful, every company has unique needs and these two packages are often not enough by themselves to satisfy every need that companies have. For this reason, NetSuite offers modules which contain software to…

How Faster Mass Payments Are Changing Programmatic Marketing For The Better

Programmatic marketing has revolutionized the way brands advertise their products. With the ever-changing digital landscape and modern technology, advertisers are able to distribute their ads to their target audiences quickly, efficiently, and…

What Exactly Is A W-8BEN-E Form, and How Does It Impact Businesses?

W-8BEN-E is an important tax document which allows businesses operating outside of the U.S. to claim tax exemption on U.S.-sourced income. The official document title is Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and…

invoice automation

What Is A Demand Side Platform and How Does it Work?

The world of digital advertising is constantly shifting to reflect new advances in ad tech. Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) are quickly taking center stage in the realm of modern advertising. But why?

Best Ways to Make Commission Payments to Affiliates and Influencers

Affiliate commission payments are more than the dollar amount. A successful affiliate marketing program uses streamlined businesses processes to build and maintain publisher relationships. A mass payment platform empowers managers to take on the…

cross-border payments

How to Handle Cross-Border Payments in 5 Easy Steps

Expensive payment fees, time-consuming tasks, and slow payments are the results of inefficient cross-border payment practices. Keep reading to learn how to handle cross-border payments in five easy steps.

global payments processing

Important Things to Know About Global Payments Processing

It is essential to look for a global payments processor that supports a vast range of localized payment methods. Keep reading to learn more about various aspects of global payment processing.

international money transfer

5 Things to Know Before Making an International Money Transfer

Did you know that you can make an international payment using a local bank transfer? Keep reading to learn how to deploy an efficient international money transfer process.

cross border payments

The Ultimate Guide to Cross-Border Payments

With a solid cross-border management strategy, businesses can achieve a greater ROI, dedicate fewer of their operational resources to the accounts payable (AP) department, gain better control over international transactions, leverage advanced…

make global sepa payments

SEPA Payments, IBAN Numbers, and Currency Transfers

Choosing a global payment platform that automates cross-border transactions can improve your bottom line, enhance compliance, and simplify your ability to get funds to your suppliers on time, every time. Keep reading to learn more how making SEPA…

ach payment transfer

7 Simple Ways to Learn About ACH Payment Processing

There are numerous ways to learn about Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment processing. We’ve put together an easy-to-understand guide you can turn to when you have questions about ACH payments. Keep reading to learn more.

make ach payment

The Ultimate Guide to ACH Payments

Paper checks and wire transfers have their drawbacks. Want to learn more about ACH payment processing? We’ve put together the ULTIMATE guide to ACH payments.

setting up ach payments

6 Tips for Setting up ACH Payments

In 2016, the number of payments processed through the ACH hit 25.5 billion and resulted in more than $43 trillion being transferred. If you want to learn how to set up ACH payments, we’ve put together a helpful six-step guide to walk you through the…

ach payment processing

6 Steps to Learn About How Do ACH Payments Work

In 2017, more than $40 trillion were moved electronically through bank accounts via 23 billion financial transactions. All of this was possible thanks to ACH payments. Keep reading to learn how ACH payments work and how to use them.

complete guide on ach payments

ACH Payments Meaning: A Simple (but Complete) Guide

AHC payments allow businesses to make electronic payments to vendors for products and services. This type of payment can occur as a single entry, or it can be set up on a recurring basis. Keep reading to learn more about ACH payments and how to use…

accounts payable automation

How to Get the Most out of Accounts Payable Software

The accounts payable department must perform numerous time-consuming and tedious activities. From vendor invoice processing to the approval of payments, each activity requires its own workflow. Keep reading to learn how accounts payable software can…

ultimate guide ap automation

The Ultimate Guide to AP Automation

Want to learn more about AP automation? We've put together the ultimate guide on everything you need to know. Learn why CEOs should care about AP automation, how to get the most out of AP automation software, how to eliminate bottlenecks in your AP…

financial ach data

Invoice Automation Software: 8 Killer Ways to Use Invoice Automation Software

Using invoice automation mitigates the risk of fraud and leads to numerous other business advantages, including enhanced payment processing efficiency, better allocation of resources, and superior reporting capabilities. Keep reading to learn how…

accounts payable automation

6 Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts payable automation benefits are numerous, particularly for companies utilizing business-to-business (B2B) payments. The accounts payable (AP) process serves as a guardian of the funds distributed by a business. Keep reading to learn how…

ap automation

How to Find the Best Accounts Payable Automation Software

Choosing the best accounts payable automation software starts with identifying your company's unique needs. Keep reading to learn must-know tips for choosing the best accounts payable automation software for your company.

