Best way to pay invoices?

Tipalti provides a complete end-to-end workflow that ensures efficient, accurate processes and finance-protecting controls.

Tipalti’s accounts payable automation process for invoice-based workflows is a comprehensive solution that minimizes manual effort, maximizes self-service, and dramatically increases scalability and auditability. Here’s how it works to elevate your finance team.


The most critical step comes first: ensuring your vendors are payable.

You invite them to register on your Supplier Hub to provide their contact, billing details, and tax identification.

  • The responsibility is on the vendor to provide information, incentivizing them to do it right in order to be paid.
  • This step is vital to ensuring that no one is paid that your business hasn’t authorized.
  • Reduce data entry
  • Ensure supplier identity
  • Collect and verify tax IDs
Supplier Management Features

The vendor can upload their invoice from the Supplier Hub or email it to your payables alias.

The uploaded invoice is then read using OCR (optical character recognition) and automatically populated into Tipalti.

  • Any missed characters by the cloud-AI are human-validated by Tipalti.
  • If PO matching is available, invoice is matched with stored PO data.
  • Machine learning prefills much of the accounting and approval routing data based on past invoices.
  • Maintain invoice records
  • Set up straight-through processing and approvals
  • Frees up manual effort
Invoice Workflow Features

[Optional] With NetNow, the vendor will receive an offer for an early payment.

Once the invoice is uploaded and fully keyed in, the vendor will be offered an early payment.

  • A small amount will be subtracted from the payment on a prorated basis to the due date.
  • Tipalti will assume the risk on the invoice.
  • Easily increase payment terms
  • Payer risk is minimal
  • Improves vendor cash flow and working capital

As the payer, review the invoice that has been automatically keyed in.

Until now, other than inviting the vendor to the portal, your finance team hasn’t had to do any data entry – including keying in bill data.

  • Review the invoice to start the approval process.
  • Approvers will get an email for approval.
  • Approval audit trail
  • Minimizes manual effort

Approvers in the workflow receive a request to approve the invoice.

Approvers receive a branded email, including a copy of the invoice to be approved and which ledger account it will be filed under.

  • The approver can:
    • Approve the bill
    • Update the account (GL) on the bill
    • Send the invoice back to AP for a different routing process
    • Dispute the bill
  • Authorized approvers do not need to log into a separate portal and can perform these actions from any email client, including mobile.
  • Hassle-free approvals for stakeholders
  • Clear audit trail for bill workflow

Schedule the invoice for payment.

Once all approvers have signed off on the invoice, your finance team can schedule the invoice for payment, along with any other bills in the system.

  • Bills can be grouped for bulk scheduling
  • Bills can be grouped regardless of payment method (wire, ACH, eCheck, etc.)
  • Easily manage payment runs
  • Preschedule payments
  • Easier global payments across varied methods
Payment Remittance Features

Add approval requirement for payments.

Payments can also be set up to require executive approval as an added financial control. Tipalti handles all the payment account execution.

  • All payments are performed according to their scheduled due date once your executive approves
  • Executives quickly log in to execute final approval
  • No more logging into individual bank portals
  • All payment execution is logged and auditable

Vendor communications are automated.

Vendors will be notified when a payment is made or if there’s a problem.

  • Emails come from your business and have your branding to ensure trust
  • If there’s a problem, the email prescribes a solution, often asking the vendor to update or provide additional information through the Supplier Hub
  • Reduced payment inquiries
  • Proactive communication

Reconciliation happens in real time.

Once the payment lands and clears, Tipalti is automatically updated with the successful result. No manual bank reconciliation is required.

  • Payment data is sent to any connected ERPs or accounting platforms (e.g. NetSuite, QuickBooks Online, etc.)
  • Complete details of transfer or conversion fees are included
  • Faster reconciliation to accelerate the financial close
  • Accurate, updated payment data
Reconciliation Features


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