Supplier Management System

Simplify Supplier Onboarding and Management with Tipalti’s Self-Service Portal

Tipalti’s payee portal helps improve supplier relationships with a best-in-class, web-based onboarding experience that:

  • Collects Contact Details
  • Verifies Bank Account Information
  • Collects and Validates IRS and VAT Tax IDs
  • Promotes Self-Service

I don’t have to deal with all of the supplier email questions, problems, or discrepancies. It’s all done on the portal.

Richmond Ang, Controller, Tapjoy

Designed to easily guide suppliers through submitting contact information, banking details, and tax forms, Tipalti’s intelligent, dynamic self-service supplier portal helps you effortlessly onboard vendors while improving supplier relationships with a best-in-class, web-based payments experience – all done in a few simple steps.

Customize the Supplier Experience & Boost Your Brand

Gone are the days of networks that impose registration fees and expose suppliers to 3rd party marketing. Tipalti lets your brand take center stage with our white-labeled supplier portal that can either be hosted by Tipalti or a white-labeled iFrame that embeds securely in the HTML of your website. With a few lines of code, we can precisely match your brand’s look and feel. All payee registration is done online while giving your suppliers choice of payment methods, currencies, and payment thresholds.

Streamline Data Entry & Cut AP Work

Scouring emails for sensitive banking details, manually updating supplier contact information, and sending requests for tax forms are a thing of the past. Tipalti puts the responsibility of collecting and maintaining accurate data on your suppliers, enabling them to do more work for you. Supplier self-service makes it easy for them to onboard quickly and get paid faster. And because Tipalti automatically assigns vendor IDs and prevents duplicate registrations on the back-end, it’s never been easier to manage and maintain your vendor master file.

Optimize for Payments Around the World

Tipalti gives global payees the flexibility to choose how they want to be paid and in what currency. They simply choose their preferred payment method and Tipalti provides clear visibility into any related transaction fees, while keeping your company in full tax and regulatory compliance. Because Tipalti offers international payments, the supplier portal and all payment status communication emails are multi-lingual as well, with support for 11 languages.

Securely Collect Information & Reduce Payment Errors

Tipalti’s proprietary rules engine, driven by 26,000 global rules, identifies payment issues before they happen to reduce payment error rates by 66%+. Our rules vet and validate local bank routing details such as SWIFT and IBAN codes, account numbers, and more – all based on the payee’s country and payment method. It’s global intelligence and fraud prevention built in that’s always up-to-date, without the hassles of manual, time-consuming screening.

Ready to see more?

Vet and Submit Tax Forms Prior to Payment

Our tax form selection wizard guides payees to select and complete the correct tax form, while 1,000+ rules and TIN matching verify details. End-of-year 1099 and 1042-S reports provide a submission-ready file to help manage reporting to federal and state authorities, including withholdings. Non-US payers can take advantage of local tax/VAT ID collection and validation in 49 countries.

Give Complete Supplier Visibility, Reduce Status Inquiries

24×7 online supplier portal access ensures suppliers can get a real-time view of invoice and payment history, change payment information, see payment statuses (including issues that may prevent them from receiving funds), upload supplier invoices and run reports – all on their own without any help from AP. No more time spent researching payment issues, just complete autonomy to focus on what really matters.


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