Payment Reconciliation

Speed Up Your Financial Close with Instant Payment Reconciliation


Tipalti reduces the accounts payable workload for reconciling supplier payment data across global and remittance methods:

  • Real-time Integrated Reports
  • Transaction Level Details
  • Synchronize with ERP
  • Drill Down Filters

Workload has decreased by over 50% while offering many new payment methods to our publishers. Tipalti has significantly increased publisher satisfaction and loyalty to our brand.

Richmond Ang, Controller, Tapjoy

With Tipalti, payment remittance results across all payment methods, geographies, and entities are instantly normalized and rolled up in built-in Tipalti reports for more accurate, faster payment reconciliation and general ledger reporting.

Consolidate Entities, Geographies, Accounts, and Payment Methods in One Report

No more stitching together countless spreadsheets from different bank statements and invoice details to reconcile payments. Tipalti makes the process easier than ever by combining payment methods, currencies, subsidiaries, and regions in a single file that’s available 24×7 as payments are processed. Instant reconciliation ensures a fast accurate financial close cycle, improves cash flow visibility and working capital management, and reduces potential fraudulent payouts.

Get Down to the Details

With Tipalti, you’ll gain detailed knowledge into every attempted and executed payment. Reports auto-highlight unmatched transactions between the payout bank account statement and payout instructions, including rejected payments. All reports can be downloaded to Excel for further analysis too, to help with a swift month-end close.

Connect with ERP

Auto sync payment results with your ERP or accounting system to reduce work for your team, eliminate errors, and take the stress out of the close process. It’s accounts payable reconciliation built for streamlined operations.

Drill into Insightful Reports

Tipalti provides detailed payment, payee, invoice, and tax reports, from blocked payees to transaction history, invoice details, and 1099/1042-S preparation. Payers can filter by a particular time range, entity, or month and drill by account to get insights when needed most.


Analyzing Finance and AP Operations

Conducted by TechValidate, this research report delivers findings on accounts payable processes.

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