ERP & System Integrations

Connect to ERP and Business Applications with Secure Integration Methods

Tipalti provides direct integration to several accounting and performance management systems, removing the friction involved in processing invoices, paying suppliers, and reconciling payments.

Pre-Built Integrations for ERP and Accounting Systems

Tipalti has pre-built integrations to connect to popular ERP and accounting systems, such as NetSuite. You can send Tipalti payment status data back into the accounting system or actually execute and approve payments from within the ERP. Automatic sync of payment details accelerates reconciliation and bi-directional integration ensures data is always up-to-date in both systems. The level of integration is dependent on your workflow and needs.


Tipalti also provides APIs to retrieve supplier payment data for real-time integrations to any ERP or accounting system. The full-featured API handles complex data sources and securely retrieves data with authenticated API calls for maximum security.

Pre-Built Performance Marketing System Integrations

Performance marketing analytics systems are core to digital media companies to track marketing results and provide transparency to publishers, creators, and affiliates. By integrating the complete publisher performance-to-pay lifecycle, from onboarding to performance measurement to payment, you streamline for maximum efficiency and gain complete visibility into the entire partner payments operation.

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