Supplier Enablement Program

The fastest path to getting your suppliers on Tipalti and promoting self-service

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Why engage Tipalti Supplier Enablement Program?

Improve adoption from
your supply chain Network Growth
Tipalti will actively engage your suppliers, including educating them on onboarding processes. That’s less time you need to spend reaching out, and ultimately less manual effort from your finance team.

Reduce bad supplier data
Data from properly onboarded suppliers improves ERP hygiene. That makes periodic reporting and other GL processes more accurate and effortless.

Offer more favorable payment methods
Supplier’s preferences vary regarding payment methods. Some prefer speed. Others prefer more economical methods. Our supplier onboarding service educates and guides suppliers to the best choice for them.

Dalia Kadoch | Language Services by Arts and Letters LLC, payee for translation company on Tipalti

“Cash flow for our business is crucial, and the process can be complex when trying to sell an invoice for an earlier payment. We’re literally paid in a couple of days through a few clicks instead of waiting a month or two. If our other clients had this in place, we’d jump to take advantage of it.”

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