Global, Multi-Subsidiary Accounts Payable Automation for Sage Intacct

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Integrated 24/7 Self-Service Supplier Portal
Spend less time on vendor communications. Onboard suppliers with an intelligent, integrated vendor portal that captures all the data necessary to make them payable. That includes bank details and tax identification (W-9, W-8BEN, VAT, etc.). Suppliers can view invoice/payment history, update bank details, and are proactively notified of payment status and issues—reducing inquiries to your team.

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Touchless Invoice Workflow
Bill pay simplified. Supplier bills are scanned by OCR through email or the integrated supplier portal and keyed in ready for approval. Buyers can approve the invoice in seconds over email and your team gets to work on more value-add projects. Tipalti’s machine learning AI also pulls line items from the invoice and assigns them to the correct department billing for GL reporting.

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Easily Pay Global Suppliers
Bye bye, bank portals! Make bill payments using paper check, ACH, wire transfers, eCheck, SEPA, EFT, PayPal to 190 countries and 120 local currencies — all from one single dashboard. Easy, secure, and powerful. You can even mix payment types on a single payment run in seconds.

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Reconcile Payments to Sage Intacct
Close your books faster. Automatically reconcile payments into Sage Intacct, including multiple subsidiaries and sub-ledgers as they happen. Eliminate the time-consuming efforts of exporting bank data to spreadsheets and reimporting into your ERP.

Over 500 businesses are discovering how effortless Tipalti makes accounts payable. If your business is growing and you want to spend less time on invoices and payments, contact us today. We want to make you our next ☆☆☆☆☆ success story.

Save time on accounts payable • Scale payment processes across multiple entities • Reconcile payments in near real-time to Sage Intacct

The Transformative, Scalable AP Solution for Now and the Future
Remove the burden of invoice and payables processing for all your entities and subsidiaries. Tipalti’s accounts payable solution for Sage Intacct wipes out over 80 percent of your bill pay workload.

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How Tipalti makes Sage Intacct better for accounts payable

With the Sage Intacct Tipalti integration, finance can eliminate up to 80% of the workload related to managing payments to domestic and international suppliers. Tipalti makes supplier management easier than ever, with self-service registration with advanced vetting and validation built-in to eliminate payment error rates by 66%. Multiple layers of intelligent data extraction on invoices guarantees 100% touchless data capture, while automated routing accelerates approvals with global supplier remittance, and payment reconciliation.

You can accelerate financial close by 25% with automatic reconciliation of payments into Sage Intacct multiple entities (including sub-ledgers) as they happen. You can configure different branding, payment options, tax workflows, payment routing, and more for each entity, all managed within a single Tipalti model while rolling up information to headquarters level for best practice financial controls and reporting with real-time reconciliation to Sage Intacct.

World-class financial management and tax compliance controls help ensure you are up-to-date with the latest regulations around the world. Digitized tax form collection and validation with TIN matching (as prescribed by KPMG LLC) mitigates tax penalty risk. Signatory rights, role-based views and privileges, robust workflow approvals, and built-in audit logs ensure you have the best internal and external controls in place to effectively manage your business. Tipalti ensures you don’t inadvertently pay suspicious payees on the OFAC, Anti-Terror, or Anti-Narcotics lists with ongoing screening.

As your business changes, such as a growing supplier base, increasing payments, global expansion, going public, and adding new subsidiaries, Tipalti helps you future-proof for scale. Our expertise in AP means we can help you navigate the sea of banking regulations, tax laws, international payment complexities, and more, without adding headcount. From managing multiple payment methods across 190 countries and 120 local currencies to configuring different onboarding and tax flows for various subsidiaries and entities, Tipalti handles it all in one system.


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