Multi-Entity Architecture

Support the Extended Enterprise with Tipalti Multi-Entity

Tipalti future-proofs your global AP operations by providing end-to-end AP capabilities for multi-entity companies in a single platform, helping finance departments manage growth and scale compliantly.

It used to be a much more time-consuming, error-prone and labor-intensive process to manage payments to payees associated with individual subsidiaries. Now Tipalti automates that entire process and centralizes our controls and financial reporting while providing entity-specific workflows.

Keren Farag, VP Finance, Matomy

Manage Different AP Workflows with Tipalti Multi-Entity

Do you need to manage entities – multiple subsidiaries, divisions, global business units, brands – with different AP processes and workflows, yet still provide a consolidated view to executives? Tipalti Multi-Entity supports a consolidated headquarter payer account that has multiple sub-entities associated with it, all managed in a single Tipalti model, while allowing each entity to operate with the correct workflow for their model.

Expand AP Capabilities without Adding More AP Resources

Tipalti is the only platform that automates the entire end-to-end global AP and supplier payments workflow for companies with multiple subsidiaries, brands, international business units, divisions, and entities. Segment information by entity for audit preparedness, financial controls, financial reporting, fraud prevention, and visibility purposes, and roll it all up for headquarters in an efficient, compliant way. It’s unified operations and instant visibility across the extended enterprise, while also maintaining local autonomy and control.

Scale with Advanced Multi-Entity Features

Get consistent and controlled processes that deliver accurate reporting and controls you can be confident about. Coordinate and manage AP across multiple entities with:

  • Independent branding, payment methods, tax onboarding flows, supplier communications, reconciliation, reporting, and modules per entity

  • Automatic payment flow routing and funds segregation with virtual accounts per entity

  • Tax and regulatory compliance per entity

  • Automatic consolidation of data from sub-entities to headquarters’ payer entity

  • Unlimited number of entities

End-to-End Accounts Payable Automation



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