Tipalti Multi-FX

Simplify FX & Currency Management for Accounts Payable

Tipalti Multi-FX can save you time and money on currency conversions for payouts across global entities, international payroll, taxes, and other outbound payments. All you need to do is fund your Tipalti virtual account once in a single currency and Tipalti takes care of converting to 30+ local currencies.

Using Tipalti Multi-FX has freed up a lot of time, as we no longer have to buy foreign currency on spot to execute our global payouts. Keeping everything in one system has been a great relief to shift the FX conversion burden to Tipalti!

Jason Wechsler, Senior Director of Accounting, PubMatic

Currency Conversions without the Complications

If you’re an international company with multiple subsidiaries, chances are you’ll need to fund your local entities to make payments in local currency. Managing multiple banking relationships for entities that don’t generate revenue and are strictly cost centers can add unnecessary complexity to a global financial operation. Tipalti eliminates the need to maintain regional bank accounts solely for payouts, providing one central virtual account for you to manage payments across all subsidiaries, currencies, and payment methods.

Effortless FX

If you don’t have enough funds in your local operating account to cover your entire payment run or support operational costs such as payroll or taxes, you don’t need to make an emergency bank run to purchase foreign currency on spot. Instead, let Tipalti handle it! All you need to do is fund your virtual account in your preferred currency and Tipalti will convert to the local currency and execute the payments for you. Global payouts across currencies and countries have never been simpler.

Completely Streamlined Global Payables

Whether your company operates in the US, UK, or anywhere else in the world, Tipalti Multi-FX can help save you time and money, while also optimizing the entire payables process. Not only do we remove the hassles of converting and funding in multiple currencies, but you’ll also get highly competitive rates for conversions because you can leverage Tipalti’s economies of scale from the $6.5B dollars of spend that runs through our platform annually.


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