Accounts Payable Financial Controls

Safeguard Against Fraud Loss and Strengthen Internal Processes with Enterprise-Grade Financial Controls

Tipalti provides granular controls over payables and payment operations to increase security of sensitive financial data, ensure ongoing OFAC compliance, and improve management oversight to key AP processes.

In the short time we have been using Tipalti, we have already been alerted about multiple suspected fraudsters. We have reduced the risk of fraudulent publishers using our network and have potentially saved thousands of dollars in payments we may have otherwise made.

Phil Jones, CFO at Mundo Media

Configure Data Access Controls & Establish Signatory Rights

Since AP involves direct access to cash reserves, it’s critical to institute proper controls and governance. 20+ role-based permissions help enforce segregation of duties by configuring who can initiate disbursements, fund accounts, create approval flows, run reports, and more. Tipalti automatically routes invoice and also payment approvals based on transaction criteria, so you can ensure strong approval processes not just on invoices, but also on the movement of cash. Built-in user and supplier audit trails, reporting, and document storage enhances your audit preparedness.

Validate Suppliers Prior to Approval

Strengthen security of your suppliers' sensitive payment data by collecting and storing this information in Tipalti’s self-service supplier portal. Tipalti automatically validates contact information, payment data, and tax information against 27,000+ global rules prior to approving suppliers. IRS tax form and ID collection (prescribed by KPMG LLC) and validation including TIN matching adds another layer of protection to ensure that suppliers are legitimate and helps payers avoid expensive penalties for invalid 1099 and 1042-S filings.

Protect Against Loss with Ongoing Screening

Get peace of mind that your company won’t inadvertently pay suspicious payees on the OFAC, Anti-Terror, or Anti-Narcotics lists with ongoing screening that’s always up-to-date with regulations. Tipalti automatically scans all payee records against a range of “Do Not Pay” lists during onboarding and before each payment, ensuring every payment is checked for legitimacy and legality.

Prevent Fraud with Electronic Payments

Shifting to electronic payment methods such as US and global ACH and wire transfers helps minimize risk exposure and fraudulent payouts. Fee splitting allows you to incent payees to adopt safer, more efficient payment methods for your business. For payees that select paper check, Positive Pay is included to help combat fraud. Instant reconciliation means you can include daily reconciliation as part of your AP team’s responsibilities, so you can detect fraudulent payments more quickly and take corrective action sooner.

Double Down on Risk Management

The Tipalti Detect™ risk module is an internal network that proactively identifies and prevents potential ongoing fraud by proactively looking for patterns. Unique to Tipalti, payers can block or suspend payees from receiving payments, identify blocked or suspended payees trying to create multiple accounts, and get notified of suspicious payees.

End-to-End Accounts Payable Automation



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