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  • Reduced partner onboarding, compliance, and payment workload by 95%
  • Eliminated need to hire additional back office resources
  • Partners self-serving payment method and currency preferences
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The sheer amount of data we have to deal with to pay out this amount of money to all our partners every month is massive. Tipalti really helps us; we don’t even really think about it, it just happens.

Greg Kampanis | SVP Operations and Business Development, Omnia Media

Online video monetization has made small-screen celebrities out of thousands of creators around the world who build audiences for everything from gaming, music, lifestyle, to other entertainment. Since its founding in 2012, Omnia Media has grown to dramatic levels, boasting more than 3 billion views a month, 252 million social followers, and 1,400 partners across 50 countries. This rise to fame prompted the strategic acquisition of Omnia Media by Blue Ant Media, an international content producer, distributor, and
channel operator.

Omnia Media helps video creators monetize their content by offering a suite of services including managing advertiser relationships, royalty and rights management, channel optimization, integration of brands, and PR and marketing. “Our model is to focus on a group of strong content creators and influencers that we can do business with across a several platforms,” explains Greg Kampanis, SVP Operations and Business Development of Blue Ant Media’s Omnia Media division.

We want to help these people grow and generate new revenue on new platforms.

Streamlining back office operations affords Omnia Media the bandwidth to provide greater guidance and higher-quality partner experiences that differentiate it from industry peers. For these reasons, one of the most important operational areas they chose to optimize was payments to partners. “Payments is not a sexy part of the business, but it’s such an important part of the business. When it works, no one really notices, but when it doesn’t work, everyone knows,” Kampanis explains.

With Tipalti, the time and workload to remit payments to partners globally has been reduced by 95%. According to Kampanis,

We use Tipalti with a network of 1,400 partners who garner over three billion views a month on YouTube. We’re paying out multimillions of dollars a month to these partners, and it’s relatively effortless.

To measure each partner’s performance and calculate revenue due to them, Omnia Media uses Paladin. This is lightly integrated with Tipalti for remitting mass global payments to partners in the method they choose—ACH, wire, PayPal, or check— and in their local currency. “I can only imagine if we did not have Paladin and Tipalti—it would probably require two FTEs [full-time employees] spending an entire month to get all the payments out and done in time,” Kampanis surmised. “There’s just so much data to process, and so many different people to deal with.”

To continue growing in this space, its paying off for Omnia Media to work with a global partners and brands. This adds more tax and compliance complexities, which are also handled by Tipalti. “I think 50% of the people we’re paying are outside of the U.S. Not having to deal with any added work or stress of having to know the tax and reporting implications in those various countries is super helpful. And the 1099 process for our finance team has been simplified as well,” says Kampanis.

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