Secrets to Making Global Creator and Royalty Payments

Let’s take a look at how a lean process will help you to tackle business challenges—like paying royalties to a growing influencer community—and build relationships with creative partners.

Adaptive Payments, Chained Payments, and Parallel Payments are Changing the Marketplace Experience

There are two primary types of adaptive payments: parallel payments and chained payemnts. Parallel payments are split and sent directly to each receiver with the fees shared by each receiver. Chained payments are where payment is remitted to one…

E-Invoicing: Get More Done In Less Time With Automation

In order to truly understand and appreciate the importance of e-invoicing, it’s vital to grasp the hidden costs of continuing with the manual status quo. If a company’s AP staff or finance departments operate manually, here are some the deepest…

IBAN Numbers: The Key Facts

an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a critical piece of information. It serves at least three vital functions when an individual makes or receives any kind of international payment between banks.

Think OCR invoice processing will speed up your AP workflow?

When you start looking into automating your accounts payable workflow, you’ll notice common features across AP software systems: tax form processing, electronic funds transfers, and of course, OCR invoice processing.

Creating a supplier payments process that scales

The supplier payment process involves tax compliance, fraud monitoring, currency exchange rates, banking requirements, and more. If your supplier payment process can’t nimbly respond to these factors, you’ll have to manually adjust to each vendor’s…

Freelancer Payments

Freelancer Payments

How does the onboarding of freelancers affect your accounts payable workflow? Paying a freelancer is essentially making a supplier payment. A quick onboarding process enables your freelancer to immediately provide contracted services, but it should…

TIN Matching

TIN matching is when businesses match a payee's TIN against IRS records. Companies can encounter errors during the TIN matching process that could put the accounts payable process at risk of noncompliance with tax regulations.

ACH Payments and Transfers

What you need to know about processing B2B payments as ACH transfers

With paper checks steadily decreasing while ACH payments are on the rise, it's evident that increasing number of companies are realizing the benefits of issuing ACH transfers for payments.

invoice automation

Invoice Automation Technologies Improves the AP Workflow

Invoice automation technology helps uncover money-saving opportunities in the end-to-end AP workflow. By converting manual efforts into “touchless” tasks, invoice automation helps businesses speed up their processes and discover dynamic discounting…

International Wire Transfers

International Wire Transfers: 3 Factors to Consider

If you need to get money to the destination bank account, then there is a clear winner: international wire transfer. Typically, funds sent through an international wire transfer only takes two days to arrive because you’re sending the money directly…

Proforma Invoices: What You Need to Know

Typically most people are familiar with the term invoice, a bill of sale confirming the delivery or completion of products and services. However, there’s another type of invoice that comes in advance of delivery: a proforma invoice.

Supplier Onboarding is Easy With AP Automation

Supplier onboarding is the first step to streamlined supplier information management. Learn how an accounts payable automation suite with an integrated supplier portal can help make supplier onboarding a breeze.

Global Payouts

What does 2/10 net 30 mean? Make early payments a reality

2/10 net 30 are payment terms where the payee will receive a 2 percent discount on the balance owed if payment is made within ten days; otherwise, the full invoice balance is due in 30 days.

Global Payouts

6 Accounts Payable Best Practices to Spruce Up Your Payables Operation

Is your accounts payable (AP) department leveraging best practices to create efficiency and surpass industry benchmarks? Let’s face it, the payables industry has changed a lot over the past decade.

Global Payouts

Eliminate Bottlenecks in your Accounts Payable Workflow with Automation

Automation helps businesses transform their accounts payable workflow. Companies can use automation to convert common bottlenecks in the accounts payable workflow into time and money-saving opportunities:

Global Payouts

NACHA File Format and the Headache of Payment File Uploads

One the most common types of payment files, the NACHA file format is used to execute domestic ACH payments through the Automated Clearing House Network. A NACHA file is a payment instruction file that gets sent or uploaded to a bank portal.

Global Payouts

eBilling - What is Electronic Billing? eBilling, eInvoicing, and ePayments

Ebilling, short for electronic billing, is simply the process of paying and receiving bills online. Bills or invoices are generated digitally by computers and software applications. Ebilling is not only the generation of ebills, but also the system…

Global Payouts

EFT vs ACH - The difference between EFT Payments and ACH Transfers

EFT is the acronym for electronic funds transfer, also referred to as an ePayment. EFT is a broad 'umbrella' term that includes many types of electronic payments such as ACH transfers and wire transfers. EFTs are becoming increasingly common in the…

Global Payouts

App Monetization: Models and Strategies for Success

Monetization networks make it easy for developers to get paid by allowing advertising on their platforms. Successfully monetizing an app (or many) requires strategy and a proven model.

Global Payouts

Local Bank Transfers for Cross-Border Payments

Here are five things you should know about local bank transfers as a cross-border payment method to expand your business network on a global scale.