Self-Billing Invoices

Simplify Self-Billing Processes with Automated Invoice Creation and Submission
  • Ensure compliance with global regulations for business expenses
  • Create an automatically generated invoice from payees
  • Multiple approval combinations for you and your payee

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Easily generate self-bill invoices as required by governments or tax processes and execute payments upon approval. Use your system of record to generate and upload a CSV payfile through the Tipalti AP Hub, FTP, or API for the situations and countries that require invoices.

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We’ve experienced extraordinarily rapid growth over the last few years, and Tipalti’s payment automation solution has helped ensure we could keep up with that growth and scale efficiently.

Erin Weizel, VP of Finance, ironSource

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Self-Billing with Internal Approval

Bills are automatically routed for approval after invoices have been created via CSV or through the Tipalti API.

  1. Create bills via API or CSV.
  2. Route bills to internal finance team for approval.
  3. Execute payments according to payee preferences.

Self-Billing with Payee Approval

Bills are generated and marked as either pending payee approval or pending payee invoice (dependent on your country).

  1. Create bills via API or CSV.
  2. Payees receive email to approve bills.
  3. Payee approves the bill or provides an invoice.
  4. Execute payments according to payee preferences.

Self-Billing with Both Party Approvals

You can also use a workflow that requires bills to be approved by both payer and payee.

  1. Create bills via API or CSV.
  2. Bills are approved by the payer.
  3. Payees receive email to approve bills.
  4. Payee approves the bill or provides an invoice.
  5. Execute payments according to payee preferences.

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Supplier Management
Tipalti’s white-labeled self-service portal offloads data collection to suppliers and lets them choose payment options and view status.

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Invoice Workflow Automation
Touchless invoice OCR capture, approval processing, and PO matching for faster, more accurate invoice management 24×7.

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Global Payments
Effortless mass payments to 190 countries and 120 currencies without bank portals. Drive cost savings and audibility by shifting toward electronic payment methods.

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Tax and Regulatory Compliance
Tipalti’s KPMG-certified compliant tax module automates tax identity collection and validation for IRS and VAT compliance.

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Reconciliation and AP Reporting
Instant payment reconciliation and financial reports avoid the time-consuming and error-prone process of manual reconciliations to better guide cash flow decisions.

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NetNow Accelerated Payments
Remove the challenge of extending supplier payment terms and offer early payments to them without touching your company’s own cash.

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Multi-Entity Support
Manage AP across global and domestic subsidiaries and entities through a single platform, helping finance departments grow and scale compliantly.

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Financial Controls
Audit trails and role-based views are just a few of the governance capabilities to mitigate risk and fraud – and ensure compliance.

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Secure Cloud Infrastructure
SSAE 16 SOC compliant and ISAE 3402 Type II certified – All data is collected and transmitted securely over HTTPS and PII is stored encrypted using AES.

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System Integrations
Connect to ERPs, accounting packages, or performance tracking systems like NetSuite, QuickBooks, and many others to provide closed-loop accounting.

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Built-In API
Directly connect to your business applications with Tipalti’s powerful and secure supplier payments web application programmable interface.


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